Upside Motion’s Beatriz Barreto sheds light on Pilates’ role in recuperation.

Pilates as physiotherapy—how does it work?
The primary purpose of Pilates in healing is to provide a more stable inner core for the spine and limbs, permitting safer, better function and facilitating a return to physical activity.

What are some Pilates-related exercises readers can do in the office on the days they can’t make a class?
The Standing Hip Extension—an Xtend Barre exercise—is great for strengthening your glutes. Stand at the desk with your feet hip-distance apart. Check that your ears, shoulders, hips and ankles are in alignment. Using your desk or chair as support, extend your right heel behind while keeping your back straight. Engage your glutes—lift and lower on eight counts. Repeat on the other side. Do four sets of this.


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