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Photo: Lalisa Manobal / Promotional: Chivas Regal
Thailand’s soft power superstar Lisa Manobal joins the cast of ‘The White Lotus’
Blackpink in your area and on your screen for season three.
Photo: Chef Ton and Chef Pam / Facebook
Upcoming Netflix series ‘Chefs Uncut’ showcases two Thailand celebrity chefs
Chef Pam and Chef Ton join four other culinary heavyweights from across Asia.   
Photo Credit: Man Suang / imdb
10 Thai movies and film events to catch in Feb 2024
From tear-jerker romances to action-packed mysteries, Thai cinema is off to a good start this year. 
7 Thai movies to watch in the cinema and at home in Jan 2024
New year, new you, new movies.
Bangkok gets a new outdoor cinema experience with Skyline Film 
The Taiwan cinephile sensation will start at River City Bangkok and will move around Thailand.  
7 Thai movies to watch in the cinema and at home this month
A list of throwbacks and new releases.
Animated classics at the Studio Ghibli Film Festival continue next week
Anime classics show at select branches of SF Cinema for a second weekend.
Thai film Doi Boy, which first debuted in Korea, is coming to Netflix tomorrow
BK speaks with the director and lead actor on the highly anticipated project.
10 Thai movies to watch in the cinema and at home this month
Haven’t you heard? Thai cinema is back!
After making waves in Tokyo, Thailand’s ‘RedLife’ film hits Bangkok screens tomorrow
Social commentary, sex work, and love with an ensemble cast. 
Top-grossing film ‘The Undertaker’ is the perfect Thailand Halloween watch
Hit local theaters for this genre-hopping flick.
Hell’s Kitchen Thailand is looking for applicants for upcoming TV show
Auditions close on November 26, 2023.
Netflix’s ‘Once Upon A Star’ brings the golden age of outdoor cinema back to Thailand
BK speaks with director Nonzee Nimibutr about how we went from 16mm to streaming.
7 Bangkok movie festivals and events to attend this month
Catch local screenings of international films, animation, outdoor cinema, and spooky features.
Beloved Thai film "Fan Chan" to be remastered and rereleased in theaters next Monday
The noughties classic returns to the big screen.
Photo: Midjourney / Todd Ruiz
Doing 'The Barbenheimer' in Bangkok? Here’s what you should know.
The theaters, themes, food, and booze you need for 274 minutes of cinema in one day.
Photo: Season two of HBO's 'White Lotus' / HBO Promotional
HBO’s ‘White Lotus’ is coming to Thailand—but where?
Rich people being horrible and getting away with it? In Thailand?
Photo: Four Seasons Samui promotional photo with the HBO White Lotus logo
Is HBO’s White Lotus coming to Thailand?
The sex-fueled, star-studded dark comedy might be coming to an island/mountain/city near you.
Movie lovers rejoice, Friese-Greene Club is finally back
At long last, the private members club for cinephiles has returned—and what a lineup.
This documentary wants to show you the artistic side of beer
A can’t-miss documentary for beer lovers!
Bangkok theaters to show 'The Godfather' for 50th anniversary
Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.