Polish up on the proper way to pamper your ride with tips from three car wash gurus.


VS: People think washing your car too often is going to damage the paint job, but that’s only if you’re using a Scotch-brite sponge.
JS: Do it once a week.

WAX Lyrical

JR: You have to ask yourself what you want: different types of wax create different results. Some give a glossy shine but attract dust, while others provide less shine but make the surface very slippery. The important thing is not to use too much at a time; wipe it softly onto your car and wipe it off at the exact time as directed.


VS: Light detail polish is better than normal waxing since it keeps the car more slippery and glossy. If you want to get rid of scratches then you can even get heavier detail polish.
JS: Older cars usually have a thinner layer of lacquer, so detail polishing isn’t recommended. New cars, on the other hand, have a thick layer, so detail polishing eliminates scratches and doesn’t do much damage to the car’s surface.
SR: Don’t do it more than twice a year, though.


VS: Glass coating is good for your car, making it easy to wash dirt off and providing great shine without the need to apply wax after every wash. It is pricey and the process takes several hours, but once you’re done the coat can last for years.
SR: To determine if a place does good glass coating, see which products they use and how they care for other cars, even those just there to be washed and not glass coated. Ask them which method of coating they use. If they use synthetic resin, it’s very likely that they’re using the true Japanese method.


VS: Car covers will leave scratches if you put them on a dirty car. Also never drag your car cover along the ground, as it will pick up dirt. You need two people to set it up properly.
SR: Definitely get two people to help you cover your car.
JS: Only use it when you’re not going to use your car for an extended amount of time. The wind can cause the cover to flap leading to scratches, so you might want to actually tape certain parts of the cover to the car.


VS: During summer, be careful not to wax your car too often, as sometimes the weather gets so hot that small particles of wax will melt and remain on the surface of your car. During the rainy season, wash and wax it to protect it from the elements and to minimize water stains.
SR: It’s true that waxing your car when the weather is hot could leave wax stains, but you should still do it at least twice a month as the sun can really damage your paint job.
JS: During the rainy season, wax often since it helps protect your car from
water damage.


VS: Most people wash their car with a cloth right away—that’s wrong. There’s always sand or dirt on your car so you should remove it with water first. If you just use a cloth, you’ll simply drag all those particles along the surface and scratch it. It’s best to use a sponge as they have little holes that pick up the spicks and spots. Also, don’t use a single bucket of water to wash your car—that’s like washing your body with a glass of water.
JR: Don’t use a duster, as even ones made from feathers can cause scratches. Avoid using dish washing detergent and don’t wash in the direct sunlight as it can cause the water droplets to dry too fast before you can wipe them clean, leaving stains. Vacuum the inside of your car at least once a week; dust and sand circulating when you turn on the air-conditioner isn’t something you want. Don’t use only one piece of cloth to wash your car, change it up. And start washing from the roof of the car since that’s the dirtiest part.
SR: Avoid parking under a tree—you might think it’s safer to keep it in the shade but all sorts of things can drop onto your car.

Car Care 101

Wax: A liquid coating applied to the surface of your car.
Glass coating: A nanotechnology that forms a hard coat.
Detail polishing: A polishing agent stronger than wax to eliminate swirl marks and
create a glossy look.

Wax On

Shield your ride from the rain and get it gleaming with these car waxes.
Meguiar’s 21 Wax 16oz, clear shine effect for all car colors, B850 at tinyurl.com/7q5qa39, 083-854-4800.

Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant 3.0 Wax 16oz, clear shine effect for minimum dust, for all car colors, B1,400 at tinyurl.com/89nprag, 081-804-6467.

Pinnacle Liquid Souveran Wax 16oz, wet gloss shine effect, for all car colors, B1,500 at tinyurl.com/89nprag, 081-804-6467.


Varong Sriboonvong, owner of J Glaze Car Wash.

J Glaze, opposite Ramkhamhaeng Soi 39, Ramkhamhaeng Rd., 02-934-6160. Open daily 10am-9pm. Wash+wax from B350, wash+glass coating from B9,000.

