The trends from five fashion capitals come alive in clothes by Thai designers

For the Spring shopping season, we advise you to ditch your expensive farang friends—you know, Vivienne, Marc, Christian and Chloe. Bangkok may not be an international fashion hub, but we still have enough talented local designers to dress you up in outfits that echo the trends in Shanghai, Milan, New York, Paris and London—and for much, much less.

Shanghai Splashes

Yaowarat Neon Chic is the local equivalent of the hot look in Shanghai right now—more colors, more patterns—which has been perfected by Shanghai Tang.

For Her: Her canvas-inspired dress from The Garten (B2,580) matches nicely with this pair of green ballet flats from ASAP (B1,950).

For Him: His dark outfit by Channel One (shirt, B890) and Inspired By Inner Complexity (pants, B2,690) is simple yet with embroided highlights on the back.
For all the a-tis out there who are looking for something cool for your night out, this multi-colored shirt from Grand G (B990) is for you. You can also give it a boost with pale denim jacket from Inspired By Inner Complexity (B3,680).

Daring Milan

Milan is almost synonymous with the word style, and this Summer, style translates into daring bold colors—primaries like red, yellow and blue. For inspiration, see brands such as Prada and Gucci.

For Her: The bright red bow on this shirtdress from Monoya (B690) will bring you all the attention you desire.

If you are not quite that bold and daring, pair this red patterned top from Senada (B2,150) with something a little lighter like this pale pink denim skirt from CPS (B1,290).

For Him: He is better off going for subtlety. Heavy brown straight-line patterned shirts from Grand G (B890) and simple denim from Be 70’s (B1,890) work magic to bring across a classy yet casual look.

Breezy Blue Big Apple

New Yorkers are always on the move, so they need comfortable clothes as opposed to tight-fitting or tailored. Look to DKNY and Marc Jacobs for jeans and loose-fitting items; summer colors include beige and grayish blue.

For Her: A gray sleeveless number from Senada (B3,250) for daytime. At night, roam the city in a blue velvet dress by Senada (B5,900).

For Him: Below, contrasting white (B1,590) on black jeans (B2,490) from CPS. On the cover, matching tones (shirt from ASAP, B2,490; jacket from CPS, B2,290) for a sophisticated urban look.


Glamorous Paris

In the city of glam and haute couture, shimmers, glitters, and sequins are all the rage. If you’re not ready to walk the sois of Bangkok in your futuristic Jean Paul Gaultier ensemble, the easiest way to highlight your inner Parisian is to just blend in some of the glittery pieces with simple colors.

For Her: At right, this dress by Munchu’s (B7,500+) keeps things under control with a white body highlighted by sparkly braided straps.
On top, a Duet turtle neck mini dress (B3,290) twinkles just right.

For Him: Contrasting blue black velvet ASAP jacket (B5,600) and white shirt by Duet (B1,950) and jeans by CPS (B2,290).


Classic Chic London

London is all about the classic, sophisticated look courtesy of Stella McCartney and Alexander McQueen: think tailored (or at least tailored look-alike) and monotones and browns. Tone down your snobbish style with buttons and bows. 

For Her: The Sretsis ensemble (top, B6,500; bottom, B4,950) makes classic chic a little more playful. Add the leather tote from CPS (B2,990) to complete the look.

Side, blouse by Munchu’s (B4,000+) is very khun noo, so balance it with masculine shorts from Senada (B2,190).

For Him: This elegant combination of earth tones and white show that casual does not mean sloppy—white jacket by Channel One (B2,590), shirt from Grand G (B890) and pants by Inspired By Inner Complexity (B2,690). 

Opening This Summer: Adjust your look as the seasons change

Wide legged jeans
That’s right: wide. Mind you, baggy and wide are not synonymous. Wide but straight and not too loose.

Platform Shoes
Platform shoes are much easier to walk in than noise-making stilettos while still adding extra height. Don’t go too high, though, as you are not working the poles.

Shimmers and glitters shine in the sun and help you get the attention you crave. Mix and match with simple base colors to balance out the bling.

Mini dresses
Mini dresses are comfy, cute and help bring out your girly side, plus you can convert them into long tops with a pair of slim pants.

Floral prints
Bloom up your outfit for the urban beach look. Beware though, too many flowers can be a disaster—one focal floral piece per outfit, please.

Scarves, hats and sunglasses can brighten up a boring outfit in a snap.

Show your legs
If you’ve got it, flaunt it—but only if you’ve really got it. That means legs but not cellulite or flabby ass cheeks. If you have big thighs, showing only your lower legs will do.

Nude Makeup
You don’t want your face stealing the spotlight from your summer outfit. Au naturale is the way to go. Reserve the bold red lips for the fall and winter when everything is dark and gloomy.

Fashion Police: Don’t let us catch you making these mistakes

Hip Hop ain’t no HAUTE
We’re in Bangkok: you don’t need sweaters and blings, and you definitely don’t need the pants anymore if you’re gonna wear them that low.

