These sweet treats will please your taste buds, and blow your mind.

1. Mac 'n' Cheese Sundae at Butterscotch


Mac 'n' cheese sundae with crispy bacons, anyone?

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2. Butter Toast at White Story (Emquartier)


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3. Men’s parfait at Shakariki


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4. Pung Cha at Fucheer by LukKai Thong


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5. Broccoli ice cream at Broccoli Revolution


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6. Flower pot cupcakes at Audrey


7. Waffle Tower at Hashme


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8. Strawberry in the cloud at Karmakamet


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9. 8 O’Clock on Monday at Iron Chef Table


รูปภาพที่โพสต์โดย Pang Sirorat (@pangsirorat) เมื่อ


10. Millefeuille at Scarlett


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11. Galaxy frappe at Unicorn Cafe


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12. Magnum at Gaggan


รูปภาพที่โพสต์โดย Tatam (@tatam1) เมื่อ


13. Nutella Pizza at Peppina


14. Granny’s teeth at Icedea


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15. Nutella grilled cheese at Holy Cheese


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