Jirawut Sukkasem, Owner of 888 Spa Car Care

888 Spa Car Care, next to Sukhumvit Soi 70/3, Sukhumvit Rd.,081-803-1992. Open 9am-7:30pm Mon-Fri, 8:30am-8:30pm Sat-Sun. Simple wash B120, wash+wax from B300 wash+polish from B1,300 , wash+glass coating from B10,000

Suppatpong Rajitwattana, Owner of 55 Wash

55 Wash,19/282, Ekkachai Rd., 02-892-4349. Open daily 9am-8pm. Simple wash B120, wash+wax from B300, wash+polish from B1,000, wash+glass coating from B15,000.


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The latest spa openings celebrate nature and Thailand’s regions.

Apex Medi Spa

There’s more to Thonglor than clubbing, crowded wine bistros and fancy restaurants. Situated behind Eight Thonglor in Thonglor Soi 8, the newly opened Apex Medi Spa manages to block out the city with its wooden screens and soothing water running down panes of glass. It’s warm and quiet, with just enough touches of white to look “medi” as well as “spa.” The treatments include a lot of expensive products meant to rejuvenate your cells, from gold fusion therapy to caviar masks and infrared beds. Prices start from B5,000 for facial treatments but the drain-massage treatment is B2,500 for 30 minutes, if you’re just looking to quickly relax your calves and thighs before a night out in Thonglor.
Behind Ei8ht Thonglor Complex, Thonglor Soi 8, Sukhumvit Rd., 080-500-0123. www.apexprofoundbeauty.com

Oasis Spa Sukhumvit 51

Hidden away in a bohemian house surrounded by a lush tropical garden, this is another blissfully tranquil spot in the heart of downtown Bangkok. The seven private rooms are decked out with oriental details and equipped with Jacuzzi and herbal steam baths. Get pampered with their 90-minute Northern-Thai-inspired treatment (The Voyage of Golden Lanna, B5,900).
Sukhumvit 51, 88 Sukhumvit Rd., 02-262-2122. Open daily 10am-10pm. www.oasisspa.net


The newly-opened Sofitel So Bangkok has just unveiled its exclusive sanctuary, So SPA. Perched on the 11th floor and overlooking Bangkok’s green oasis, Lumpini Park, the spa’s design manages to draw in that leafy ambiance and translate it into the Himmapan Forest from Thai mythology thanks to a 600-sq-meter space with plenty of wood, dark colors and a soothing water feature. Its introductory signature treatment, the Serenity of Five Elements (B3,400), features 90 minutes of oil massage and herbal compresses.
11/F, Sofitel So Bangkok, 2 North Sathorn Rd., 02-624-0000. Open 10am-10pm. MRT Lumphini.

Okura Spa

Hidden away on the 25th floor of the new luxury Japanese-chain hotel, The Okura Bangkok, is the Okura Spa. Set in a contemporary oriental space, five private treatment rooms are hidden along a dimly-lit walkway. The highlight is theOkura Take Relief bamboo massage where therapists roll a warm bamboo pole over your muscles to release stress before a soak in big bathtub (B3,600).
25/F, The Okura Prestige Bangkok, Ploenchit Rd., 02-687-9000. Open daily 10am-10pm. BTS Ploenchit.

Kiriya Spa (The Lit)

There’s an immediately calming effect walking into this dim, cavern-like and voluptuously curved space designed by Vaslab. All the treatments have been inspired by Thailand’s four main regions. The Southern treatment, for example, starts with a strong, slow massage inspired by the local Nora dance and performed with hot seashells. It’s followed by another massage technique inspired by a dance, the Hooloo Vahi, which focuses on blood circulation (130 min, B3,600). Come before 2pm for 40% off all treatments.
The Lit. 36/1 Soi Kasemsan 1, 02-612-3456. Open daily 10am-10pm. BTS National Stadium.


