On Oct 27, W Hotel Bangkok is transforming its function space into a gym for the day.

On top of a chance to try two new trending workouts—bungeeWorkout and ClimbFlow—W Fuel Session (10am-8pm) will also roll out a healthy post-workout food and drinks buffet, and even massages for all participants. 

Forget boozy yoga, this event appears perfect for those who are concerned about their health and well-being, but still like to munch.

For B1,199, you get to try bungeeWorkout, a low impact, high-intensity, resistance cardio workout that fuses acrobatic movements inspired by circus acts and dance choreography to upbeat music. Add another B300 and you can also have a go at ClimbFlow, a form of dynamic yoga inspired by climbing. Both packages are all inclusive of food and drinks.

Grab your ticket at eventpop.me. For more information, call 02-344-4324 or email pr.wbangkok@marriott.com.

106 North Sathorn Rd., 02-344-4000