Give yourself a little treat this upcoming holiday season and support local cinemas while you’re at it. This month, we’ve rounded up critically acclaimed re-releases and upcoming screenings spanning venues across town.

Nang Eye 

Photo: Stills from Nang Eye
This hour and a half classic will be screening for free at Chang Daeng Theater as part of the Thai Film Archive’s Coming of Daze program which also features other teen flicks like “Mean Girls,” “Dazed and Confused,” “Napoleon Dynamite,” and more. “Nang Eye” (1990) follows a young girl who goes abroad to study in a convent school where she learns the realities of friendships and first love.
Release date: Dec 1 and Dec 15
Platform: Thai Film Archive


Photo: Supposed promotional image / Sahamongkol Film

In “Supposed,” Ananda Everingham stars as Non, a lonely middle aged man who is looking for a fresh romance in the city. One day, he meets Dear (played by Chayanit “Pat” Chansangavej) via social media and they decide to get to know each other through made-up identities. As time passeds, the intensity of the connection grows, and Non seeks the girl’s true identity. This new release is the last from Aun Thanakorn Phongsuwan, director of Fake (2003), who died before the film’s completion. 
Release date: Dec 5
Platform: Thai cinemas

Blue Again 

Photo: Blue Again / imdb
Another re-release from last year’s Busan International Film Festival, “Blue Again” involves Ay (played by Tawan Jariyapornrung) a half Thai and western fashion student who moves from her northeastern hometown to study in a Bangkok university. We follow the four years of her graduate degree as she juggles her relationships with religion, race, and new friends while keeping her family’s indigo business afloat.
Release date: Dec 8 and Dec 31
Platform: Thai Film Archive , also available to stream on Netflix

Crystalized Memory

Photo: Crystalized memory poster / Doc Club & Pub.
This December, indie cinema Doc Club & Pub is hosting a special program “Spotlight by BKK critics” to spark conversations among budding filmmakers and movie buffs. One of the films that will be screening is the 18 minute short, “Crystalized Memory,” which won accolades from the likes of the Singapore International Film Festival 2022. The movie follows a villager who copes with the disappearance of a head monk as he encounters a foreign woman who helps him overcome this emotional turmoil.
Release date: Dec 14
Platform: Doc Club & Pub

Hundred Days

Photo: Hundred Days poster / SF cinema
Halloween might be over but a stream of horror films is still hitting cinemas. “Hundred Days” is all about a modeling contest gone wrong. “Miss Uncensored New Thailand Season 2” lures participants in with prize money—but instead of a luxe hotel these models are forced to venture into the deep forest and complete challenges in a haunted village.
Release date: Dec 21
Platform: Thai cinemas

Esarn Zombie

Photo: Esarn Zombie promotional image / Facebook
At this point we’ve seen multiple iterations of this subgenre, and “Esarn Zombie” will be adding a Thai comedic touch to the legacy. When the handsome and disciplined Itt (played by Pachara “Peach” Chirathivat) starts managing a local supermarket, he slowly discovers strange behavior from his employees. It’s up to him and these goofy staff members to save the village from the walking dead.
Release date: Dec 28
Platform: Thai cinemas

Six Characters

Photo: Stills from Six Characters / Major Cineplex
While filming his thriller flick, young up-and-coming director Kamron meets with six mysterious characters who claimed to be his fictional characters come to life. Forcing him to take a closer look at his work, they beg the director to give each of them a fleshed out life. Adapted from the works of Italian dramatist Luigi Pirandello, “Six Characters” made waves last year after it was picked up by Thai director Pundhevanop Dhewakul. Those who missed its original release can catch the mystery movie at Thai Film Archive. 
Release date: Dec 31
Platform: Thai Film Archive