Songkran season is finally upon us, but if you want to dodge the water splashing and scorching sun, BK has put together a list of Thai movies and series to catch in cinemas or chilling on the couch where you know the AC will be on full blast.
Note: For non-Thai speakers, English subtitles are usually available in major cinemas across the country and on streaming services. 

The Believers

Photo: “The Believers” / Netflix
An ambitious trio of young entrepreneurs is desperately trying to pay off their mountain of debt when they stumble upon a sneaky way to make cash profiting off of religious beliefs. The main cast stars T-pop sensation Ally Nitibhon, Pachara “Peach” Chirathivat, and Teeradon “James” Supapunpinyo who played a similar role in the exam-cheat heist film, “Bad Genius.”
Release date: Available now
Platform: Netflix

Arnold is a Model Student

Photo: “Arnold is a Model Student” / Imdb
Previously screened in cinemas last November, this extremely relevant satire on the Thai educational system is told through the eyes of a bright high school student, Arnold, who helps his pals cheat in a prestigious military school entrance exam in exchange for money.
Release date: April 1
Platform: Netflix 

How to Make Millions Before Grandma Dies (Lahnma)

Photo: “How to Make Millions Before Grandma Dies” / Imdb
This tearjerker tells the story of Em, an undergraduate student in his final year of university who decided to drop out and pursue his dream of video game livestreaming. Em soon learns that the path is a lot more difficult than he thought. So he takes up caring for a grandma who has been diagnosed with cancer in the hope of getting his hands on her inheritance.
Release date: April 4
Platform: Thailand Cinemas

Hours of Ours 

Photo: “Hours of Ours” / Doc Club & Pub
Hours of Ours is a documentary that follows the Ibrahims, a Sudanese family fleeing the war in their country and seeking asylum in Thailand. The family bonds with director Komtouch Napattaloong who just returned from a decade abroad. Together they tell a story about navigating uncertainty as the family awaits to be resettled in Canada.
Release date: April 2,4,9
Platform: Doc Club & Pub

Death Whisperer

Photo: “Death Whisper” / Imdb
Based on a popular story on the Thai internet forum “Pantip,” Tee Yod is a bone-chilling tale following the mysterious death of a young villager. Set in 1972, Kanchanaburi, the story kicks off when Yak (Nadech Kugimiya) returns home to help out the family business, only to slowly uncover strange events that have been happening in his hometown. The film made waves during its cinema screenings last Halloween and the sequel is already slated to release this next spooky season.
Release date: April 10
Platform: Netflix

Syndromes and a Century 

Photo: “Syndromes and a Century” / Thai Film Archive
Directed by Cannes Jury Prize winner Apichatpong Weerasethakul, the story is inspired by the filmmaker’s parents who worked in the medical field. It is split into two parts and starts off when a doctor takes a job in an isolated town. The latter half of the film focus on another doctor's contrasting urban lifestyle and fast-paced settings.
Release date: April 21
Platform: Thai Film Archive

Love You to Debt

Photo: “Love you to Debt” / M Studio
A remake of Han-Dong Wook’s South Korean film “Man in Love,” the Thai version tells the story of a lowly debt collector who strikes a deal with a woman struggling to pay her father’s hospital bills. In exchange for a date, he’ll pay back her debt. Is this arrangement doomed from the start? Find out in Thai cinemas later this month.
Release date: April 25
Platform: Thailand Cinemas