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Who comes out top in the struggle for retail domination between newly opened behemoths Asiatique the Riverfront and Mega Bangna?

Asiatique the Riverfront

The Numbers:

1,500 shops, over 48,000 square meters, over 500 fashion boutiques, 40 restaurants, parking for 2,000 cars.


The whole place comes across as a mix between Palio and Chocolate Ville with its outdoor circulation and faux retro architecture. The shops are housed in ten huge warehouses, split into a series of smaller alleyways that give the feel of a giant covered market. There are also lots of theme-park-esque features like old trams and 50s cars for the obligatory photo shoots. And did we mention the views of the Chao Phraya River?

Top Shops:

Most of the shops seem to take their cue from the now defunct Suan Lum Night Bazaar. However, like Suan Lum, there is the occasional gem that will appeal to Bangkokians. Graphtees (Warehouse 7, 086-895-8044) do affordable graphic print tees (from B290) and preppy leather and canvas bags (from B1,490). Or you can check out the colorful Propaganda-style home décor items on offer at Qualy (Warehouse 8, 02-689-8591. www.facebook.com/qualydesign). Minalmalistix (Warehouse 2, 081-689-2475. www.facebook.com/minalmalistix), a handmade shoes shop that does everything from canvas slip-ons to sneakers in ethnic patterns, has some bargains starting from B550.

Food & Drink:

There are over 40 restaurants to choose from, with quite a heavy focus on Japanese and Chinese options, though not too many chains. Apart from the obligatory Japanese offerings, we recommend you grab a few drinks and soak up the riverside atmosphere at 9E (Warehouse 9), an industrial looking bar that serves cocktails for a mere B79 (and also sells modern-minimal furniture). Alternatively you can try the beer selection at Irish pub Flann O’ Brien (Warehouse 10), which has a range of imported brews from B100-250. Or grab a seat and end your day at Checkmate (Warehouse 1, 02-108-4704. www.facebook.com/Checkmate.BarBistro), a modern-industrial fusion eatery that does dishes like foie gras holy basil (B450) and wine by the glass from B230.

Cultural Alternatives:

This place is clearly very tourist-friendly, which explains why there’s no cinema. Instead your entertainment comes from the Joe Louis Thai Puppet Theater and the soon to be opened Calypso Cabaret show.

Mega Bangna

The Numbers:

800 shops, 400,000 sq meters, 200 fashion boutiques, 100 restaurants, parking for 8,000 cars.


Apart from the pavilion at the main entrance, the rest of the exterior really does look like a giant (we mean really giant) concrete box dropped into the middle of a field. Inside it’s all about lots of light and space. There’s not much going on, but you could call that minimalism at its best.

Top Shops:

While this is clearly high street brand name central there are a couple of unique stores worth hunting out. The branch of gentlemen’s shirt expert Meticulous Maison (1/F, Fashion zone) stands out as the first to house a built-in bar, so pick a shirt (from B2,440) and knock back a shot. Workshop by AIIZ (1/F, Fashion zone) is a multi-label store that features clothing and accessories from young Thai designers like Labyrinth and Good’Gust. It’s also home to the biggest Zara (1/F, Fashion zone) in Thailand and potpourri guru Karma Kamet (1/F, Fashion zone), while footwear brands Havaianas and Dr. Martens (1/F, Fashion zone) have both opened their first Thai stores here. Of course, don’t forget home décor paradise IKEA is right next door.

Food & Drink:

Mega Bangna means business, with over 100 restaurants. Although most are chains like MK, Pepper Lunch, Shabushi and Food Republic, there are some hipper choices. There’s the latest branch of the gourmet Bangkok Burger (1/F, Food Zone), while Japanese fusion restaurant Blue Ocean Sushi (1/F, Food Zone) does fusion-style sets starting from B200. Other highlights include a new branch of London’s Four Seasons Restaurant (1/F, Food zone, soon to be opened), whose Paragon branch we recently gave four stars for its roast duck. Or stump for the yakiniku buffet at Gyu Grill (1/F, Food zone) which starts from B329.

