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A guide to gym memberships in Bangkok
Find the right gym membership for you with this handy guide to Bangkok’s fitness empires.
This could be the most comprehensive spa in inner Bangkok
An old favorite gets a revamp. 
Awesome spa treatments for under B2,000 in Bangkok
It's almost Valentine's—but your special someone doesn't need to know these spa packages are an absolute bargain!
How to get the most out of your workouts
A local doctor on how to train smarter, not harder. 
This new venue lets you drink beer and throw axes at things
In a strictly safe environment, of course. 
One-on-one wellness centers to get you in shape in Bangkok
Put your trust in these personal trainers. 
This Thai-based skin care brand is championing our organic future
There is no reason why we should be damaging our bodies with harmful chemicals.Brought to you by 
This new medical spa makes custom vitamin cocktails and serves them through an IV
Taking "craft cocktail" culture to a whole other level Brought to you by    
Bangkok's best Mother's Day pampering promotions
Good news: these deals run till the end of August and beyond. 
Bangkok's best new places to work out
True Fitness might have gone bust, but there are plenty of new places to break a sweat. Here are Bangkok's hottest openings. 
5 tips for a healthier lunch break in Bangkok
From new health cafes to specially-designed workouts, this is how to stay fit and happy during office breaks. Brought to you by 
Peppermint Bike Park
3 ideas for a Bangkok bike ride
Escape the city... kinda.
Bangkok's best spin studios
It's the year's biggest fitness sensation, where lycra-clad super-humans will beast you into shedding up to 800 calories a session. We tried all the spin studios in Bangkok, and here’s...
The story of this little boy with heart disease is an emotional rollercoaster
He couldn't afford surgery but Rak Jai Thai supported his operation. Brought to you by 
Bangkok's best new spas of 2016
Pamper yourself before the end of the year. 
There's a new trampoline workout in town
A fun way to integrate cardio and bodyweight training while bouncing.
Bangkok's first float center marks second birthday with discounts for first-timers
There's never been a cheaper opportunity to try out the flotation tank wellness trend. 
Virgin Active (Siam Discovery)
3 new Bangkok gyms to get in shape
The city is seriously stepping up its fitness game.
5 top spots for outdoor sports in Bangkok
From bobble football to wakeboarding, here are some awesome reasons to head for the great outdoors. Brought to you by 
Registration is now open for one of Thailand's toughest (and most popular) trail races
Be quick. The last North Face 100 sold out super-fast!
5 Olympic sports where Thailand excels and where to try them yourself
Go for gold at these venues across Bangkok.    Brought to you by 
Credit: Hernán Piñera
5 health tips from the pros to ace your next run in Bangkok
Running pros and health experts offer their best running advice. Brought to you   
7 new ways to get in shape while having fun in Bangkok
Jump to it! Brought to you