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The Majestic
12 of the best colonial and heritage hotels in Asia
From white colonnades and marble floors to oak wood furniture and crystal chandeliers, these iconic hotels’ Victorian charms are impossible to resist.
Chiang Mai coffee specialists Graph Cafe open food-focused spin-off
The beloved coffee house is branching out.
BK Magazine Restaurant Reviews: Your Questions Answered
We’re the only media in this town to pay for our food and write both positive and negative reviews. 
Glur Bangkok
Bangkok's Best Late-night Cafes with Free Wi-Fi
Calling all night owls! Get to work at one of these coffee shops offering free wi-fi, plentiful power outlets and great coffee.
Two-day film festival to explore the film-making techniques behind past and present masterpieces
Pridi Banomyong Institute to screen and discuss two of Alfred Hitchcock's underrated films, plus another two recent releases.
7 dishes you need to try from Bangkok coffee shops
Between the crepe cakes and pasta aioli there are some serious food highlights in Bangkok’s endless new coffee shops. Here’s what to eat and where.
The 12 best vintage fashion shops in Bangkok
Don't wait for the next Made by Legacy to come around. Here's where to get your vintage fashion fix throughout the year. 
Mekong River
Laid-back Luang Prabang
The cool season's in full swing. Make the most of it with a trip to Laos' ancient royal capital.
1881 by Water Library
Bangkok's best new whiskey-based cocktails
Give up the white spirits and choose a drink with depth. Here are Bangkok’s newest whiskey-based cocktails and where to get them.   [brought to you by Chivas]
Platu 132
Meet Thailand's trailblazing all-woman sailing crew
Sinsupa “Mink” Wannasuta, 28, made headlines at this year’s King’s Cup Regatta as the event’s first Thai female skipper. OK, so her all-woman team (PTTEP’s Platu...
Kata Rocks
The 17 best new hotel openings around Thailand in 2014
With the holiday season in full swing, we take a look back at the year's best new hotel openings outside of Bangkok.
Kaindy Lake
Why you should visit the natural wonders of Kazakhstan
Though it’s been separated from the Soviet Union for more than 20 years, Kazakhstan still has a rather austere reputation. But the world’s largest land-locked country has many treasures...
The 10 skyscrapers set to reshape Bangkok's skyline
Bangkok is rising. There are currently more skyscrapers over 300 meteres being built than ever before. Here's what we can expect to see in the next five years.
Kanjana Handmade
Thai Dai: The local dress brands leading the tie-dye revival
Our four favorite sources for stylish local dresses that incorporate one of the season’s biggest trends: tie-dye.
Bangkok's best new restaurants 2014
Even without the hype about the as-yet-unopened Joel Robuchon restaurant at Mahanakhon, this has been a pretty crazy year for Bangkok’s fine-dining scene. We got two new restaurants with three...
Sunset by the river
5 reasons why now’s a great time to visit Yangon
For all the charm of its crumbling colonial past, Yangon is one of Southeast Asia’s grittier cities (think Jakarta, with only mildly less gridlock). But as Myanmar continues its slow steps...
Bangkok's Best Vegetarian Restaurants
Skip the meat with these restaurants offering proper vegetarian menus
The Best Burgers in Bangkok
It’s that time of year again. BK sinks its teeth into the big issue to come up with the definitive list of the best burgers in Bangkok. (Updated Sep 2014)
Dogs, Cats, Lattes: Bangkok's Best Pet Cafes
From cat cafes to Husky petting farms, Bangkok is teeming with furry cuteness. Here are the new spots to get in on the action--whether it's coffee for you or bakery treats for your pet.
5 Bangkok bars to smoke fancy sheesha
Bangkok's up in smoke! Here are the places to find sheesha in flavors like fresh lemon, watermelon and vodka.
Ekachai Uekrongtham's Muay Thai Live stage show blends violence and beauty
The Stage at Asiatique is home to the new interactive action musical, Muay Thai Live - The Legend Lives. And while it might sound like a touristy affair, the fact that it’s directed by Ekachai...
Big Tree
Can you find Thailand's best-loved tree?
A few years after launching its campaign to save giant trees around Bangkok, Big Trees, the social tree-lovers group, has stepped things up with another big initiative, “Love Heritage Trees...
The Rise of Thai Chefs: Why More Restaurants are Taking Pride in Local Talent
The new generation of local kitchen maestros that dare to get creative, show their faces and finally take credit for their hard work.
Four Online Makeup Gurus You Should Follow in Bangkok
Experts tell us the latest must-have beauty products and their tricks to using them.