Slut Couture
It’s “show your legs,” not your ass. Unless it’s making you money, if you’re going to wear something short, don’t pair it with a revealing top or super high stilettos.

Under not Outer
For low-rise pants, you should wear even lower rise underwear. See the word “under”?

Branded Bimbos
It’s good to glam up your B299 dress from JJ with an Hermes bag. But if your sunglasses are Armani, your top Burberry, your pants D+G, and your bag LV, that’s just too much. You may have money, but showing it off like this just makes you look cheap.

Khaosan Chic
OK for backpackers who don’t know any better but reserve those torn up military shorts, raggy tops and flip flops for the beach or short trips to your neighborhood 7-Eleven.


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Back in the day when sugary pop music still reigned supreme, she was half of a Dojo City pop duo known as Niece. But now, Ki Kiratra Promsaka na Sakolnakorn is back on her own two feet, all grown up and ready to take on new challenges. Her first solo album, White, came out Feb 6. Check her out on

You disappeared from the music scene for a while. Where were you?
I was studying for my bachelor’s degree in marketing at Southern New Hampshire University.

What kind of music can we expect from this album?
It’s a soul-pop album, which has a more rhythmic melody to it. I worked on this album with another Small Room artist, Ball Jarulak Chayakul, who helped me compose the songs.

Is working on this album much different from what you did with Niece?
It’s more challenging as now I have more responsibilities. The good thing is that the album can be more personal, more “Ki.” With Niece, we had to compromise. Also the music is different. It used to be simple and melodic, but now I have to follow a different singing pattern, depending on the emotion of the song.

Who influences you musically?
Lately, I’ve been listening to neo-soul artists such as Jill Scott, Erykah Badu, and Corinne Bailey Rae.

Why “White”?
It’s white because it is my first solo album—an empty canvas that’s waiting to be painted by my music.

What’s your favorite track on this album and why?
I like “Our Small World” because the music and the lyrics are much darker than what I used to make. It’s more emotional and not the bright, shiny music that people seem to expect from me. It’s another side of me that I only share with few people.

If you weren’t a musician, what would you like to do?
I would love to study psychology, but there aren’t any English-language programs here. The passion in my life is still making music, though. I will also try my skills at being a DJ also in the near future.


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Tor Saksit Vejsupaporn has music in his blood. He has worked with Boyd and with his new album coming out in February, which he composed, produced, and sang on, the spotlight will be on him alone.

I was about 10 when I realized that piano could really become something important in my life. I see it as a pen. I use it to write down my thoughts and share my stories.

Before you can write, you need to know basic ABCs and grammar; but when you actually write, it comes from within you. How you will use what you have learned to create something new is the most important thing.

I had no professional training when it comes to composing or producing. I only had classical piano training.

I received a scholarship to study business in ABAC. I had the opportunity to study—why should I pass it up? Music was going to be with me all my life and it’s not something I would give up easily, but the opportunity at ABAC could only happen once.

What I learned at university is very useful for me now when I make music. The marketing and business planning theories all can be applied.

My main source of inspiration has to be my dad. He’s a musician and it was he who put me on this path. We always talk about how to think like a musician and how to adapt to the environment. He guides me through life.

Boyd came to my church one day, saw me play and gave me an opportunity to work with him. I helped him produce music for commercials and TV dramas. I was able to learn a lot from him about music and it prepared me for what was to come next with B5.

As time passes, your goals expand and you are not afraid to take on more challenges. Now that I have my own album, I can further study music or work with other artists on the international level. The list of things I can do is endless.

If your fans like you the way you are, don’t change. If you like a musician, you don’t have to be the second version of them. Just be as good but in your own way.

There are a lot of people competing in this industry and if you are not true to yourself you won’t be able to make it. You cannot always fool your audience.

If you try your best, really put yourself into it, you will make it.

There’s no right or wrong, no good or bad in music. Beyond the basics, it’s all about style. Even if a person can’t sing, it doesn’t mean they are not good at something else. All musicians have their own signature.

Nothing comes easily. Stick to what you’re good at and you will succeed.

Aim at keeping your old fans—it’s always more effective to retain your existing fan base than to find a new one. If you change your style, then you’re selling out and you’re not being honest to your fans.

This new album is the first time I did everything by myself—composing, producing and of course singing. I might not be a great singer, but I want to communicate my love of music to the fans.

If I were not in the music industry, I’d probably go into management and marketing. Being a musician, you belong to the public and you are a product. If I were just doing my own business without anyone watching my every move, it would be nice.

I believe everyone is born with a purpose, but it’s up to you to realize it and make it happen. I received a gift in music and I think I have done my best. I am grateful for it.


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Peeking up Bangkok skirts for the best lingerie.

