Closing out Pride month, BK has compiled a list of LGBTQ+ films, along with an informative stand up set, a reality comedy TV show, and a Venice Film Festival movie that you can catch on streaming and cinemas around town. 


Photo: “Suits” / Instagram
The “Y-Type” movie event in Galile Oasis and Doc Club & Pub features short films ranging around 20-40 minutes with a main focus on BL story lines. “Suits”, for example, tells the story of a flamboyant gay man, who upon returning to his hometown to attend his straight brother’s wedding unearths painful memories of being misunderstood by his mother.
Release date: July 2,3
Platform: Doc Club & Pub
Release date: July 13-14
Platform: Galileo Oasis

PupPhoto: “Pup” / FilmFreeway

In “Pup,” Director Sarawut Intraprom, who also stars in the film, explores a gay relationship between an older middle aged man and his hot young boyfriend with a BDSM kink, specifically pup play. A few months ago, “Dog God,” the banned film about a dog worshiping cult, was finally allowed a public screening and it seems like the puppy content won’t stop.

Release date: July 3
Platform: Doc Club & Pub

LOL: Last One Laughing

Photo: “LOL” / Prime
LOL: Last One Laughing—one of the most watched franchises on Prime in Italy, France, and Germany—is getting a localized version with an all-star Thai comedian cast. The program will be hosted by Pramote “Oat” Pathan and Siwat “C” Chotchaicharin, featuring a six-part competition for guests to flex their wit and comedy as they try to make their competition break into a fit of laughter. As the title suggests, the last one laughing will take the title.
Release date: July 4
Platform: Prime

Manta Ray
Photo: “Manta Ray” / IMDB

Winner of the Orizzonti Award at the Venice Film Festival, Phuttiphon Aroonpheng’s moody slice of life is set in a Thai coastal village where Rohingya refugees have drowned. There, a local fisherman takes in an unconscious man in the forest and nurses him back to health where they begin an unlikely friendship. Just as it looks like smooth sailing, the sudden disappearance of the fisherman and the return of his wife prompts the rescued man to take over his new friend’s life.
Release date: July 10, 18
Platform: Thai Film Archive, Netflix Thailand

The Cursed Land

Photo: “The Cursed Land” / Neramitning Film
One genre that Thai cinema has no shortage of is horror. In this upcoming release, “The Curse Land” pulls supernatural beliefs from Muslim culture. It follows a father and daughter who are grieving from the death of their wife and morher. After the father disrespects the spirits in their new home, the daughter journeys to the south of Thailand in search of an exorcist.
Release date: July 11
Platform: Thai cinemas

8 Minute History on Stage

Photo: “8 Minute History on Stage” / Netflix
From the hit 8 Minute History podcast by The Standard comes a full-on Netflix special that serves up historical tidbits from all corners of the world. The set takes footage from the three-hour “8 Minute History on Stage” live event which took place last year. And it won’t be just a guy up there lecturing boring facts, game sessions and stage design will make sure you stay awake, educated, and entertained.
Release date: July 12
Platform: Netflix Thailand


Master of the House

Photo: “Master of the House” / Netflix

Prolific in capturing nuanced human connections on screen, Sivaroj Kongsakul brings his signature directorial style to capture Netflix’s incoming murder mystery drama. In recent years, we’ve seen a slew of class conscious flicks like “Parasite” and “The White Lotus.” Following its predecessors, “Master of the House” takes you through the in-fighting between heirs and housemaids after the mysterious death of a wealthy patriarch.
Release date: July 18
Platform: Netflix Thailand