The restaurants we ranked out of ★★★★★ this month. 

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This month we ventured out to Blunos, the unexpected outpost of British celebrity chef Martin Blunos; La Piazza, Sukhumvit Soi 24's neighborhood pizzeria from the man behind fine-dining mainstay Antonio's; One Ounce for Onion, the most creative restaurant in Thonburi; TacoChela, Danish micro-brewery Mikkeller's opening devoted to Mexican food; Cast Iron Burgerhaus, Ari's answer for a  “burger and beer” night; and The Fat Tap, an American antidote to pricey hi-so food in Ekkamai. 

Blunos ★★★

British—"Blending a hotel pool lounge with a pub menu, Blunos is the last thing you’d expect from a former two-Michelin-star chef." 

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La Piazza ★★★

Italian—"The brickwork, cozy amber lighting, fake arches and burgundy drapes intimate an informal mood that demands pizza, pasta and tiramisu."

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One Ounce at Chang Chui ★★★

International—"Don’t hold the out-of-the-way location against it; One Ounce is a refreshingly creative detour that leaves us craving more."

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Tacochela ★★★

Mexican—"For anyone living north of BTS Siam hankering after Mexican food, you could do a lot worse than this easygoing little spot."

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Cast Iron Burgerhaus ★★

Burgers—"Name us a Bangkok neighborhood and we can probably give you a restaurant whose offerings are pretty much the same as these ones."

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The Fat Tap ★★

American—"The busted-up diner vibe only works alongside fresh, simple and irresistible food. Sadly, The Fat Tap really stumbles here."

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