From shoes to supplements, we speak to two personal trainers to find out what their real workout essentials are.

1.) The Bag

PN: I suggest a large duffel gym bag preferably with a separate compartment for shoes which is important so as not to dirty your clothes. Go for one with a shoulder strap to take the load off your hands.

2.) The Supplements

PN: The supplement I suggest to anyone is Fish Oil/Omega 3—essential for our body to function properly but which we do not produce ourselves. I lean towards a balanced diet of animal protein and lots of vegetables, but I also have a tub of chocolate flavored whey protein at home.
TS: If you want to get lean, I’d recommend a healthy diet with lots of vegetables and protein in the form of red meat and chicken, but if you want to get bigger and build muscle, whey protein helps a lot, although I wouldn’t recommend it for long-term use since too much of anything is never good.

3.) The Gloves

PN: I think gloves are a pretty accessory and come in many wonderful colors. I’ve found gloves improve my grip strength, but they wear out very quickly and do not really protect you against calluses. If you’re serious about working out, just harden up.
TS: Unless you’re worried about getting calluses on your hands gloves are unnecessary since your wrist and hands will slowly build up strength without needing fitness gloves to support them.

4.) The Music

PN: Certain studies have shown that people will go faster and consume less oxygen when running to music. I would suggest that you avoid ear phones and go for specific sports ear buds as they are more water resistant. I’d recommend Sennheiser, which also have great sound quality.
TS: Although not for everyone, a lot of people do get pumped up by their music and put in more effort while working out. Find the right tune for you and crank up the volume, and if you’re not one for music you could always go for the work-out-in-silence mode.

5.) The Sneakers

PN: I am an advocate of “minimal” shoes which do not have thick soles with exaggerated heel cushioning as our feet were never designed for heel striking when running. I lean towards the New Balance Minimus range of shoes.
TS: I’d go for running or cross training shoes since they’re versatile in the gym supporting both cardio exercises as well as weight training. My favorite model at the moment is the Asics Gel-Lyte 33 2 which is known for its light weight and great support.

6.) The Clothes 

PN: Whatever they are make sure they are comfortable. I went from cotton to synthetics and have just converted back to cotton blend workout clothes. I do like Nike running and Reebok cross fit shorts as they seem to be able to take a good beating and allow me to perform all the necessary movements during a workout.


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