Aside from chocolates, roses, teddy bears and corny greeting cards, there’s just one more thing that you can’t ignore on that Valentine’s Day shopping list—sexy lingerie. To tell you the truth, though lingerie is given to girls, they are actually the guys’ desired presents. Though we are all against the objectification of women, us girls do sometimes want to feel sexy for our boos, too. Since guys are a bunch of clueless jerks when it comes to pleasing and satisfying us, BK is here to help. We have searched Bangkok for fun and exotic underwear hubs to help you shop for that perfect piece for your perfect girl.

The Club: Undercover

(Siam Square Soi 3, 089-235-4734, Open noon-9pm)

The Show
This small, alley-like lingerie store is surprisingly easy to see. With its provocatively dressed blond mannequins out front, this lacy boutique screams out for attention. Sweetly decorated, the store houses girly items ranging from normal lacy undies, to raunchy g-strings, to delicate costumed lingerie sets.

The Star
The highlight of Undercover has to be this kinky yet lovely lacy nightgown (B550) that pairs nicely with the bunny ears (B250) for that extra naughty touch.

The Girl
This store is perfect for girls who lead double lives. By day she could just be your neighborhood librarian, but by night she turns into a complete sex bomb. Undercover offers lingerie for both identities, so make sure you know what persona your girl assumes when night falls on Valentine’s Day.

The Club: Guzmania

(3/F, S19 The Image Shopping Center, MBK, 081-869-0925. Open daily 10:30am-9pm)

The Show
Tucked away amid the array of apparel stalls on the third floor of MBK, Guzmania disguises its true deviant self behind cute, shiny jewelry and other trendy clothing. But once you go beyond the cotton tees and pleated mini skirts, you’ll find yourself in a little mock up S&M club. There’s a nurse, a maid, a bunny and all sorts of other classic sexual fantasy creatures in all their spandex glory.

The Star
If you want kinky, Guzmania has it all—from fluffy handcuffs (B490) to a spandex nurse costume (B1,590).

The Girl
If you’re dating a little miss goodie goodie, better save this store for your fantasy as she might end up breaking up with you for it. The lingerie here is borderline sadomasochistic, with the only things missing being a whip and a cage. Be sure you do some in-depth research on her suppressed desires first before going all the way on this one. If she’s the type who never says no to adventure, then go for it. Otherwise, steer clear, as she might end up hurting you instead—and not in a good way.

The Club: S@SS

(2/F, Siam Center, 02-658-1728. Open 10am-9pm)

The Show
With racks of the sweet lingerie its name implies, S@SS attracts girls with a winning pink and white theme. It may look at first like a baby doll shop where you come to buy accessories for your daughter’s Barbie’s—but you wouldn’t want your little girl to walk out with a doll dressed in the kind of stuff they sell here.

The Star
Even though the theme of the shop and the underwear concept is sweet, S@SS still has some sexy, beaded panties (B210). These are perfect attire for showing off what you learned at that belly dance workshop.

The Girl
This is the place for a fit and fun loving girl who isn’t afraid to be playful—and she’ll certainly smile when she opens a gift box from S@SS.

The Club: Kyra

(3/F, CentralWorld, 02-646-1223. Open 10am-10pm)

The Show
The mildly sexy yet sedate oriental-themed lingerie here is more for a girl who is just beginning to bring sexy back. Also good for newcomers to the land of seduction as some of their sleepwear doubles as undies. The helpful staff here assists you with a fitting before you decide to make a purchase.

The Star
Kyra’s signature strap bra, bejeweled in luscious, expensive looking bling, is the clear showstopper (B890-1,450).

The Girl
If your gal is the sweet and shy type, you should let her try Kyra, as their items spice up even the most plain looking women. She will love the luxurious design that makes her feel more femme fatale. Guys will spring for it, too.


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The top tech toys for every personality type

Computers, PDAs, mobile phones and other gadgets are no longer just playthings for the office IT guy. Now everyone is using them—for fashion, entertainment, business and even your social life. Still afraid of that “geek” label? There are plenty of cool digital devices out there that are perfect for you, no matter what kind of person you are.

Though we’re fairly advanced when it comes to owning the most high tech devices around, unfortunately, there are still some kickass toys we wish those Pantip outlets were brave enough to smuggle into the country.

the princess

Spoiled female with a passion for bright, shiny, pink things

There’s room for pretty things in the world of modern gadgetry. You’re sure to get noticed at the True Shop showing off your new GMask (starting at B1,600, GMask Thailand) laptop. The colorful plastic wraps will make your friends gawk with jealousy. Don’t forget to accessorize it with a super crystallized mouse (B2,995, Qconcept) that shines while you scroll.

For a total vanity moment, take photos of you and that cute chick in the mirror with the pink Sony Cybershot T10 (B15,990, Sony Style) in 7.2 megapixel quality.

If you need your daily dose of sweetened pop music on the go, it’s got to be your mix on a sleek pink iPod nano (B8,190, Apple Center).

