With the Songkran simmering down and the post-holiday blues taking center stage, BK has curated a list of Thai cinema that will give you the escapism that you need.


Photo: Morrison / imdb
The latest from Venice Film Festival award-winning director Phuttipong Aroonpeng follows Jimmy (played by Hugo Chakrabongse), a 40 year old singer turned engineer who was sent on a mysterious job to renovate the rundown Paradise Hotel. Set in a secluded town, the hotel used to be a hangout spot during the Vietnam war. Its walls still carry the history of a bygone era and hold the memory of Jimmy’s ancestry.
Release date: May 1
Platform: House Samyan

My Boo

Photo: My Boo / Major Cineplex
Horror, romcom, and drama? Why pick a genre when you can have it all. My Boo begins when a young man inherits an old haunted house. Since he can get rid of these lost souls, he decides to team up with the ghouls and renovate the space into a booming haunted house business. But just as things start running smoothly, the young man catches feelings for one of the female ghosts. 
Release date: May 1
Platform: Thai cinemas

Dog God 

Photo: Dog God / Major Cineplex
Banned for more than 20 years due to alleged religious slander, this experimental dark comedy is finally seeing the light of day after its screening ban was lifted in October of last year. Self produced and directed by Ing Kanjanavanit, the film was shot in 16mm and is about a peculiar cult that worships dogs. Apart from major cinemas, the movie will also be showing at Ing’s very own independent Cinema Oasis.
Release date: May 16
Platform: Thai Cinemas

Haunted Universities 3

Photo: Haunted Universities 3 / Major Cineplex
The third installment of the Haunted Universities series has finally arrived. Following the successful anthological story format, the latest release features three untold university tales directed by three fresh faced filmmakers and one surprise pro which will up the horror to the next level.
Release date: May 9
Platform: Thai Cinemas

Spicy Beauty Queen of Bangkok 

Photo: Spicy Beauty Queen of Bangkok / Imdb
The cult classic directed by Poj Anon focuses on an eclectic group of kathoeys who team up to rob a bank in front of their soi. They hope the money will finally give them the life that they want but their plan quickly unravels as another gang targets the same bank. 
Release date: May 8, 29
Platform: Thai Film Archive

Malila: The Farewell Flower

Photo: Malila / Imdb
Selected as the Thai entry for the Best Foreign Language Film in the 91st Academy Awards, “Malila: The Farewell Flower” weaves concepts of buddhist philosophy, queerness, and Thai culture within one dramatic tapestry. It follows the reunion of Shane and Pich who used to be gay lovers as they are thrown together during times of grief and suffering.
Release date: May 28
Platform: Thai Film Archive

Iron Ladies

Photo: Iron Ladies / imdb
Based on a real life volleyball team from Lampang that won a national competition in 1996, the highest grossing film of 2000 became a pivotal point in modern Thai queer cinema. The sports team is mostly made up of effeminate gay men, kathoey, and also features a lesbian coach as they make their way to the championship while fighting discrimination. You can also catch the film and its sequel on Netflix. 
Release date: May 31
Platform: Thai Film Archive / Netflix