Skyline Film began in Taiwan in 2016 with the goal of fostering a creative public community space. Just in time for the holiday season, the company will be hosting its first outdoor cinema experience on the rooftop of River City Bangkok. 
Dec 15-17 will mark the first showing of Skyline Film in Bangkok, featuring rom coms like”Love Actually” and “You’ve Got Mail.”
“Taiwan is much smaller than Thailand but Skyline Film was able to find these public venues to screen their movies,” says Tron Pitoonpong, the operation director of Skyline Film Thailand. Having been to a Taiwan screening while studying abroad, Tron became enamored by the concept and got started on expanding the vision to Thailand. 
Thailand had a rich history of open-air traveling cinema troupes, as recently captured by Nonzee Nimibutr’s Netflix feature “Once Upon a Star”. Bringing the old tradition back, Skyline Film is aiming to screen movies across the Kingdom, starting with River City Bangkok.
“We chose this place because it has a panoramic rooftop view that literally reflects the title,” Tron says. “From the top, you can catch the Chao Phraya river, and it represents Bangkok really well.” River City is also a community for artsy types, illustrators, sculptors, and local talents. “I think anyone who appreciates the arts will love this as well.”
Showing films outdoors in Thailand can be a challenge, there’s the weather, noise pollution, and other unpredictable factors. Amending these concerns, Skyline Film presents their movies using a high quality Epson projector and provides a wireless headphone to maximize the sound quality. Seating is adjustable and there are drinks available for free as well. 
Since the festivities will take place around evening time to late night, moviegoers can expect some cool breezes this time of year.  
Although tickets for its upcoming Christmas-themed lineup are sold out, Skyline Film is planning to add more rounds and aiming to expand on its film genres.