Show other gaming geeks how to play chic with a pink PlayStation Portable (B8,990, Game Freak Shop). And when you’re tired of gaming, you can even access the net for a little online gossip.

the suit

Busy, bossy salaryman who has time for no one but himself

Is your secretary totally useless and your mind too full of other important information to remember insignificant things like your girlfriend’s birthday? The Dopod 838pro (B29,900, Jay Mart) is here to rescue you. With Windows Mobile 5.0, you can access your email, surf the web and type up your Excel or Word documents with a super easy slide-out keyboard.

For a well-rounded PDA with multimedia functions, try the Motorola A1200 (B14,990, Motorola Shop). This integrated organizer includes other useful functions such as media players and a business card reader.

Is your family starting to forget your face? Get yourself a Sony Vaio VGN-FE37SP (B84,900, Sony Style). While you’re working on your billion-baht projects, you can chat with your daughter via the built-in camera.

And just in case you are starting to forget your family’s faces, too, put up an LCD Electronic Photo Frame (B6,900, Loft) which will display your digital photos straight from a memory stick in a slideshow on your desk. You can also show your colleagues home videos of the life you once had with an iPod Video (B10,290, Apple Center).

the xtrememan

Muscle pumping fitness freak—always seen running on treadmills

If you spend all day sweating like a pig and ramming your body against concrete floors for fun, how can you possibly find time to figure out complicated gadgets? That’s why the Nokia 5500 (B11,000, Nokia Shop) is perfect for you. Made to endure dust and splashes, the phone also has an Instant Swap button that switches from phone to music mode in less than a second.

Or try the Samsung E250 (B6,990, Samsung Shop), which has a sleek metallic sliding design. It’s fully functional with everything from built-in hands free to FM radio, a big visible screen you can see easily even while jogging and an extra microSD slot for additional memory so you can store your exercise diary.

If you’d rather have a separate player for your on-the-go music, then strap your iPod on a Nike iPod Armband (B2,190, Apple Center) and you won’t drop it while you jog. If the headphone cords get in your way, use the Motorola O ROKR Bluetooth Stereo Eyewear (B11,500, Motorola Shop), which also protects your eyes with Oakley’s special High Definition Optics.

What’s the point of working out if no one’s going to see the results? Film your own exercise routine with the Sony Handycam HDR-SR1E (B59,990, Sony Style) and upload it to for instant fame. Or shame.

the cyberjunkie

Technology obsessed loner who is psychologically dependent on virtual reality

Does your only source of communication to the outside world exist in an online gaming portal? Is being a sniper the only way you can feel superior? Do you seem to be developing irregular shaped muscles around your knuckles?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are a cyber addict. Go out and get yourself a massive, high definition 40” Sony Bravia KLV-46X200A (B159,990, Sony), as the screen is so big and clear you will never want to experience reality again. It has a changeable frame, just in case you damage it with the Wiimote while playing with your new Nintendo Wii (B5,990, Game Freak Shop).

Playing Wii can sometimes be a bit too physical, and often too embarrassing, with all arms flailing around during a swordfight. If you’re not that extreme, seek your thrills with the new PlayStation 3 (B29,000, Game Freak Shop) instead. For the ultimate private—a.k.a. anti-social— gaming, hook up your console with some iTheater (B11,900, Apple Center) goggles. They have mini cinema-like screens inside so you can enjoy a movie or battle terrorists without anyone knowing.

When the gaming gets a little too much, just play yourself some nice soothing music with the Samsung K5 MP3 Player (B7,990, Samsung). You can even share music with friends, assuming you have some, as it has its own speakers.

the artiste

Creative person with special interest in the beauty of mundane objects

Art, graphic design, multimedia, abstract film, photography—these are your basic, almost required, interests. You appear to put deep thought into work, but it’s just luck and the appreciation of abnormality that make you so distinctly creative. You’ll appreciate the state-of-the-art quality that Lumix FZ50 (B25,990, MultiStyle) will give your photos, or you can settle for a Holga 120CFN (B3,400, Room Interior), as over-exposed, dark-cornered images can be pretty, too.

For your high definition graphic needs, you can’t live without the new Macbook Pro (B75,900, Apple Center). It has a built-in iSight camera and comes with countless kick-ass media editing programs that let you edit your own movie filmed with a Nokia N93 (B28,220, Nokia Shop).

With your wild artistic nature, better protect your Macbook with a Pop Art inspired Apple Macbook Sleeve. (B3,230, Qconcept).

the minimalist

A person who truly believes less is more

You hate to carry things. You believe that having gadgets is supposed to minimize your efforts and not create more trouble. You appreciate simple and small things that do not take up too much space or too much of your time.

Who needs an MP3 player with fancy click-wheels and colorful navigation with complicated functions like videos and galleries? For you, the new iPod shuffle (B3,450, Apple Center) is fine. You don’t want to choose the track. Heck, you don’t even need to know the song names—you just want to listen to music, period. And if you want to share your nameless music with others, no need to hook it up to an ear blasting 6-foot tall stereo, just opt for this extra portable Sony Speaker SRST57 (B2,490, Sony MultiAV); not much bass, but who wants to carry around heavy woofers?