Cultural Alternatives:

Mega Cineplex (2/F, Lifestyle zone) offers 15 screens, promises better 3D and the latest sound systems (and a massive Blue-O Rhythm & Bowl next door). There’s also a 1,000-sq-meter Sub-Zero ice skating rink, twice the size of the one at CentralWorld.

The Winner: Mega Bangna doesn’t really offer anything you can’t get at Paragon or Central (apart from Ikea). Asiatique, on the other hand, is a unique offering with a riverside location. It’s lack of cinema and it’s opening hours from 5pm-midnight make it unlikely to ever become as popular as Mega Bangna, but it gets our vote.


Asiatique the Riverfront. 2194 Charoenkrung Soi 76, Charoenkrung Rd., open daily 5pm-midnight. 02-108-4488. Free boat shuttle service from BTS Saphan Taksin.
Mega Bangna. 39 Moo 6, Bangna Trad Km.8, Bangna Trad Rd., open daily from 10am-10pm. 02-105-1000.


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A new wave of talented Thai accessory designers mean you no longer have to look overseas to look good.


Founded in 2010 by three best friends, Container makes bags for everyday use that are both simple and timeless. Inspired by Japanese and Scandinavian architecture and interior design, Container looks to set itself apart from other brands through its focus on the finer details, like the stitching and lining. They also use vegetable-tanned leather to ensure a more flexible feel.
4/F, Zen, CentralWorld, Ratchadamri Rd., 02-100-9999. BTS Chit Lom. www.containerbag.net.

P’s Material

These hair accessories by Top Shop’s personal shopper and famous fashion blogger Ploy Chavaporn come in various colors and styles, from simple flowery circular bands to ones sporting gigantic lovebirds (from B950). Despite (or perhaps because of) the slightly expensive price tags, the accessories are popular among Thai stars and celebrities, so you might need to wait a while to own one. In the meantime you can read our interview with Ploy.
See an entire collection at poboxstyle.blogspot.com/p/ps-material.html and order online at Psmaterial.thailand@gmail.com.


Started four years ago as a small shop selling colorful shoes and bags, Paa* now has over 30,000 Facebook followers and is firmly established as one of the most popular local designers for accessories and girly fashion items. Its flagship outlet in Siam Square is packed with candy color shoes, bags and clothes for men and women but we must profess a particular soft spot for the vibrant doctor’s bags (pictured, B1,750) in their new summer collection. Shoes from B690-2,490, bags from B1,350-5,950.
Siam Square Soi 3, Rama 1 Rd., 084-912-4455. BTS Siam. www.facebook.com/paashop

Secret Weapon

Founded and designed by Thai movie star Cris Horwang, Secret Weapon’s bags play off the brand’s military-sounding name through different logos, which range from a sniper rifle to a target sight. From bold-color leather handbags to pink clutches, the brand’s signature style is simple yet memorable, playful but sleek.
G/F, Eight Thonglor, Thonglor Soi 8, Sukhumvit Rd., 02-392-4755.

The Sleeveless Garden

It all started when three friends having trouble finding a perfect vintage-style bag for an affordable price, decided to take matters into their own hands. Their bags combine genuine leather with cool designs and fashionable colors—and prices starting from just B2,000. Highlights of their collections are the series of school bags in different colors, from tanned orange to vintage black. See our interview on page 11.
LG/F, Central Plaza Grand Rama 9, 081-456-0315, MRT Rama 9, www.thesleevelessgarden.com


Run by a brother and sister team, Labyrinth specializes in artistic scarves, fusing a young woman’s love for vintage prints and a young man’s passion for landscape photography (see our interview page 10). The finished products are one-of-a-kind nature-inspired scarves, which carry a touch of the surreal (from B1,480).
Workshop, 1/F, Mega Bangna, 39 Moo 6, Bang Na-Trat Rd., 082-558-8152. www.thinklabyrinth.com, www.facebook.com/thinklabyrinth

