Give yourself arty nails with materials you can find at home.

What you need:

1.) 3 nail polishes: a base color, a contrast (we chose pastel pink and white) and clear
2.) Clear tape
3.) A small piece of paper laceborder (available at B2S, see Essentials)
4.)  Nail polish remover


Step 1: Apply pastel pink nail polish as the base and wait until dry.

Step 2: Cut the piece of laceborder to the size of each of your nails and stick it using clear tape.

Step 3: Apply the white color over the lace and wait until dry.

Step 4: Carefully take off the lace and apply the clear nail polish to get a shiny finish.



- Paper laceborder works better than normal cloth lace as the latter will absorb the nail polish and create a mess.
- Make sure you wait until the white polish is fully dry before remove the paper lace.
- Be careful when applying the clear color. Don’t use a huge amount as it could dissolve the previous layers.     
- Use a cotton bud with polish remover to clean around your nail for a perfect finish.



Paper laceborder: available at  B2S branches: nationwide, see details at

Color nail polish from Beauty Buffet: try Terminal 21, G/F Sukhumvit Soi 19. 02-106-2747. BTS Asoke.

Clear nail polish from Essence Nail Studio: available at Boots; try Silom Complex 3/F, Silom Rd., BTS Sala Daeng.


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