“Less is more” is certainly applicable for this slim and sleek Sony Vaio VGN-TX47SP/B (B94,900, Sony Style). Though its screen is only 11.1” wide, this laptop is packing some serious heat, such as 1GB RAM and fingerprint sensor security.

A Pocket PC is needed to keep you in-the-know in this tech-obsessed world. Contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t have to always be a three-inch brick PDA. The Dopod C800 (B30,900, Jay Mart) is 17mm thin. It can also hook up to the net, has a slide-out keyboard and runs on Windows Mobile 5.0. If you just want a slim phone with a twist, the Samsung D830 (B14,900, Samsung) is only 9.9mm at its widest point, the world’s slimmest fully featured clamshell mobile.

Where to Go For Great Gadgets

There are three main centers in Bangkok.

Pantip Plaza
Petchaburi Rd., Pratunam, 02-252-9933. Open daily 10am-9pm
Every techie in Bangkok has set foot in this mother of all tech stores. Pantip Plaza is the ultimate computer center where any store clerk can go head-to-head with an MIT graduate. Head to Jedi (1/F, 02-656-6170, or Busitek (4/F, 02-254-9797, if you want to build your own supercomputer.

MBK Center
Rama 1 Rd., Pathumwan, 02-620-9000. Open daily 10am-10pm. BTS National Stadium
What Pantip is to computers, MBK is to mobile phones. Brace yourself when riding the escalator up to the 4th floor of MBK, because you will be greeted by a jungle of mobile phone stalls, selling everything from newly released “grey market” (smuggled) finds from Hong Kong to good quality secondhand phones. Stores are pretty much alike, but one outlet recommended by mobile enthusiasts is Nasa (4/F, 08-1510-9393), which sells at close to wholesale prices—even cheaper if you buy more than one. Selling your mobile? Look elsewhere if you want the best price, as MBK shops tend to pay the very least.

IT Mall Fortune Town
Ratchada Rd., 02-248-5855. Open daily 10am-9pm. MRT Rama 9
“Fortune” is big and organized well enough that you can browse around for great tech finds all day. The stores here are a mixture of authorized retailers and shops hawking imported grey market gadgetry. Fortune is particularly strong in the PDA department. If you’re looking to build your own low-budget computer, try 109 (4/F, 02-642-0560/1), a geek favorite.

Wish You Were Here

Apple iPhone
Apple iPhone speculations have been going on forever, but it was only recently that Steve Jobs finally revealed that the iPhone will be the star of 2007—in the US at least (it won’t be legally coming to Asia until 2008). Just like the iPods, the iPhone has no buttons—all you need is your fingers and a love for Apple applications. Its thin frame is equipped with a 2-megapixel camera, iTunes, tie-ins with Yahoo! Mail and Google Maps, and can surf the net with its Safari browser. It can also play videos on its widescreen.

LG Prada
D&G RAZR is out; Prada LG is just in with its ultra “posh” (slim and hiso) design that uses a touch-screen interface. The phone will also come in a chic Prada case. The design of the interface will be signature Prada—classic minimalist white on black—perfect for a brand freak. No further information has been released yet except that Europeans will get this funky phone first in Spring 2007.

Nokia N800
The N-Series has produced the music phone, DVD phone, photography phone, and now it’s here, the internet phone. The Nokia N800, the latest of the N-Series, is packing 124MB of internal RAM in its ultrathin 13mm body. With its back legs it can stand on its own two feet as a tablet, or you can just treat it like any other mobile that has an impressive media player, high quality stereo speakers and wifi web surfing functions. Americans are already enjoying it, but for Thais it’s still on the horizon.

“One Laptop Per Child” is a charitable tech toy made for impoverished children who can’t afford mass-market gadgets like the rest of us. This US$100 Linux-based laptop comes in bright lime green with a rubbery keyboard and can even be turned into a tablet. However, it will only be available for government services that are interested in the program. The worst thing? The Thai government sees it only as a “toy,” so students won’t be seeing these anytime soon.

This super mobile is all the rage in the United States, with celebs like Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan pushing its fame to higher levels. Here, it’s fairly unknown. A Sidekick has a twisting screen and is the ultimate communication device as you can chat using MSN/Yahoo!/AOL, read and send emails, and surf the web with it. Limited edition models are also available, like the pink ones designed by Diane von Fürstenberg for example. If you manage to snatch one from the US, it’s believed that you can get the tech dudes down at MBK to “crack” it for you, but no promises.

Sony Mylo
Sony’s internet-based communicator has the ability to surf the web, chat online via instant messengers and playback audio and video media with wifi connectivity. What distinguishes Mylo from others is that it has a built-in Skype program for enhanced chatting. Comes in orange and black. It was released in the US last September, however Sony Thailand still has absolutely no clue the company even makes such a thing.