31 Thanwa

Song Vittaya Sumlit and his sister have breathed new life into the family leather shoe making business, which originally started back in 1952. The result is 31 Thanwa, whose bags and shoes for women feature minimal but elegant designs made from very refined materials. The first collection, aptly titled “Animal Instinct,” utilizes a variety of animal skins, from cow and ostrich to horse and python. Clutches are B8,500 to 14,000.
Online shopping www.31thanwa.com

A Little 7

Animal-inspired modern accessories brand 77th has become a familiar name amongst devil-may-care fashionistas, leading to the birth of this prodigal son. A Little 7 retains the lively and adorable style of 77th, but thankfully carries a more affordable price tag. Designer Phongmanas Sawwadichai’s animal-themed necklaces and rings in faux gold and silver finish are softened with sweet preppy touches, and can be snapped up for under B2,000.
2/F, Siam Vintage, between Siam Square Soi 9 and 10, Rama 1 Rd., 081-770-3773. BTS Siam.


The accessory designer and the PR brain behind the success of Kloset, Toto Udthanun Hongmanee and Title Bhon Raksakulnit, decided to go it alone in 2008 with the creation of Aristotle. After three tough years, and with the support of Kloset’s owner Mallika Ruengkrittiya, their range of bags is now one of the hottest items in town. There’s a four-month waiting list for their super popular Rose Bag, and their new designs tend to sell out in just 15 minutes.
Order online aristotlebkk@gmail.com or follow www.facebook.com/aristotle.bangkok


Atthasorn Sriraksayothin—another accessory designer for Kloset who has ventured out, offers up this collection of candy-colored shoes, which he claims represent the fun and color of camping (we guess he must like camping more than us). The shoes (B2,850-3,450) are mainly made of canvas and sport pretty prints, from cool photographs to collaborations with local artists.
Kloset, 3/F, Siam Center and 2/F, CentralWorld.

Him & Her

Him, Diloklab Chantachotebutr, and her, girlfriend Ploy Horwang, opened Him & Her in Baan Ekkamai last year as a store offering cool vintage finds. Quickly favored among fashionistas and musicians, they have now moved to two new locations at Rainhill and Siam Vintage. They’ve also started designing their own accessories, which have clearly been influenced by the owners’ love for all things vintage and unique. Don’t forget to check out the animal-inspired earrings (from B1,990) and limited edition Ray Bans.
2/F Siam Vintage, between Siam Square Soi 9 and 10, Rama 1 Rd., 02-261-7223. BTS Siam.

Kloset Etcetera

Building on the success of the Kloset range of scarves, the brand’s owner, Mallika Ruengkrittiya, has now expanded her kingdom with Kloset Etcetera, which sells accessories and stationery featuring a variety of Kloset-style prints. Aiming to create items which are cute but also practical for a woman’s day-to-day life, there’s a real mix of stuff on offer, from overnight luggage and backpacks to iPhone cases and paper clips.
3/F, Siam Center, Rama 1 Rd., 02-658-1732. BTS Siam. www.klosetdesign.com.


After opening its first flagship store at Terminal 21 last year, the leather brand Labrador has gone from strength to strength. Known for producing a minimalist range of stationery, bags and home décor items, its unique products have won several international design awards. Its new collection is no less impressive, featuring recycled leather and a quirky design that imitates the look (if not the feel) of paper bags. Prices are varied: from B149 for a mobile phone to B1,890 for a recycled-leather bag.
3/F, Terminal 21, 081-899-2488. www.labradorfactory.net

Mingle by Chompoo

Thanks to her distinct style and cool taste, soap star and model Chompoo Araya A. Hargate has long been heralded as a fashion icon. Of course, fashionistas are paying close attention to her start-up line of accessories. Her first collection starry, dreamy makeup bags, clutches and scarves is extremely limited so you’d best be quick.
Merera, Siam Square Soi 2, Rama 1 Rd., 02-658-0632. BTS Siam.


