These cool energy-saving gadgets work at home, in the office and even out in the woods.

Flos Kelvin LED Light Green Mode by Antonio Citterio
With more reach than the original Kelvin table light, this minimalist piece detects the ambient light level when you brush against the sensor on its head and intuitively adjusts the intensity of the LED.
$755 upwards from Space

mPowerpad Solar Charger
This good-looking portable solar charger is seriously rugged—its compact shape and sturdy dust, drop and water-resistant casing means you can take it anywhere. Plus, it has its own flashlight, radio and insect repellent.
$99 from Greenviron (#01-01, 376 River Valley Rd., 6735-5138)

If you’re off camping but don’t have much space, grab this solar-rechargeable and inflatable light bag. Or stash it at home in the first aid box.
$39.40 from Technobay

Bosch Filtrino Hot Water Dispenser
Unlike most other dispensers, which boil water constantly, this one only heats up the amount that’s actually needed, cutting electric consumption by about half.
$279 from Harvey Norman Superstore (#02-57-62 Millenia Walk, 9 Raffles Blvd., 6311-9988)


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