Still running on a treadmill and lifting weights? It’s time to upgrade your workout with crossfit, kettlebells and TRX. Here’s where. 

1. TRX & Suspensions at New Moves




The latest fitness opening in Childlom, New Moves looks to make you break a sweat through intense natural workout moves, without the use of conventional machines. The venue highlights the fitness technique of functional movement (aka multi-joint exercise) with equipment like Vipr, kettlebell, sandbell, suspension training, resistance band, slackline, battling rope and clubbells. It mixes cardio and weight training while improving flexibility and agility. Boot camp and combat boxing also available. Membership fees start from B4,000 for one month with unlimited access.

2/F, Maneeya Centre, Ploenchit Rd., 02-652-0539. BTS Chidlom. Open daily from 7:30am-8:30pm. 

2. Cross Fit at The Aspire Club 




This massive gym offers a wide range of fat-burning boot camp exercises, altitude training programs, youth gym training and the intense strength and conditioning training known as Cross Fit, which covers exercises like weight sessions, gymnastics and sprints to help you get results within the shortest amount of time possible. One program may include three sets of burpees (a squat, push-up and jumping jack all wrapped into one) alternating with three sets of kettlebell deadlifts, while another may require a 400-meter run, three sets of kettlebell swings and three sets of pull ups. Membership fee starts from B2,900 for one month of unlimited gym use and B6,313 for one month of group training covering all classes.

348/2 Sukhumvit Rd., BTS Asoke Exit 4. 02-229-4114. Open 6am-9pm on Mon-Fri and 8am-6pm on Sat-Sun.

3. High-Intensity 30-Minute Fat Burner at Flash Fitness




Having just expanded to another location in Sukhumvit 24, Flash Fitness (which started in Sathorn) focuses on group training exercises. Sessions include the likes of sled pushing, sandbag lifts, TRX training, kettlebells, agility drills and free weights. But the real highlight lies in the Body Comp 30 class: 30-minutes of high-intensity group circuit training; which promises to get you shredded through various exercises using things like free weights, blast straps and medicine balls.  Other classes include yoga and a fusion class that combines an intense metabolic conditioning workout and basic yoga breathing. Price starts from B3,000 for six training sessions valid within one month. 

3/F, Capitol Club (President Park), Sukhumvit Soi 24, 081-349-5727. BTS Phrom Pong. Open 6am-9pm on Mon-Fri and 8am-2pm on Sat-Sun.

4. Kettle Bells at The Lab 




Want to try something a little different, like olympic bars and kettle bells? Fitness studio The Lab, known for its use of unconventional workout machines, just expanded to incorporate a new space on the second floor of RSU Tower, and now has TRX suspension training, ceiling ropes, gymnastic rings, as well as the usual weight training. Group training classes like strength, weight loss exercise and combat training are also available. Membership fee starts from B3,700 for a one-month eight-time use.

2&3/F, RSU Tower, Sukhumvit Soi 31, 02-662-1618. Open 7am-9pm on Mon-Fri and 9am-8pm on Sat-Sun.


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Price: B1,700
They say: A new dermatologist-tested product that provides brighter and younger looking eyes through ingredients like Pure Vitamin C and Holoxyl, which helps stimulate natural enzymes that strengthen skin under your eyes. Appropriate for all skin types.
We say: Don’t be alarmed by the yellow color of the concentrate, which is like a mixture of cream and oil. Although we prefer eye concentrate that comes in the form of an eye-roller, application here is quite simple: squeeze a small amount onto your fingertip and pat gently on the area under the eyes. Do be careful not to get too close to your eyes, we’ve tested eye-cream that doesn’t burn, but this is not one of them. Be sure to pat gently covering all the areas under your eye. After about five days of use (mornings and before sleep), the results are quite impressive, pretty well getting rid of bags under the eyes while brightening up dark circles. We’ve even tested it after a few late-night parties, with noticeable results. 
Verdict: For men and women looking for fast-acting eye-concentrate that helps get rid of baggy eyes and dark circles, Kiehl’s Line-Reducing Eye-Brightening Concentrate is one solid option. It only takes several days to notice real change. Be warned, though, from our experience, it can cause pretty severe irritation if it gets in your eye. Of course, the price isn’t exactly cheap, either. But considering only small amounts are needed for each application, it’s a fair tradeoff.


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Tie-dye, animal and floral print tees are running off the hangers. Here’s our pick of the pack. 


Pull & Bear t-shirt with pocket, B790. 2/F, CentralWorld, Ratchadamri Rd., 02-613-1796. BTS Siam/Chidlom.  
Leisure Project Store t-shirt, B990. 3/F, The Selected (Siam Center), Rama 1 Rd., 02-687-5000. BTS Siam. 
Stussy giraffe no.4 t-shirt, B1,390. Converse Carnival, Siam Square Soi 1, Rama 1 Rd., 02-252-8907. BTS Siam.


Zara floral short sleeve t-shirt, B1,290. 1/F, Siam Paragon, Rama 1 Rd., 02-690-1000. BTS Siam.
Topman light grey marl tropical floral long sleeve t-shirt, B1,150. 2/F, CentralWorld, Ratchadamri Rd., 02-613-1796. BTS Siam/Chidlom.


Topman blue tiedie highroll pocket t-shirt, B1,290. 
Hype dye splat t-shirt, B1,400. 2/F, Swag Shop (Lido Cinema, Siam Square Soi 2-3), Rama 1 Rd., 081-164-9295. BTS Siam.


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For Car-Free Day (Sep 22), ditch your car and get peddling in the city with Bangkok’s first full-scale bicycle system, the Pun Pun bike sharing scheme. 

After the Bangkok Metropolitan Authority’s failed attempt to launch a bike sharing system back in 2009, this year has seen a much improved effort, the Pun Pun bike sharing scheme. So, what’s the difference? For one, Pun Pun isn’t free and actually covers several different parts of Bangkok rather than just one particular area. Fifty bicycle stations are now set up across the city with space for 10 bikes at each. To reduce excuses, usage is even fairly straightforward; first register at and then collect your Pun Pun smart card from any of these bike stations: Siam Square, Chamchuri Square, All Seasons, CentralWorld 2, Park Venture, Vorawat, Surasak 1 and Rajanakarn. The card fee is B320, which covers life insurance and gets you B100 credit. You can then top up the card and check your balance at each station. Your identity and address will be used to track down the bike if it’s not returned before the station closes, and you will have to pay an overnight fine of B500; but in case of accidents where you are unable to return the bike, call 087-029-8888. If you lose the bike, you’ll have to pay an B8,000 fine which will be returned to you if the bike is later found. Stations currently open from 7am-8pm, but will be extended to 6am-12am after the trial stage is over. For more information, call the hotline at 087-029-8888.



How it Works:

1. Go to the booth located at each station and touch the bike rental option.

2. Tap your Pun Pun card on the screen and type in the four-digit verification code.

3. Choose the bike you want to rent and tap your card on the dock to unlock the bike.



Rental Fee:

15 min: Free 15 min-1hr: B10 1-3 hrs: B20 3-5 hrs: B40 5-6 hrs: B60 Over 8hrs: B100



  1. Hualumpong Station
  2. Ratchathewi 2 Station
  3. Ratchathewi 3 Station
  4. MBK Station
  5. Chula 2 Station
  6. Sam Yarn Station
  7. Chamchuri Square Station
  8. Chula 1 Station
  9. Chula 3 Station
  10. Yak Pathum Wan Station
  11. Siam Center Station
  12. Siam Square Station
  13. Siam Paragon Station
  14. Pratu Nam Station
  15. Central World 2 Station
  16. Central World 1 Station
  17. Ratchaprasong Station
  18. Henry Dunant Station
  19. Sala Daeng Station
  20. Zuellig House Station
  21. Lumpini 2 Station
  22. Lumpini 1 Station
  23. Ratchadamri Station
  24. Chidlom Station
  25. Ploen Chit 1 Station
  26. Ploen Chit 2 Station
  27. Park Venture Station
  28. All Seasons Station
  29. Ruamrudee Station
  30. Lumpini 3 Station
  31. Thai-Belgium Station
  32. Holiday Inn Station
  33. Vorawat Station
  34. Surasak 1 Station
  35. Surasak 3 Station
  36. Surasak 2 Station
  37. Saint Louis Station
  38. Sathorn 12 Station
  39. Sathorn Square 1 Station
  40. Sathorn Square 2 Station
  41. Rajanakarn Station
  42. Sathorn Thani Station
  43. Sathorn City Tower Station
  44. Sangthong Thani Station
  45. Sathorn 5 Station
  46. Convent Station
  47. Suanplu Station
  48. Sathorn Mart Station
  49. Bangkok Insurance Station
  50. Lumpini Tower Station


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Ahead of Blackhead’s White Line comeback concert on Sep 14, BK talks to the rock band’s frontman Aanon Saisaengjun, aka Pu BlackHead, 43, about his bout with depression, the beauty of coincidences and the secret to his band’s longevity. 
I loved doing activities at school, whether it was classic masked plays, soccer or music. My dad wanted me to learn to play the piano, but I wasn’t interested. This was around middle school and my friends were really into playing guitar, so eventually we formed a band.
My high school teacher ignited my passion for music. Our band would join music competitions held by the government and he would always encourage us. He made me realize that this is what I wanted to do: sing and play guitar.
It was a long road to Blackhead. It all started when I met the guitarist from a band called Blue Planet. By coincidence we met again at Saloon Pub, a well-known rock pub in Pattaya, where I asked if they needed a singer. Blue Planet agreed to let me sing for them, which kick-started my music career.
Things don’t always happen the way you want them to, but you have to keep going. After joining the band for a while, the record company we were signed to went under. Just like that, Blue Planet was no more. 
I went to live in Koh Samed alone for a year, only telling a few close friends, not even my family. It was supposed to be a short trip, but none of my friends could go with me. I didn’t plan to stay for long but the care-free lifestyle there got me hooked for a year. 
I did all kinds of jobs there, from being a song-taew ticket guy to singing in a pub in exchange for a room to stay in and being a beach boy selling water sports packages. I slept where I could on the beach using a coconut as my pillow.
I was lying on the beach looking scruffy and dirty. My close friend looked me straight in the face and didn’t even recognize me until I shouted, “It’s me, Pu!” He told me that my parents were really worried and my friends were looking for me. I realized then that there’s more to my life than myself.
I joined another heavy rock band called Uranium, where I met bassist Tong. It was another series of unfortunate events as Uranium’s record label also went out of business. Everybody went their separate ways. But my encounter with Tong got us bonding and jamming. Eventually we formed a new band, today known as Blackhead. 
I wouldn’t be where I am today without certain people: Chucky Thanyarat for being such a huge inspiration, Blue Planet for giving me a chance, Pong Hin Lek Fai for guiding me through the life of a musician filled with temptations and obstacles.
Making music is like writing in a diary. Some people can’t handle a band changing its musical direction, but forget that we, as humans, go through different stages in our lives. Each chapter is not going to be the same. 
I was depressed for years before Blackhead’s big break. We needed to sell singles and didn’t even think about making albums anymore. Rather than craft our music, we were pushed to think of big choruses that would sell. We literally didn’t even think about the rest of the song. 
As a musician, it kills me to not do things the way I know is right. It was then that we decided to only do concerts instead of making up new hooks.
The most important thing for a musician is support. It doesn’t matter if it’s a million fans or ten fans, I’m happy knowing there’s someone out there listening to our music. It helps us forget the hard times and focus on what we can do to give back to our fans. A band is only as good as the relationships between its members. We’re still active all these years later because we love each other like brothers. Bands tend to fall out when one member feels they’re doing more than the others, and there are times when that’s certainly the case. Fighting and arguing is all well and good, but you have to remember to communicate. 
Without passion, a musician is dead. Everything starts from your love for it: without it you won’t practice as hard, won’t be as thirsty to learn and won’t take criticism. And this is reflected in your music.
Lullaby Entertainment gave us the push we needed for this concert. We know the younger people working for Lullaby and also know that they’ve brought in many quality international bands. We weren’t so sure if we could do it, but the Lullaby guys came back and said, “We’ve seen you play before, we know you’ll rock it.” 
Our true fans ensure our name will go down in history. They pass on our music to their children and it’s just amazing. I met a fan once who came to our concert with his son—it was truly heartwarming. This is why we don’t get bored of what we do.
Taking a step back doesn’t mean you’re running away from the problem. It can give you a fresh perspective to get you through the hard times. 
I want to open my own hotel— nothing fancy just a small and cozy place. It’s been a dream ever since I lived on Samed. I’ve bought land in Prachinburi and plan to open one there.
There are no boundaries when it comes to love. If you love someone and make them happy, and vice versa, that’s really all you can ask for. I don’t care what people think about me dating someone much younger; if we’re happy and our parents are okay with it, nothing else matters.
I used to think the perfect picture was being married with kids. But I just got off the phone with Tong [Blackhead bass player] and I asked him, “If I do have kids, how am I going to send them to school and raise them in this chaotic city?” It’s just not for everyone. Now I just try to make the best of the present.


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After the release last year of the world’s first Android-powered camera, the Samsung Galaxy Camera, Samsung now rolls out a new toy, a blend between a smartphone and a compact digital camera, the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom. We took this hybrid for a test to see if the larger 16MP backlit CMOS sensor and 10X optical zoom are really worth your while.




(+) The 10x optical zoom ensures good image quality and stabilization
(+) The smartphone automatically switches to different photography modes when the zoom ring is turned
(+)  You can easily share images even when on calls
(+)  The shutter button is conveniently located in the right corner, just like an actual camera 
(+) Comes with a screw mount on the bottom for use with tripods
(+) Operates well in low-light thanks to its xenon flash 
(-) Bulky to hold and difficult to fit in your pocket due to the large lens
(-)Feels slippery; despite its grip
(-)The resolution on the 4.3” screen isn’t very sharp
(-)Poor battery life
(-)Rather sluggish performance despite the dual-core processor
(-)Comes with only 8GB built-in storage; disappointing considering it is meant to act as both a smartphone and compact digital camera
Verdict: The Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom’s 16MP camera with 10x optical zoom is rather impressive, but it does come at the cost of a large camera lens, slow performance and a screen that’s smaller than the S4. For those looking for a compact camera with basic smartphone capabilities, this is one solid option, but if you’re aiming for both a top notch camera and smartphone with speed, power and great screen resolution, you’re better off waiting for newer models. By Nutthachai Bunluthangthum
4.3” Super AMOLED touch screen
1.5GB Ram with 8GB storage (Micro SD up to 64GB)
16MP BSI CMOS with Xenon Flash, 1.9MP front camera
Bluetooth, WiFi, NFC, USB 2.0, GPS
Android OS JellyBean 4.2
B15,800 at Samsung retailers nationwide.


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Stay bold and green with these environmentally-friendly alternatives to your lifestyle essentials.

The Stationery

Labrador document bag M, B2,900.


Founded eight years ago, Labrador does leather goods and stationery made from recycled leather in minimal and understated designs. Stationery starts from B590. 1/F, Central Silom Complex, Silom Rd., 02-231-3333. BTS Saladaeng.

Grey Ray

This stationery maker has won many awards, including a Design Excellence Award 2013, for its designs blending simplicity and practicality. Grey Ray started off doing pencil caps that make pencils more comfortable to hold. They have since released more products like notebooks made with recycled paper and an improved pencil cap with better grip, the Drawing Out 2. 4/F (Room Interior), Siam Discovery, Rama 1 Rd., 02-658-0410. BTS Siam.

The Accessories

Greenies & Co Natural hand-dyed iPhone 4/4s/5 case, B690.

Greenies & Co

Shops that do smartphone cases are a dime a dozen, much rarer are those whose cases are made from recycled leather. Here at Greenies & Co, the leather used is mostly offcuts discarded due to defects like uneven texture, a trait the shop turns into a selling point. And they go about it in an eco-friendly manner: the leathers are naturally hand-dyed, the boxes they come in are made from recycled materials and even the prints on the boxes are from soy ink. Order online at

Rubber Killer

The three-year old label uses unconventional materials like car tyres to create fashionable bags that combine bold designs with rugged touches. Prices start from B350. 1/F, Digital Gateway, Rama 1 Rd., 087-099-0639. BTS Siam.

The Décor

Dots Design Bike frame, B15,000

Dots Design

Started out as a product design house specializing in wooden furniture and décor, Dots Design has now taken wood to a whole new market, making bicycle frames and accessories from recycled wood that highlight meticulous craftsmanship and minimal-meets-retro designs. Bicycles start from B15,000 and accessories from B2,200 . Shop to open around Victory Monument.


Winner of a Design Excellence Award 2013, Pin does lamps and wall art with an emphasis on the use of recycled metals. The results are unique decorative pieces which display trippy geometric shapes and intricate designs on products ranging from mirrors and coffee tables to lamps. 6/F (TCDC), Emporium, Sukhumvit Soi 24, 02-664-8448. BTS Phrom Pong.