Sony Vaio TP1
For PC users lusting for a Mac Mini, the white cheese-wheel looking Sony Vaio TP1 is here to the rescue. It has all the ports for your USB and other PC inputs, a DVD burner, and even a slot to connect it with your TV. It has built-in wifi and a matching wireless keyboard with a touchpad for a mouse, so there’s no need for those hazardous cables. And guess what? It’s equipped with the latest Microsoft OS, Vista Home Premium. Americans will be the first lucky bunch this coming March.

Sony Vaio UX
A crossbreed between a Pocket PC and a laptop, the Sony Vaio UX is a Micro PC. Being an extra extra portable laptop, only a wee bit bigger than a Sony PSP, it runs on Windows XP Professional, has a built-in camera plus everything a laptop has, including a 30 GB hard drive. It’s kind of thick and chunky, though, but desirable nonetheless. Bangkokians have yet to experience its first generation and already the UX Premium has been released. Doh!



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File-sharing sites encourage you to be generous.

With all these new hi-speed internet connections, people have gotten more greedy. Before, all you could do with dial-up was send photos via email attachments. We were happy enough if we could view a whole album. But now, with faster connections, people are sharing much more. It has grown from basic photo and document sharing to people sending each other MP3s, a complete vacation gallery or an episode of the new season of Lost. And thanks to this new range of file sharing services, you can now upload those huge files onto websites and share the link with others.

The pioneer file sharing site has two free options for you to choose from. If you just want to send a big file quick, use their form on the front page and follow its instructions­—no registration necessary. With this method, your file will be online for seven days and can only be downloaded three times. If you sign up for their Lite account, however, your file stays alive for 7 days and can be downloaded 100 times. The file uploaded should not exceed 100MB so it’s good for sending MP3s or big photo files.

The deal here is no file size limit, no registration, and a file shelf life of 30 days after the last download. Sounds too good to be true? It is, kind of. The painful part is when you want to download the file. Underneath all the irrelevant text and flashy advertisements, there lies a link to your file, somewhere.

You must sign up for an account to enjoy the free 1GB storage 4shared offers, but don’t let that fool you, as you can only upload files smaller than 50MB. If you don’t mind that, then sign up for an account painlessly with their well-designed menus. Your files will be deleted if you don’t log in for 30 days.

No need to sign up here; there’s no option to do so. But the navigation is confusing and they are still undecided on how big a file you can upload. In the current form it says 90MB but, in the small print, the listed limit is 250MB. Your safest bet is to stick to 90MB or try other services instead.

This site has so many flash gimmicks and online ads that you won’t know where to click. It’s equally mystifying for the ones downloading your files as they’ll have to go through lots of text ad battlefronts before actually getting their hands on them. Files should not be bigger than 500MB. If you sign up for membership, you will get free 50GB storage and can even organize your files into folders. Files stay online until neglected for 90 days (for members) but, for anonymously uploaded ones, the cutoff is 21 days. It’s a great deal if you don’t mind all the intrusive ads.

Same as with YouSendIt, there are two options for freeloaders. With the first, you do not need to register for an account and can upload files that are not bigger than 300MB. For SendSpace Lite users, you can also delete files from their server if you want to. All files will stay online until no one has downloaded it for seven days. There’s no limit on how many times you can download it but it must not be over 1GB a day.

This one is by far the best: the easiest to understand and soft on the eyes with less jumpy ads. If you do not have an account, you can upload a file no bigger than 300MB which will be available for at least 45 days. But if you sign up for their free account, you can upload files up to a heaping 1.5GB at a time that won’t expire for at least 90 days. You can also collect their GigaPoints for freebies.

Do’s and Don’ts

Do zip your files to save time (
Don’t upload pornographic images (we know you wouldn’ Thailand has cybercops).

Do resize your images.
Don’t upload copyrighted files (it’s not nice).

Do scan your files for viruses before uploading.
Don’t spam others with useless files.

Other Ways to Get Files

Limewire is a free peer-to-peer file-sharing program. You can search for music, movies, or pictures on there and download them to your computer. You can get the software at
Pros: It’s free and has an extensive collection of downloadable materials.
Cons: The results are 40% spam, so you might get an ad instead of a file. It’s also borderline illegal.

BitTorrent is another free peer-to-peer community. When you download a file via BitTorrent, at the same time, another person can also download that file from you, which reduces the workload of the server and makes it faster. You can download the software at
Pros: It’s free and easy to use.
Cons: It depends on the popularity of the file. If no one is sharing the file you’re looking for, you won’t be able to get it.

IM stands for instant messengers, such as MSN, Skype, Yahoo! Messenger and Google Talk. You can share files with people on your friend list while chatting with them at the same time.
Pros: To find the file, just ask your friend for it and get them to send it to you.
Cons: If a connection is interrupted, you will have to start the download all over again.


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Muji is coming to homes near you.

