It’s the month of love and Thai cinema has checked just about every genre box—whether you’re looking for a romantic outdoor screening date or Netflix and chill at home. This month will see some theater releases put on streaming and the return of classics on the big screen. Strap in for comedy, childhood romcoms, horror, and more. 

Note: For non-Thai speakers, English subtitles are usually available in major cinemas across the country and on streaming services. 


Sit Down with Stand Up Udom Taepanich

Photo: “Sit Down with Stand Up Udom Taephanich” / Netflix

For the first time in 14 years, top-billed Thai stand-up comedian Udom “Note” Taephanich will be skillfully grilled by MC and interviewer Yutthana “Ted” Boonaom in an intimate sit down/stand up comedy sesh. In this special, the jokester uses his signature tongue in cheek and physical comedy to comment on everything from prostate exams to funerals. 

Release date: Jan 26 
Platform: Netflix


Red Life

Photo: “Red Life” / BrandThinkCinema

Securing a world premiere at last year’s Tokyo International Film Festival and later in Thai cinemas, “Red Life” will get more eyes on its dramatic social commentary themes when it hits Netflix. The film diverges into two stories, both discussing themes of sex work and financial struggle in modern day Thailand. 

Release date: Feb 1
Platform: Netflix


Timeline Letter Memory

Photo: “Timeline Letter Memory” / Major Cineplex

From Feb 2-10, Sahamongkol Film is hosting free outdoor movie screenings at Kaset Fair. Director Nonzee Nimibutr’s latest film Once Upon a Star is an ode to the traveling band of open movie projectionists and live dubbers. So it’s only fair that one of his films is given the classic screening treatment. “Timeline Letter Memory” is a story about love triangles, bad timing, and the adolescent urge to get out of your hometown and see what the world has to offer. Actors from the film will pop by the screening as well. 

Release date: Feb 4
Platform: Sahamongkol Klang Plaeng


14 Again

Photo credit: “14 Again” / Netflix

Gib, an outstanding student from a high-profile university, impulsively takes a break from school and comes back to her hometown to gain some perspective. But this hiatus will lead her further into the past, when she encounters Tor, a childhood best friend who can’t figure out the reason Gib stopped talking to him all those years ago. You can’t go wrong with a heartwarming romcom that takes you back to simpler times.

Release date: Feb 8
Platform: Netflix


All Men are Brothers: The Pattaya Heat

Photo: “Pattaya Heat” / Major Group

Pumping through the veins of the scorching and bustling tourist hotspot, this film shows the seedy underground networks of Pattaya—telling the story of a prolific assassin who just got released from prison but gets roped back into a vicious cycle of crime and vengeance. The star-studded cast features Ananda Everingham, Chermarn “Ploy” Boonyasak, Jirayu Tantrakul, and more.

Release date: Feb 8
Platform: Thai Cinemas


The Last Breath of Samyan

Photo: “The Last Breath of Samyan” / Facebook

From Siam to Samyan, we’ve seen mall after mall popping up in place of shop houses and beloved community spaces like the legendary Scala Cinema. “The Last Breath of Samyan” takes place after the Property Management of Chulalongkorn University (PMCU) released a statement to relocate and sue the administrator of the long standing Tubtim Goddess Shrine at Saphan Lueng, a place which has strong emotional and spiritual ties to its surrounding Thai-Chinese community. 

Release date: Feb 9
Platform: Netflix


Love Destiny 2

Photo: “Love Destiny 2” / Imdb

The Thai soap opera that spawned an international and local cult following returns with a film sequel that was initially released in October, 2023. For Valentine’s Day, Thai Film Archive is bringing this time traveling love story back to the big screen. It follows the two leads as they gradually fall in love in a different time period, shifting from Ayutthaya to early Rattanakosin. 

Release date: Feb 14
Platform: Thai Film Archive


Pee Nak 4

Photo: “Pee Nak 4” / Facebook

With the original Pee Nak raking in over B74 million in 2019, its fourth installment promises to live up to the bone chilling horror and jump scare-y reputation. This one stars Phiravich “Mean” Attachitsataporn as Tho Min Jun, a rising Thai-Korean celebrity who is being haunted by the ghost of Pee Nak, demanding the star to keep up his end of an undisclosed promise.

Release date: Feb 22
Platform: Thai cinemas

Man Suang

Photo: “Man Suang” / imdb

Transporting audiences back to the reign of Rama 3, the movie follows two young men, Khem and Wan, who had to go undercover and embark on an investigative mission at the titular cabaret. As they go deeper into the journey, the pair unearth darker secrets hidden in each theatrical performance. Originally screened at Cannes, now the political thriller can be caught on Netflix.

Release date: Feb 22
Platform: Netflix

Fanchan (My Girl)

Photo: “Fanchan” / Imdb

The cozy Dog Days are Over Bar is hosting a movie screening every Saturday in the month of love—bringing back a childhood favorite, “Fan Chan (My Girl),” which just celebrated its 20th anniversary this past October. The film tells a budding love story between two neighbors against the charming backdrop of a 1980s provincial town.

Release date: Feb 25
Platform: Dog Days are Over

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