It happened on an otherwise uneventful (if slightly smoggy) day: we bent over to pick up an item off the floor, immediately knew something had gone wrong, and by the end of the day, the pain in our lower back was so bad we could barely stand up straight. Thankfully, our friends at Bangkok Physiotherapy Center (BPC) offered to take a look and help us to, you know, regain the ability to stand and walk around, and all that other fun stuff.

Founded by three Thai nationals, BPC was formed with the goal to revolutionize the standard of physiotherapy care currently available in Thailand. As long-term physiotherapy patients themselves, the owners’ vision for BPC was to essentially give clients a personalized “five-star hotel” experience within a clinic.

In fact, one of the first things we immediately noticed upon entering BPC was the level of detail that’s clearly gone into every aspect, from the relaxing white tea and eucalyptus scent permeating the air to the minimalist Japanese-inspired architecture. Every single staff member was also incredibly friendly and knowledgeable (and even all the receptionists undergo basic physiotherapy training so they can handle patients’ questions over the phone!).

This level of service and knowledge also extended to the actual medical diagnosis. While most physiotherapy clinics in the country offer either wholly machine-based or massage-based treatments, BPC employs a hybrid approach. After we relayed our symptoms to the doctor, we were made to lay down in different positions so as to examine and identify the actual muscles and tendons that were causing pain. Once that was determined, the doctor presented us with detailed images of the muscle location and its various layers on a tablet, which helped us better understand exactly what the issue was. For this specific injury, a high-powered laser first targeted and stimulated the specific muscle, and then an ultrasound machine was used to help start the healing process in that spot. Finally, a clinical massage helped to simultaneously relax the muscle and release any remaining knots. While we’ll admit that the spot remained somewhat sore for a bit, we were stoked to find that the pain was gone after a couple of days. Overall, the consultation and treatment took approximately an hour.

But BPC’s commitment to their patients doesn’t end the second you walk out the door. You know at the end of a doctor’s appointment when you get a ton of information thrown at you and you’re trying to write it all down as quickly as you can, while still actively listening? Well, you’re not alone, because patients typically only retain a small fraction of the information they get at the end of a doctor’s visit. The problem, obviously, is that this information is, you know, important. BPC’s solution (which, honestly, we don’t get why all clinics don’t do this)? Within 48-72 hours, you’re texted an in-depth report that includes a summary of your diagnosis, the treatment plan that you and your doctor agreed upon, what was actually done in this past session, and recommended future exercises or lifestyle adjustments for preventative precautions. Realize you forgot to ask the doctor an important question? You can reach out to the clinic with any follow-up questions or want advice further down the line, yes, even if it’s been a while since your actual appointment — basically, as BPC themselves explained to us, “it’s almost like you have a personal therapist on hand at all times.”

If you’re aiming to treat a chronic illness and require long-term treatment (e.g. post-op patients and elderly patients), you’ll be sent a progress report at regular intervals, kind of like a training plan where you can see “goals” that you’ve achieved (or outperformed!).

Are you a runner (or someone who’s always wanted to take up running)? Athletes make up a large portion of BPC’s existing customers, and in fact, the clinic is drawing up a program specifically designed for both experienced and novice runners to help you meet your running targets and train you to run long distances, as well as teach you things like proper running postures and post-exercise care so as to prevent potential future injuries.

You can find out more information about BPC’s various treatments on their website. They can also be contacted via phone at 092 275 5090, through their Facebook page, or via Line at @BPCphysio.