Why did you bring a cabbage to a concert?

I did not expect something like this to go viral! Me and my mates just walked through a market in front of the stadium, and I realized I should have something to wave at the concert. We weren't allowed to take in signs or anything shiny and metallic, so I just grabbed a cabbage, thinking that would do the job [laughs]. 

You weren't going to throw it at Chris, were you?

Not in any way! It would have been the worst thing if I had done that to Chris or anyone.You should respect people. 

Is this the first time you've brought fruit and veg to a rock concert?

This was my first time attending something as huge and memorable as this. Coldplay is one of the most famous bands in the world! So no, I have never brought fruit and veg to any kind of concert [laughs]. It was just exciting to do something so memorable!

Did you mean to leave it there?

I did not! When the concert came to an end, people were leaving but it was just so packed. I dropped it on the ground and the crowd just kicked. As people passed by I heard them mumbling, "who the hell brought this sh*t to coldplay? What a legend." [Laughs] Then i could not find it anymore.

What was your reaction when you saw it went viral?

When I woke up in the next day, I saw that my video clip had more than 100k views! I was laughing so hard. It really became the talk of the town. The whole thing has been so memorable.

Don't know the cabbage? Relive the moment here: