Audrey Café and Bistro

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This café and bistro transforms every day from a daytime tea and cakes place to a proper dinner bistro. The décor feels like a zany English tearoom, with wrought-iron light fixtures, white furniture and a sloping ceiling overhead. Fusion dishes include favorites like salmon sashimi with yam moo yang (grilled pork salad), while the Western menu covers pastas, stews and pastries.

Perhaps you’re a Thai-Indian hi-so-type going out on a parent-approved date with your respectable fiance. Or perhaps your Thai-Chinese mother-in-law is staying with you (a common occurrence during the recent floods), and you need somewhere to go for a mid-week dinner. Perhaps you are just worn out from shopping and decide to ditch your big plans in favor of a quiet neighborhood meal. If any of these sounds like you, then Audrey Cafe and Bistro could be your mainstay. Already the colonial/Victorian tearoom-style place—think lots of white furniture and striped wallpaper—is packed night after night with such people, all pretty indistinguishable from each other, who want nothing more than the same old Thai fusion menu, except in a chic setting befitting their elevated social status. Who cares if the signature crab souffle (B320) is dry, tastes utterly bizarre and comes with a rich buttery sauce that oddly contains stringy bits of lobster. Never mind that the chicken liver pate (B190) is served fridge-cold and with what look (and taste) like triangles of toasted Farmhouse bread. Or that, on the Thai front, the pork in the yam moo yang (B130), while tender and finely sliced, has nary a char mark, smokey note or hint of spice (and is also a touch sweet). Given how ubiquitous it is, it’s a surprise they get the spaghetti spicy dried chilli with river prawn (B290) so wrong (too dry, too intense, too lumpy). To be fair, though, nobody seems to mind. Perhaps this is how Audrey’s typical clientele likes their food: predictable, mild and overly sweet. Plus the service is pretty doting, and they do also serve up some nice wine options. If you have any interest in restaurants attempting bold dining concepts (for us a 300+ item menu is the antithesis of a dining concept) and intriguing, exciting food, it won’t take much to break the illusionary spell cast by Audrey Café’s overlit and overdone space. But it does get packed, and a certain kind of person does love going there. Just not us.

Venue Details
Address: Audrey Café and Bistro, 136/3 Thonglor Soi 11, Bangkok, Thailand
Phone: 02-712-6667
Area: Thonglor
Cuisine: International, Thai
Price Range: BBB
Opening hours: daily 10am-9pm
Parking available
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Audrey Café and Bistro