The Gadget

Re+Pair Re+Pair S15, B450.


Re Pair offers budget portable speakers with a rather unusual concept: the body is made from liquid soap and gasoline bottles. Yep, you read that right. What’s more, the speaker doesn’t require batteries or a power outlet as the frame simply acts as a sound enhancer—if not a particular effective one. Speakers start from B450. Order online at


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From shoes to supplements, we speak to two personal trainers to find out what their real workout essentials are.

1.) The Bag

PN: I suggest a large duffel gym bag preferably with a separate compartment for shoes which is important so as not to dirty your clothes. Go for one with a shoulder strap to take the load off your hands.

2.) The Supplements

PN: The supplement I suggest to anyone is Fish Oil/Omega 3—essential for our body to function properly but which we do not produce ourselves. I lean towards a balanced diet of animal protein and lots of vegetables, but I also have a tub of chocolate flavored whey protein at home.
TS: If you want to get lean, I’d recommend a healthy diet with lots of vegetables and protein in the form of red meat and chicken, but if you want to get bigger and build muscle, whey protein helps a lot, although I wouldn’t recommend it for long-term use since too much of anything is never good.

3.) The Gloves

PN: I think gloves are a pretty accessory and come in many wonderful colors. I’ve found gloves improve my grip strength, but they wear out very quickly and do not really protect you against calluses. If you’re serious about working out, just harden up.
TS: Unless you’re worried about getting calluses on your hands gloves are unnecessary since your wrist and hands will slowly build up strength without needing fitness gloves to support them.

4.) The Music

PN: Certain studies have shown that people will go faster and consume less oxygen when running to music. I would suggest that you avoid ear phones and go for specific sports ear buds as they are more water resistant. I’d recommend Sennheiser, which also have great sound quality.
TS: Although not for everyone, a lot of people do get pumped up by their music and put in more effort while working out. Find the right tune for you and crank up the volume, and if you’re not one for music you could always go for the work-out-in-silence mode.

5.) The Sneakers

PN: I am an advocate of “minimal” shoes which do not have thick soles with exaggerated heel cushioning as our feet were never designed for heel striking when running. I lean towards the New Balance Minimus range of shoes.
TS: I’d go for running or cross training shoes since they’re versatile in the gym supporting both cardio exercises as well as weight training. My favorite model at the moment is the Asics Gel-Lyte 33 2 which is known for its light weight and great support.

6.) The Clothes 

PN: Whatever they are make sure they are comfortable. I went from cotton to synthetics and have just converted back to cotton blend workout clothes. I do like Nike running and Reebok cross fit shorts as they seem to be able to take a good beating and allow me to perform all the necessary movements during a workout.


Herschel Novel, B4,190 . 5/F, Zen Department Store, Ratchadamri Rd., 02-100-9999. BTS Siam/Chidlom.

Optimum Whey Gold Standards (5.15lbs), B2,350. Order online at

New Balance Minimus 10V2, B3,950. 2/F, Siam Paragon, Rama 1 Rd., 02-690-1000. BTS Siam.

Nike shorts, B1,390. 2/F, Siam Paragon, Rama 1 Rd., 02-690-1000. BTS Siam.

Sennheiser X Adidas OMX 680i Sports, B2,490. Order online at


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Camo print continues to keep us in line.

Stussy summer camo shirt, B2,490.

Dimepiece LA utility tote, B2,900.

John Varvatos double zip ox camo, B5,300.

Komono Woodland Camo, B2,690

H&M, B1,799

Huf work chino short camo, B2,490.

Topman green camo skinny trousers, B2,290.

Huf summer socks, B650.

Herschel Supply Co., B5,990.


Dimepiece LA. 2/F Swag Shop (Lido Cinema), Siam Square Soi 2, Rama 1 Rd., 081-164-9295. BTS Siam.
H&M. 2/F, Siam Paragon, Rama 1 Rd., 02-690-1000. BTS Siam.
Huf & John Varvatos & Stussy. Converse Carnival, Siam Square Soi 1, Rama 1 Rd., 02-252-8907. BTS Siam.
Komono.  5/F, Zen Department Store, Ratchadamri Rd., 02-100-9999. BTS Siam/Chidlom.
Topman. 2/F, CentralWorld, Ratchadamri Rd., 02-613-1796. BTS Siam/Chidlom.


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