Price: B1,700
They say: A new dermatologist-tested product that provides brighter and younger looking eyes through ingredients like Pure Vitamin C and Holoxyl, which helps stimulate natural enzymes that strengthen skin under your eyes. Appropriate for all skin types.
We say: Don’t be alarmed by the yellow color of the concentrate, which is like a mixture of cream and oil. Although we prefer eye concentrate that comes in the form of an eye-roller, application here is quite simple: squeeze a small amount onto your fingertip and pat gently on the area under the eyes. Do be careful not to get too close to your eyes, we’ve tested eye-cream that doesn’t burn, but this is not one of them. Be sure to pat gently covering all the areas under your eye. After about five days of use (mornings and before sleep), the results are quite impressive, pretty well getting rid of bags under the eyes while brightening up dark circles. We’ve even tested it after a few late-night parties, with noticeable results. 
Verdict: For men and women looking for fast-acting eye-concentrate that helps get rid of baggy eyes and dark circles, Kiehl’s Line-Reducing Eye-Brightening Concentrate is one solid option. It only takes several days to notice real change. Be warned, though, from our experience, it can cause pretty severe irritation if it gets in your eye. Of course, the price isn’t exactly cheap, either. But considering only small amounts are needed for each application, it’s a fair tradeoff.


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