After originating in Japan, crossing the earth and becoming a sensation everywhere, Muji (3/F, Central Chit Lom, 02-793-7777 ext 92967. Open daily 10am-10pm. BTS Chit Lom) is now finally ready to take over Bangkok. Muji is a lifestyle store housing everything you need, from the basics of toiletries and stationeries to clothing, kitchenware, beds and beanbags (yes, we need beanbags). Muji is a no-brand brand, devoid of logos, perfect for anyone who appreciates minimalism. With its bland yet signature au naturel colors and eco-friendly materials, the products at Muji may appear overly simple but it is the concept in the designs that make them extraordinary.

The first Bangkok Muji store, unlike some of its larger foreign counterparts, disappointingly occupies but a corner of the fashionable third floor of Central Chit Lom. Though relatively small, the store does carry many of the more significant facets of Muji, starting with the clothing section at the front. The mannequins proudly flaunt über simple Japanese fashion like a gray wooly sweater (B1,790), velvet mini dress (B1,790) or rounded toe leather clogs (B2,190) to name but a few. What really caught our eyes was a cute plaid hat (B995), which stood out from all the Japanese housewife uniforms, and a very affordable pair of Converse look-alike sneakers (B895).

The most staggering section of the store has to be the stationery. It makes you wish you were back in school just so that you could use all these neat pens and notebooks. Their expansive collection—which goes from plain letter sets, to notepads, to big artist sketchbooks—are all made from natural and recycled materials. Pick up a multicolor pen (B195) and indulge in psychedelic doodling in your new leather-bound organizer (B2,950); or bring out the inner kid in you with the mini color pencil set (B395).

If you can manage to move away from the stationery section, you’ll find yourself in a mini Muji home (towards the back of the store). This is where your Muji dream home can be realized. Grab some fine kitchenware such as Japanese-style coffee mugs (B425) and various sizes of pots and pans. There is also a home furnishing section where you can get an elegant wooden coffee table (B12,000) that perfectly matches the Muji beanbag (B7840). For the ultimate Muji bedroom, splurge on a double bed (B21,500) and its matching extra comfy comforter (B16,950).

For girly supplies, head to the toiletry section near the cashier. It’s packed with grooming gear and containers like plastic shampoo bottles (B175) and such. If you’re really into this, stock up your cupboard with Muji cotton balls and tissue paper, but this is only recommended for fundamentalist Muji devotees with fat wallets. For the rest of us, the 20 baht stuff from Tops will do.

Though it does not carry the much-loved Muji toy section, this store at Central Chit Lom and the newly opened outlet at Zen (6/F, Central World Plaza, 02-100-9999 ext 3633. Open daily 10am-9pm) are apparently just the beginning of the Muji colonization of Bangkok.


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Goodbye Dog, hello Pig! Once again we roam the streets of our beloved Bangkok to find out what you’re thinking. As we approached 2007 (before the bombs started exploding, alas), we asked, “What are you looking forward to in the Year of the Pig?”


Romantic trip to Sakura Park

Chatree Satiensak, 26, Cabin Crew
Location: Pedestrian bridge near Rajprasong Intersection

Something big and flashy

Kitty Beevor, 21, Model
Location: T. Ra Fashion Show, Grand Hyatt Erawan

New lines of BTS

Apiwat Eauthavornsuk, 24, Singer
Location: LOVEiS

Peace in Thailand

Nopporn Leelawanitchai, 31, Employee
Location: C.P. Tower

Going to MIT

Ratanawalee Indraphuag, 21, Student
Location: CentralWorld

New Spring/Summer fashion trend

Junya Kanoksaksopon, 45, Employee
Pimporn Kajornprasit, 24, Employee
Kuljira Yimklam, 19, Student
Location: Central World

Wait for my fat to melt away

Lalida Snidvongs Na Ayudhaya, 53, Government Service
Location: BTS Skywalk

Kylie's concert in London

Kevin Yeo, 28, CPA   Location: Convent Road

Enjoy last moments in college

Matt Sussmaw, 21, Student
Location: Lumpini Park

New Season of British Premiership

Kamungnit Hariratseree,
26, Graduate Student
Location: United Center, Silom Road

New cool government

Chuteeporn Ratanarat, 27, PR
Location: LOVEiS

Soak up Songkran in Changmai

Kittipob Apiratralakul, 22, Tour Guide
Wallaya Paewiboon, 22, Consultant
Location: Rajprasong Intersection

Try Muai Thai

Mat Chevalieu, 27, Security Guard
Location: Lumpini Park

Peace in the south

Sorawit Sangkharat, 28, Lecturer
Location: United Center, Silom Road

BTS on my doorstep

Wilai Chartsermsuk, 45, Business Owner
Location: Siam Square

Win a lottery

Quanrutai Imsompoch, 24, Graduate Student
Location: MRT Silom

Extend Holiday

Sommiy Maneesri, 24, Entrepreneur
Location: Lumpini Park

True Love

Suprapan Phothipirom, 28, Police Captain
Kanokwan Klanma, 19, Student
Kanittha Phumeesat, 20, Student
Location: CentralWorld

