These cool energy-saving gadgets work at home, in the office and even out in the woods.

Flos Kelvin LED Light Green Mode by Antonio Citterio
With more reach than the original Kelvin table light, this minimalist piece detects the ambient light level when you brush against the sensor on its head and intuitively adjusts the intensity of the LED.
$755 upwards from Space

mPowerpad Solar Charger
This good-looking portable solar charger is seriously rugged—its compact shape and sturdy dust, drop and water-resistant casing means you can take it anywhere. Plus, it has its own flashlight, radio and insect repellent.
$99 from Greenviron (#01-01, 376 River Valley Rd., 6735-5138)

If you’re off camping but don’t have much space, grab this solar-rechargeable and inflatable light bag. Or stash it at home in the first aid box.
$39.40 from Technobay

Bosch Filtrino Hot Water Dispenser
Unlike most other dispensers, which boil water constantly, this one only heats up the amount that’s actually needed, cutting electric consumption by about half.
$279 from Harvey Norman Superstore (#02-57-62 Millenia Walk, 9 Raffles Blvd., 6311-9988)

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Upside Motion’s Beatriz Barreto sheds light on Pilates’ role in recuperation.

Pilates as physiotherapy—how does it work?
The primary purpose of Pilates in healing is to provide a more stable inner core for the spine and limbs, permitting safer, better function and facilitating a return to physical activity.

What are some Pilates-related exercises readers can do in the office on the days they can’t make a class?
The Standing Hip Extension—an Xtend Barre exercise—is great for strengthening your glutes. Stand at the desk with your feet hip-distance apart. Check that your ears, shoulders, hips and ankles are in alignment. Using your desk or chair as support, extend your right heel behind while keeping your back straight. Engage your glutes—lift and lower on eight counts. Repeat on the other side. Do four sets of this.

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Local tastemakers’ advice snowballs into a flurry of dining, style, fitness and design picks.

1. Ginette Chittick
Programme manager at LASALLE School of the Arts
“Some of my favorite local labels are owned by friends. I love Stolen by Elyn Wong and bags by Ling Wu. Yuki Mitsuyasu makes really clever jewelry that I love. She designed Shawn and my wedding rings!"
2. Ling Wu
Bag designer
“There are a few local labels that I like and one of them is In Good Company stocked at Front Row, but the most notable of all is Mash-Up, which has heaps of potential.”
3. Daniela Monasterios Tan (extreme right)
Creative director at Mash-Up

Actually‘s full of fun labels and always have surprising DIY elements in their visual display.”
4. Paul Khor
Founder of Actually
“Both the Rockstar by Soon Lee outlets (at Orchard Cineleisure and 22 Orchard Rd.) and stock great brands like Pointer and Loreak Mendian, and offer a very relaxing and welcoming atmosphere that keeps me coming back.”
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Local tastemakers’ advice snowballs into a flurry of dining, style, fitness and design picks.

1. Has Sidik
Artistic director at W Singapore Sentosa Cove 
“I like Ambush. It’s a multi-label store that’s got a fantastic collection of sneakers and caps.”
2. Alvin Lim
Owner of Ambush
“The new Supplies & Co is a beautiful store with amazing products.”
3. Danny Tan
Owner of Supplies & Co.

“I like clothes that are simple and well-made, which is why I usually shop at F.I.L.
4. Earn Chen
Founder of F.I.L
“I don’t shop outside of Surrender.”
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Local tastemakers’ advice snowballs into a flurry of dining, style, fitness and design picks.

1. Zin Cattell (left)
“I’m really big on furniture and go to Journey East for amazing, one-of-a-kind art deco and mid century pieces. Also, I love the work by Cain Lim of The Affiniti—it’s very dynamic. He’s definitely one to watch!”
2. Anita Sam
Director at Journey East
“One of the more interesting stores within our vicinity is Strangelets—as their name suggests, you can find loads of fun and quirky accessories for the home there."
3. Schriin Taraz-Breinholt (extreme right)
Partner at Strangelets

“I think Tong Mern Sern (51 Craig Rd., 6734-0761, is great! You’ve got to love a guy whose motto is, “We buy junk and sell antiques, some fools buy some fools sell”. Also, you could probably spend an entire month in the shops discovering stuff you’ve never seen before.”
4. Keng Ah Wong
Owner of Tong Mern Sern Antiques Arts & Crafts
“Changi Junk Store (125 Joo Chiat Rd., 
9635-9425) is a treasure trove of art deco and retro pieces, many of which were lovingly restored by owner Haji Basman himself.”
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Joel Leong is the founder of Haystakt, a Singapore-based designers’ marketplace that hawks one-of-a-kind decoratives, men and women’s fashion, as well as tech paraphernalia.

How do you meet your makers?

We started out meeting local designers and artisans we personally liked. It was a lot of legwork, but it was fun to travel to different cities and meet good folks like Pow in Bangkok and Daisuke in Tokyo. From then on, it was a game of referring and networking.

What helps you decide on the makers to approach?

People go to Haystakt to find cool products with a story, so we look for uniquely handcrafted items made in small-batch or limited edition productions with interesting concepts. We also look for people who have promising ideas or unique backgrounds because we’re as interested in the people as we are in their products.

Where can we find the makers and shakers in Singapore?

Most of them are buried in their craft, so you’ll find them in their studios or workshops within the industrial estates of Ayer Rajah, Bedok or Kallang.

Why did the idea of a brick and mortar store not appeal to you?

