Whether or not today turns out to be the hottest day of the year, you're already well equipped to beat the heat.

1. Never EVER Walk on the Sunny Side of the Street



2. Umbrellas are Not for the Rainy Season



3. And Everything is an Umbrella



4. Talcum Powder is Your Friend



5. Air-Con is Good. Air-Con + Fan is Better.



6.  Ya Mong = Free Trip to Swiss Alps



7. Ice in your Beer



8. Ice in your Food



9. Ice on Everything, Actually



10. Live at Night, Sleep at the Office



11. Wear More Clothes than in the Winter



12. In Fact, Wear Clothes Even When Swimming



13 Or Wear as Little as Possible



14. Only Eat at Old-school Restaurants with Chilled Napkins

15. Brace Yourself for Even More Parasites Crawling in Your Food

16. Not That it Should Stop You From Eating Super Spicy



17. Kool Fever Packs Are Not Just For Fevers



18. The BTS is for More than Commuting


19. Complain as Much as Possible to Ease the Pain