BK has recently compiled a list of Thai queer films to watch this Pride Month, but if you’re looking for recent releases, we’ve got docufictions, a cult movie, and dramas for your viewing pleasure this month. 


Photo: “Homatagia” / Matiwut Facebook
A portmanteau of home and nostalgia, “Homatagia" is a docufiction that explores the reunion of a father and a son. The thesis project by Chanasorn Chaikittiporn depicts his family story with its natural backdrop, and it weaves the lives of a runaway son, a senior woman who spent her remaining days taking care of her ailing husband, and a grandson searching for his father.
Release date: June 5, 25
Platform: Thai Film Archive

Breaking the Cycle

Photo: “Breaking the Cycle” Poster  / Facebook
Selected for a world premier at Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival, one of the most prominent documentary festivals in North America, “Breaking the Cycle" is a Thai political film following the now defunct Future Forward party and its electoral campaign against the authoritarian institution. Filming took place from November 2018 to the dissolution of the Future Forward party in 2020.
Release date: June 6
Platform: Thai cinemas

Esarn Zombie

Photo: M Pictures Cambodia / Facebook
At this point, we’ve probably seen every iteration of the zombie sub genre, so “Esarn Zombie” will be adding a Thai comedic touch to the legacy. When the handsome and disciplined Itt (played by Pachara “Peach” Chirathivat) starts managing a local supermarket, he slowly discovers strange behavior from his employees. It’s up to him and these goofy goons to save the village from the walking dead. 
Release date: June 6
Platform: Netflix Thailand


Photo: “Nakorn-Sawan” / Puangsoi Facebook
Following the recent death of her mother, Aoey returns home to Nakhon Sawan after 5 years of being abroad. The fictional tale is laced with real life inserts of director Puangsoi Aksornsawang’s parallel experience. Combining a series of interviews with family members, chat conversations, and footages with her own late mother, the intermingling tale discusses the barriers we put up with the living and the dead.
Release date: June 7,25
Platform: Thai Film Archive, Netflix Thailand

Doctor Climax

Photo: “Dr. Climax” / Netflix
Set in the late 1970s, a Thai dermatologist suddenly finds his life turned upside down when he takes a job as a sex columnist. Under the pseudonym “Dr. Climax,” the doctor embarks on a journey of delivering sex advice with the looming threat of the newspaper being shut down due to the conservative climate.
Release date: June 13
Platform: Netflix Thailand

Shakespeare Must Die

Photo: “Shakespeare Must Die” / YouTube
This movie chronicles the history of Thai politics and black magic based on “The Tragedy of Macbeth.” In 2012, the film was banned by the Ministry of Culture due to political references of events such as the October 6th massacre. Only this February did the production team win back the rights to legally screen this film. “Dog God,” another banned project from the director of “Shakespeare Must Die,”  Ing Kanjanavanit, was also finally allowed to be publicly released last month.
Release date: June 20
Platform: Thai cinemas

5th Round

Photo: “5th Round” / Brandthink Cinema
Following a slew of popular Thai boxing movies and TV shows, "5th Round" is the latest offering to this storyline. From Brandthink Cinema, the studio that brought us “Red Life” in 2023, the semi documentary incorporates real life footage of four generations of boxers. It not only focuses on their athletic pursuits but features a different side to their story outside the boxing arena.
Release date: June 27
Platform: Thai cinemas