As the partners behind Pakamian explain in our interview on page 9, this line is all about bringing a modern new twist to the traditional pakaoma. You’ll see the classic check cloth applied to clothes, bags, dolls, pillows and notebooks in a range of surprising ways. And don’t worry if they don’t have what you’re after, they also make to order.
Nawamin Festival Walk, 086-344-5059. www.facebook.com/pakamian


Though better known for their clothing collections, Praphat Somboonsitti and Ekkapoom Chairusmee’s menswear brand Q also crafts refined shoes and bags for every season. Last autumn, we saw earth-colored leather shoes and sandals while summer 2012 sees more colors including shades of pastel and sky blue (from B3,290). Q has just introduced accessories like scarves, necklaces, and rings, too.
Siam Square Soi 2, 02-252-4089. www.qillstyle.com

Ravens Heaven

After graduating from the Parsons Design School in New York in 2005, Thai-born Nancy Wong dedicated her time to starting her own brand, Ravens Heaven. Inspired by the idea of an alternate universe where everyone can express their own individuality, Raven Heaven does unisex street bags that go from warm toned canvas to black leather studded handbags (from US$450 [B13,800]). Think bags in tones like burgundy, beige, cream, black and grey that stress their avant-garde shapes.
2/F Zen Department Store, Rama 1 Rd., 02-100-9999. www.ravensheaven.com

The Remaker

This is one brand that clearly feels a responsibility to nature with their mission to reduce, reuse, remake and recycle. The handmade bags, accessories, and home décor items are remade from a host of materials, anything from billboards to military tops, and come in many styles and colors.
1/F Eco Shop, Digital Gateway, Rama 1 Rd., 087-099-0639. BTS Siam. www.theremaker.com


A graduate from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, Wannasiri Kongman is one of the pioneers of the Thai fashion accessory scene. She launched her first bag collection in the Big Apple back in 2006 and it quickly become a favorite among Hollywood celebrities including Chloe Sevingy and Sarah Jessica Parker. Boyy features unique minimal designs but utilizes a variety of fine and exotic animal skins, from washed cow leather to leopard and python.
1/F, Central Chidlom, 02-793-7777 and Cloud 9, 1/F, Gaysorn, 02-656-1428. www.boyybag.com or www.facebook.com/TheReMaker

Meet Bangkok's New Fashion Accessory Designers


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You don’t have to be a hiso to get your nails done in Sukhumvit; here are three places to brighten up those tips without breaking the bank.

Ten Ten Nails & Spa

Ten Ten Nails & Spa offers a host of beauty services to choose from: hair cuts, body massage, spa treatments, nail care and more. A manicure and pedicure starts from B800 and nail art from B1,000.
2/F, Ten Ten Building, Sukhumvit Rd. between Soi 33 and 35, 02-259-3510.

Pretty Cozy Nail Cottage

What makes this little store special is the imported brands of nail care products they carry, including Essie and Deborah Lippmann. A manicure and pedicure starts from B850 and nail art from B500.
2/F, Penny’s Balcony, Thonglor Soi 16 Sukhumvit Rd., 02-714-9657.

Nail Story

The name says it all and they offer everything from a nail spa, to extensions, enhancements and nail art. They use products from leading brands like OPI while featuring CND Shellac nails, a cross between nail polish and gel that lasts at least two weeks without chipping or smudging. A manicure and pedicure starts from B900 and Shellac colors for B600 for ten fingers.
2/F, The Manor, Sukhumvit Soi 39, Sukhumvit Rd., 080-591-0800.


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Three new techniques to get polished-looking pinkies right at home.

The Magnet

This nail polish uses metallic and magnetic particles to create horizontal and diagonal nail patterns, just apply the polish and then pull the supplied magnet close to your fingernails to create the desired pattern. Available at B500 per kit which includes one nail polish color and two magnets at Pupa Milano, M/F Siam Paragon, Rama 1 Rd., 02-690-1000. BTS Siam.

The Sticker

Could this be the easiest and most painless way to make your nails look chic? Peel off the nail foil stickers, cut them down to size and place them on top of your chewed cuticles. We tried and the result was messy, though—good enough for a party but forget about wearing this for 10 days, as promised on the packaging. Available from B150 with 16 stickers per pack at www.colorplate.net, 087-510-8808.

The Matte Effect

For those who like constant change, this little trick could be the perfect solution. The Matte About You finisher by Essie allows you to transform any shiny nail polish into a matte one within seconds. It’s pretty simple: just apply to your nails once the polish has dried and, hey presto, the glossy shine is gone. We tried and the results are fabulous! Available for B360 at www.facebook.com/opibybboutlet2, 081-810-3635.


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Fly-Yoga is the newest fitness craze to sweep over Bangkok, a new physical discipline that suspends you in the air as you stretch your joints and tone your muscles.

Fly-Yoga uses a piece of highly stretchable fabric to support your body while suspending it in the air. This allows you to kick, stretch and pirouette gracefully in all kinds of positions, even while hanging upside down. It sounds extreme but it’s just the opposite: by supporting some of your weight, the hammock prevents overstressing of the joints and compression of the spine. Try it out at these three venues.

Yoga and Me

Where: CDC Building L5, Ekamai-Ramintra Rd., 02-102-2975/6. www.facebook.com/yogaandme
Prices: 30 classes, 4-month period, B13,900. 50 classes, 6-month period, B17,900. 100 classes, 1-year period, B27,900.

The Pilates Station

Where: 3/F, Ten Ten Building (opposite Benjasiri Park), Sukhumvit Rd.,
02-662-3341. www.facebook.com/PilatesStation
Prices: 10 classes, 3-month period, B5,000. 20 classes, 4-month period, B8,900. 30 classes, 6-month period, B 11,900.


Where: Behind 904 Silapacheep Shop, Sukhothai Rd., 02-243-1773/4
Prices: 20 classes, 3-month period B7,900. 50 classes, 6-month period B12,900. 100 classes, 1 -year period, B19,900.

Yoga with a Twist


What: This method focuses on body alignment through the use of props like belt, cushions and blankets as aids.
Where: Iyengar Yoga Studio Bangkok, 3/F, Fifty Fifth Plaza, Sukhumvit Soi 55 (Thong Lor), Sukhumvit Rd., 02-714-9224
Prices: Single class B500, 3 classes 1 month period B1,200, 10 classes 3 month period B3,400.


What: Vinyasa yoga highlights the control and alignment of breath to assist your yoga session.
Where: Yoga House, 2/F The Circle Ratchapruek, 39 Ratchapruek Rd., 02-863-8771.
Prices: 1 month unlimited classes B,2950, 4 month unlimited classes B8,900, 8 month unlimited classes B16,900.


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The summer’s far from over and there are still two holidays headed your way. Head to the water, wear this and have fun.

1.) Cindy for Jantzen’s latest swimwear collection, Birds of Paradise, mixes high-waist bottoms with line pattern tops in tropical vibrant tones, B4,550. 5/F, Central Chidlom, Ploenchit Rd., 02-793-7777. BTS Chidlom
2.) Tops & Bottoms by Phuket Mermaids’s black bikini piece with a playful design, B1,990. 1/F, Cloud 9 at Gaysorn Shopping Centre, 999 Ploenchit Rd., 02-656-1389. BTS Chidlom.
3.) Greyhound’s latest swimwear collection is all about the high waist 1940s look, available in pink and navy blue, B3,995. 1/F, Siam Paragon, Rama 1 Rd., 02-690-1000. BTS Siam.
4.)Topman’s latest swim shorts collection plays off two shades of color. Available in red and blue, B1,390. 1/F, Central World, Rama 1 Rd., 02-264-5555.
Local swim trunk brand Timo’s new Editions piece is available in blue and yellow, B3,000. 2/F, Siam Paragon, Rama 1 Rd., 02-690-1000. BTS Siam.
5.) Ripcurl’s latest collection, the Mirage Flex Crew Boardshort might not look water-friendly at first glance, but it actually uses lightweight, waterproof fabric, available in red and light-blue at Ripcurl counters nationwide , B2,595. 1/F, Siam Center, Rama 1 Rd., 02-658-1000. BTS Siam.


