1. This protest it's been all about the bling and nothing says wealthy Bangkokian protesters more than a gem-encrusted whistle that'll set you back a cool B2,000. 
2. Show your commitment to the cause even when you're chilling at home with this delightful selection of protest-related fridge magnets. A good way to annoy your red-shirt loving partner every time they go to grab a beer as well. B25 each.
3. Worried about those red shirt vampires sucking your blood, never fear, this handy whistle-cum-crucifix will ward off their evil advances. B40.
4. The protests are all about hanging out with other like-minded people and having a good time and you don't want to spoil that by spreading nasty germs. Keep the fun clean with these patriotic face masks. B60.
5. Even with the lovely cool weather protesting is sweaty work, refresh yourself after the latest walk around town by scrubbing down with this special protest soap. B50.