Our goal is to offer the most comprehensive selection of global maker products in terms of both range and depth, more so that you could ever offer in a physical space. For us, it was also about finding the right format to articulate makers’ stories and to allow them to cross geographical boundaries and connect with people all over the world.

How would you define a successful e-commerce business?

In a saturated market, it’s about delivering commerce with value. To do that, we constantly ask ourselves questions like “do you solve both sides of the equation?” and “what will the market be like 10 years from now?”.

Where would you go if you could work remotely from anywhere in the world?

Right now it would be Singapore— both the design and startup communities are booming and there’s a new generation of makers waiting to be discovered. More importantly, there’s family, great parks, libraries and free WiFi.

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Local tastemakers’ advice snowballs into a flurry of dining, style, fitness and design picks.

1. Ian Tan
Co-founder of Ritual
“I recently started hanging out at the new Yoga Movement studio in Tanjong Pagar. Alicia Pan, who owns the studio, trains at Ritual and asked me to try it out. I’ve been wanting to pick up yoga for months now, so the timing was perfect. It’ll help me get better at weight lifting and improve my flexibility."
2. Alicia Pan
Owner of Yoga Movement
“I like Juggernaut Fight Club (50B Boat Quay, (50B Boat Quay, 6535-2501) because as a fight gym, they don’t go light on women. We get equal treatment as the men. Is it weird that I like that?”
3. Arvind Lalwani (middle)
Head boxing coach at Juggernaut Fight Club

“Wrestling is a good core sport—physically demanding, but fun. The lessons conducted by the Wrestling Federation of Singapore are a good way to start and are taught by experienced national wrestlers.”
4. Jimmy Taenaka
Founder of Wrestling Federation of Singapore
"I like True Fitness (Great World City) because the space is clean and never overcrowded.Their outlets are all also very accessible."

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Pamper yourself over National Day weekend with these exclusive scarlet-themed spa treatments.

Classic Rejuvenation
The highest Banyan Tree Spa outlet in the world, with its Tree of Life inspired décor of bamboo and dark earth tones, is an extremely relaxing escape. Their simple Classic Rejuvenation package scrubs the city grime off and polishes you up like a dream. Go festive and pick the bright-colored Almond Tomato off the Scrubs menu, which helps reduce fine lines.
$280++ for 120 minutes from Banyan Tree Spa Marina Bay Sands

Full Moon
Spend one of the days this long weekend at the lovely Auriga Spa with its rather hush-hush hilltop ambiance over in Sentosa. Our pick of their signature spa treatments: the divine-sounding Full Moon package that includes a foot massage, full body exfoliation using rose petals and rose oil-infused salt, a deep cleansing wrap and massage, as well as a lymphatic facial that incorporates rose crystals.
$440 for 180 minutes at Auriga Spa

Red Rose Bath
One of our favorite “getaway spas” is the recently opened Japanese ryokan-style Ikeda Spa Prestige. You’ll love the giant hinoki tub here: It’s lit by a single screen displaying a snowy Japanese countryside, which is complemented by traditional shower facilities. Book the sweet-smelling Red Rose Bath to have the “onsen” experience all to yourself.
$80 for 30 minutes at Ikeda Spa Prestige

Strawberry Butter Meltdown
Set deep amongst the trees up at Dempsey Hill, Spa Esprit at House offers a lovely treatment package that includes a full body rubdown and scrub using strawberry-infused melted butter and a strawberry sugar paste, which feels as good as it sounds.
$180 for 90 minutes at Spa Esprit

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Local tastemakers’ advice snowballs into a flurry of dining, style, fitness and design picks.

1. Frédéric Colin

“I admire Travis Masiero from Luke’s Oyster Bar & Chop House—he loves food and is always on the lookout for the best product. It’s great that he imports seafood from his own town and keeps his cooking very simple to bring out true flavors.”
2. Travis Masiero
Chef and owner of Luke’s Oyster Bar & Chop House
“One of my favorite chefs is Andres Lara of Pollen. He's in my opinion the best pastry chef working in the city today. His desserts and chocolates are first class—creative, refined and delicious."
3. Andres Lara
Executive pastry chef at Pollen

For my cooking essentials, I go to places like Classic Fine Foods, Culina and Vom Fass, which has a fantastic range of vinegars. 
4. Stefan Kromat (right)
Owner of Vom Fass

"We had a family event at the TungLok XiHe Peking Duck restaurant and thought every dish had been cooked to perfection, including the peking duck, which we couldn't stop eating. Must be the apple wood they use.".
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Roger Chang is the founder of Pirate 3D, the Singapore startup sensation that recently raised $100,000 in Kickstarter funding for the development of the Buccaneer 3D printer in all of 10 minutes.

The Buccaneer is a great product. How did you decide it’d be your venture?
We started out as a 3D printing service company. When Professor Neo got on board, he pointed out that the business model was unsustainable and not scalable, so he suggested we shoot for the stars and built 3D printers instead.

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve overcome so far?
It took us at least three months to work on a prototype and it didn’t work well. Getting this done quickly was one of our biggest challenges—we had to look for a good mechanical engineer who could get things made on top of designing it and we found one.

Seen any cool stuff being printed?
Figurines, jewelry and kitchen utensils.

Which of your stretch goals have stood out the most?
Our new print platform. We can’t reveal it yet, but it’s a first for the industry.

What would you like to make next?
A completely prosthetic hand with motorized actuators! Replacement limbs of the future would be completely customized and 3D printed.

Is Singapore a great place for those who want to make things?
It’s not so great for making physical products. The sad fact is, manufacturing has long moved overseas. Hopefully, with initiatives towards building 3D printing facilities, making things here will get easier.

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