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Five stores from Siam Square’s newest section, Siam Vintage.

There’s a new hot spot emerging in Siam Square. Siam Vintage, opened for less than a month, is a gallery-like space hidden on the second floor of the building situated between Soi 9 and 10. Ignore the Greyhound-esque café by the entrance, the shops within are all about clothing and accessories you won’t find anywhere else. Think an artsy renovation of Bonanza, only it’s one fourth the size and a lot more hip.

Outcast Store

Selling products from the likes of Nike, Converse and Casio, this store may look mainstream. But take a closer peek and you’ll see that everything is a limited edition or special import from Japan. Sneakers from colorful Air Walks to leather boat shoes start from B2,000 and watches from Casio and Boy London from B3,500. Our favorite is the G-Shock GA 100 watch for B5,500.
Open daily from 11am-9pm. 089-107-2282

Muse 21

Don’t be surprised by the owners’ accents, as they are from Taiwan. Their products, too, hail from Taiwan but also from Korea. The shop’s sophisticated décor is all wooden showcases and dark colors to highlight their range of jewelry and gadgets, such as extravagant iPhone cases ranging from superhero themes to crystal studded designs and Lady Gaga tributes starting from B300. Necklaces, rings, and bracelets in faux silver and gold finishes sit alongside roses and skulls crafted as pendants or tiaras (starting from B100). But our favorite has to be the red rubber echo chamber for mobile phones that effectively projects the sound to great effect, B950.
Open daily from 11am-9pm. 080-282-8480, www.facebook.com/MUSE21.Jewelry.Gadgets

ZM Bangkok

With its messy fashion atelier vibe, men and women’s wear and accessories shop ZM Bangkok immediately stands out from the strip’s neatly decorated stores. Inside, warm vintage tones meet ethnic details, such as white and beige t-shirts featuring batik textile prints and native patterns inspired by temples in Thailand. Men’s and women’s tops start from B350, while unisex shopping bags, available in leather, canvas and patch work, start from B750. Leather iPhone sleeves in light colors from B400 are also available but we’ve set our sights on a black leather patch shopping bag for B950.
Open daily from 11am-9pm. 081-992-9901, www.facebook.com/zhowcase

Onion Store Bangkok

If you notice a flock of girls jammed into this shop, it’s because the owner of this space happens to be the new guitarist of Slur, Sorasak House. Begun as an online store, Onion sells imported accessories from the United States and the UK such as resolutely retro sunglasses, shoes, and Urbanears headphones. Sunglasses from Alexander Hi-Tek and Quay start from B800, preppy canvas bags starts from B1,090, suede shoes from B1,790 and t-shirts in pastel colors featuring animal logos from B650. Of course, not everything is quite this cheap, with a pair of gorgeous Henry Holland by Le Specs sunglasses going for B2,990.
Open daily from 12pm-9pm. 081-174-4108, www.onionbkk.com

Kincucino Café

With its Industrial revolution theme combining raw brick walls, wooden tables and wire lamps hanging from the pipes, dining in Kincucino Café is a bit of a trip. While serving Italian and Japanese fusion dishes starting from B120, their colorful desserts are the standouts: lemon tarts, Panna cotta and mini-cupcakes from B100. The orange light fused with the gloomy atmosphere makes it perfect for after work drinks as they also have live music every Friday and Saturday night. Do try the Ginza cocktail (mixture of soju, Japanese gold sake, lychee syrup, shredded ginger, lemon skin and red grape syrup) B200—after a couple you should be set for the night.
Open daily, 3pm-10pm. 083-494-5000

Siam Vintage: 2/F, Siam Square between Soi 9 and 10, Rama 1 Rd., Open daily 11am-9pm. BTS Siam.


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