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Simple ingredients done creatively at this new spot on Soi 38.
Ang Morr
A failed attempt to revitalize a classic Chinese cook shop.
Homey recipes made with French flair.
Tsu Na Gu
Book your seat while it’s still easy to get. 
Fatboy Izakaya
You’re not leaving this izakaya sober.
The menu reads similar to Saeng Chai, but the dishes aren’t something you’ve seen before.
From a poetic arrangement of sea urchin bibimbap to Korean’s prized barbecued galbi, Juksunchae creates a narrative that stirs and satisfies expectations.
Maison Dunand
One of Bangkok’s French culinary kings makes his return.
Zao Larb
The mind behind Zao takes Isaan food up a notch.
Despite opening for less than a month, this beef spot has already garnered a fan base and queues are piling up across the street.
Sushi Saryu
Sushi master Seiji Sudo has returned to shake up Bangkok’s omakase scene once again. 
Côte by Mauro Colagreco
Côte walks a fine line between perfection and passion.
Good charcuterie in a cozy, industrial vibe.
Celeb chef Chumpol unveils a new Thai dessert-focused cafe.
Lava Asian Bistro and Bar
Head for the Asian sliders and stay for the two-liter margarita.
Energy Station
 Fill your tank, office folks. 
Embassy Room - Catalan Cuisine
Get to know Catalonian cuisine a little better via this fresh opening.
Lobster Main Kitchen
Go for the pasta, but avoid the pizza at all costs.
Red Lobster
Get your hands on those Cheddar Bay Biscuits for the first time in a long time—if you can afford it.
Mr Jogg's
Indian and pan-Asian fast food spot could use a little kick.
Gyukatsu Kyoto Katsugyu
And it’s insanely packed for lunch and dinner.
Wild-caught frogs, Thai pigeons, and Isaan winged ants can be cool and delicious.
Joy Dining Room
 Like they say, ignorance is bliss. 
One of Bangkok’s most exciting chefs has launched a Western sequel to his traditional salvo.