Roger Chang is the founder of Pirate 3D, the Singapore startup sensation that recently raised $100,000 in Kickstarter funding for the development of the Buccaneer 3D printer in all of 10 minutes.

The Buccaneer is a great product. How did you decide it’d be your venture?
We started out as a 3D printing service company. When Professor Neo got on board, he pointed out that the business model was unsustainable and not scalable, so he suggested we shoot for the stars and built 3D printers instead.

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve overcome so far?
It took us at least three months to work on a prototype and it didn’t work well. Getting this done quickly was one of our biggest challenges—we had to look for a good mechanical engineer who could get things made on top of designing it and we found one.

Seen any cool stuff being printed?
Figurines, jewelry and kitchen utensils.

Which of your stretch goals have stood out the most?
Our new print platform. We can’t reveal it yet, but it’s a first for the industry.

What would you like to make next?
A completely prosthetic hand with motorized actuators! Replacement limbs of the future would be completely customized and 3D printed.

Is Singapore a great place for those who want to make things?
It’s not so great for making physical products. The sad fact is, manufacturing has long moved overseas. Hopefully, with initiatives towards building 3D printing facilities, making things here will get easier.


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