2010: Why we love Bangkok... despite crackdowns


The dawn of a new decade. We got the BRT, local produce became a thing and BK launched a fresh new website. But 2010 will best be remembered for the political turmoil that turned parts of the city into a veritable warzone—parts of the city such as Silom, precisely where BK headquarters were located. While many of the best BK stories can be found only in print, you can still read former editor-in-chief Gregoire Glachant’s account of those electric and occasionally terrifying days. You can also read about the fallout from the protests here.


2011: On the campaign trail: Election 2011


If you thought 2010 was manic, try 2011. That year was punctuated by the months-long flooding that swept the nation. But that wasn’t the only newsworthy event. Just 15 months after over 90 people died during a political uprising, Thailand would elect its sixth prime minister in five years, Yingluck Shinawatra. BK hit the streets with politicans while they canvassed districts across Bangkok, and you can relive that experience in all its glory in this five-part series, including the highlight: our day out with Chuvit Kamolvisit


2012: Bangkok’s 100 best street food eats


2012 was all about food and drinks. We called out Charoenkrung’s best street food before all the cool bars and bistros moved in, examined the future of food reviewsgot worked up about Opposite Mess Hall from Jess Barnes (remember him?) and wrote about imported “craft” beers (oh, how far we’ve come). But nothing tops our epic list of things to eat on the street in Bangkok.


2013: Tina talking about her first debut in lesbian teen movie Yes or No

We were wondering all the way back in 2013, when meals maxed out at B3,500 per person, whether or not the Michelin guide was coming to Bangkok. We also introduced you to six of the oddest dining experiences in town. It wasn’t all food talk, though, as our top-performing story from 2013—an interview with then-19-year-old Suppanat “Tina” Jittaleela—proves. 

2014: 19 ways to survive the summer that only Bangkokians know

In 2014, we finally got decent beerthought Dean & Deluca was indestructible and photographed 12 awesome subcultures that you didn’t know existed here. There was also, you know, another major protest. We checked out the weirdest items being sold during those whistle-centric protests and talked to two women who risked jail time to read “1984” in public. But nothing topped our still relevant guide to surviving a blazing hot April. Summer sucks. 

2015: 15 Bangkok desserts that are almost too crazy to eat

Did we fail to mention the coup? Whoops. It’s hard to keep track of them all. Anyway, in 2015, we caught up with protest leader-turned-monk Suthep Thaugsuban, reveled in Gaggan taking home the Asia’s 50 Best crown and got way too serious about bike cafes and the food truck revolution. Despite all that top-quality content, nothing surpassed our breakdown of the city’s most absurd desserts. We blame the “men’s parfait” from Shakariki. 

2016: 10 amazing, back-to-nature hotels around Thailand

Remember when freakshakes broke the Internet? Of course you don’t. You might recall our film awards, our interviews with the 99 percent as the constitution slowly, kind of, sort of became a reality or our look at the future of Mahakan Fort (RIP). Or maybe you just wanted to get away from it all.

2017: We found the guy who brought a cabbage to Coldplay. Here's what he had to say.


Really? This was the most-read story from 2017? Not our feature on art and design mega-projects, our seriously in-depth breakdown of where to drink after hours or our timely feature on Bangkokians pushing back against unsustainable seafood? Alright then. 

2018: Crazy Rich Bangkokians

The street food ban got us up in arms in 2017. We measured the impact of that ban one year on in 2018. We also spoke to Bangkok’s most dedicated marathon runners to give you the scoop on training and pondered the question: is Bangkok really that affordable? Nothing beats a play on Asia’s biggest cultural moment of the year, though. 

2019: Here are all the big international concerts coming up in Bangkok

This year, we wrote about the need to save Bang Krachao, how art is helping to preserve some of our oldest heritage buildings and examined our freedom in the wake of our first election in five years. We also reported on climate strikes and the steady emergence of people taking a stand against disposable culture. But we can’t blame you for coming to us to read up on all the great stuff there is to do in this city.
Thanks for your support over the years. Here’s to the next decade.