For Car-Free Day (Sep 22), ditch your car and get peddling in the city with Bangkok’s first full-scale bicycle system, the Pun Pun bike sharing scheme. 

After the Bangkok Metropolitan Authority’s failed attempt to launch a bike sharing system back in 2009, this year has seen a much improved effort, the Pun Pun bike sharing scheme. So, what’s the difference? For one, Pun Pun isn’t free and actually covers several different parts of Bangkok rather than just one particular area. Fifty bicycle stations are now set up across the city with space for 10 bikes at each. To reduce excuses, usage is even fairly straightforward; first register at and then collect your Pun Pun smart card from any of these bike stations: Siam Square, Chamchuri Square, All Seasons, CentralWorld 2, Park Venture, Vorawat, Surasak 1 and Rajanakarn. The card fee is B320, which covers life insurance and gets you B100 credit. You can then top up the card and check your balance at each station. Your identity and address will be used to track down the bike if it’s not returned before the station closes, and you will have to pay an overnight fine of B500; but in case of accidents where you are unable to return the bike, call 087-029-8888. If you lose the bike, you’ll have to pay an B8,000 fine which will be returned to you if the bike is later found. Stations currently open from 7am-8pm, but will be extended to 6am-12am after the trial stage is over. For more information, call the hotline at 087-029-8888.



How it Works:

1. Go to the booth located at each station and touch the bike rental option.

2. Tap your Pun Pun card on the screen and type in the four-digit verification code.

3. Choose the bike you want to rent and tap your card on the dock to unlock the bike.



Rental Fee:

15 min: Free 15 min-1hr: B10 1-3 hrs: B20 3-5 hrs: B40 5-6 hrs: B60 Over 8hrs: B100



  1. Hualumpong Station
  2. Ratchathewi 2 Station
  3. Ratchathewi 3 Station
  4. MBK Station
  5. Chula 2 Station
  6. Sam Yarn Station
  7. Chamchuri Square Station
  8. Chula 1 Station
  9. Chula 3 Station
  10. Yak Pathum Wan Station
  11. Siam Center Station
  12. Siam Square Station
  13. Siam Paragon Station
  14. Pratu Nam Station
  15. Central World 2 Station
  16. Central World 1 Station
  17. Ratchaprasong Station
  18. Henry Dunant Station
  19. Sala Daeng Station
  20. Zuellig House Station
  21. Lumpini 2 Station
  22. Lumpini 1 Station
  23. Ratchadamri Station
  24. Chidlom Station
  25. Ploen Chit 1 Station
  26. Ploen Chit 2 Station
  27. Park Venture Station
  28. All Seasons Station
  29. Ruamrudee Station
  30. Lumpini 3 Station
  31. Thai-Belgium Station
  32. Holiday Inn Station
  33. Vorawat Station
  34. Surasak 1 Station
  35. Surasak 3 Station
  36. Surasak 2 Station
  37. Saint Louis Station
  38. Sathorn 12 Station
  39. Sathorn Square 1 Station
  40. Sathorn Square 2 Station
  41. Rajanakarn Station
  42. Sathorn Thani Station
  43. Sathorn City Tower Station
  44. Sangthong Thani Station
  45. Sathorn 5 Station
  46. Convent Station
  47. Suanplu Station
  48. Sathorn Mart Station
  49. Bangkok Insurance Station
  50. Lumpini Tower Station


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