To have a baby boy

Ronnie Ong, 40, IT Manager
Location: BTS Skywalk

Chinese New Year in Shang Hai

Patcharin Pungpakdee, 63, Housewife
Location: United Center, Silom Road

Take off my first commercial flight

Nattapon Phiboonkasem, 21, Student
Location: CentralWorld

Relaxing vacation in Switzerland

Wason Wisnuwatnakit, 41, Project Manager
Location: CentralWorld

Back pack to Laos

Saiporn Maprom, 30, Freelancer
Location: United Center, Silom Road

Getaway trip to Mannok Island

Prapakorn Mahakaphan, 30-something, Employee
Location: Siam Square

A job after graduation

Sawitree Khongprachak, 21, Student
Location: Maleenont Tower

World Peace

Manutda Honchai, 21, Student
Location: Maleenont Tower


Just the Facts, Ham

According to Chinese astrology, the Yin and Yang is broken down into the five elements: metal, water, wood, fire and earth. Twelve animals combined with five elements make up for the 60-year cycle in the Chinese zodiac. The past 12 years have been the cycle of fire. Here are a couple of other piggy facts to consider while pondering your upcoming year.

• On average, pigs live for about 15 years.
• Scientists believe that pigs are one of the most intelligent animals, ranking close behind apes and dolphins.
• Pigs are distant relatives of the hippopotamus family.
• Wild or domestic pigs can be found on every continent except Antarctica.
• There are approximately 840 million hogs on farms throughout the world.
• China has long had the world's largest population of domestic pigs.
• The average sow gives birth to 8 to 12 piglets at a time.
• Pigs don't need to be rounded up. A good yell like “sooey” will bring them running.
• A pig's squeal can reach up to 115 decibels, 3 decibels higher than the sound of a supersonic Concorde.
• An average pig eats two kilograms of feed each day, and a ton of food every year.


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Winter is the time for alfresco dining


The scene: A casual summer house party—lounge on lawn sofas and take advantage of the gazebo bar in front or pool area out back.
The grub: Japanese steak dishes here are filling, well made and not too greasy.
72/1 Sukhumvit Soi 51, 02-258-7077. Open daily 11:30am-2pm, 6pm-midnight

The Great American Rib

The scene: Yankee backyard barbeque in the heart of Bangkok.
The grub: Cheesy nachos, juicy pork ribs, baked potatoes, tortillas and salsa. Oh, and beer.
32 Sukhumvit Soi 36, 02-258-5942. Open daily 11:30am-11:30pm


The scene: No frills riverside dining with a view of Rama 8 bridge and the river.
The grub: Traditional Thai cuisine such as tom khaa kai and beef salad.
10 Samsen Soi 3, 02-268-8362. Open daily 5pm-1am

Pickle Factory

The scene: Another house party with tables on the poolside patio. Great music, from bossanova to Britpop.
The grub: The focus is on Italian, Thai as well as other Asian-inspired cuisine—try the signature Pizza alla Vodka (B175, B315).
55 Ratchawithi Soi 2, Samsen Rd., 02-246-3036. Open daily 5pm-1am

Kin Lom Chom Saphan

The scene: Like eating in a packed outdoor cafeteria alongside backpackers and university students but with a nifty river view.
The grub: From simple fried rice to sushi and oysters.
11/6 Samsen Soi 3, 02-628-8382/3. Open daily 11am-2am


The scene: Garden party with beanbags, low tables and a huge lawn for you and your trendy friends.
The grub: Fusion Thai food, don’t forget to order some dreamy desserts from Summer to end your night.
199 Soi Promsri 2, Sukhumvit Soi 39, 02-392-2747. Open daily 11:30am-2:30pm, 6-11pm

Next2 Café and Terrace

The scene: Buffet eatery is right ”Next2” (next to—chuckle, chuckle) the busy part of the Chao Praya.
The grub: Wide variety of international dishes. Or order a la carte if you’re too lazy to browse.
Shangri-La Hotel, Soi Wat Suan Plu, Bangrak, 02-236-7777. Open daily 6am-10:30am, 11:30am-02:30pm, 06:30-10:30pm

Café Chili

The scene: Fight for one of the coveted outdoor tables for lagoon-side dining amid fairy lights.
The grub: Real Isaan home cooking made with premium ingredients in a clean kitchen—at shopping mall prices, of course.
G/F Siam Paragon, 02-610-9877/8. Open daily 10am-11pm

Pla Dib

The scene: A place for the local dek naew to hang out in the “unfinished” space and enjoy the indie soundtrack; more of the same raw look and feel on the patio.
The grub: Sushi and other Japanese dishes with Thai and Australian twists.
Soi Aree Samphan 7, Rama 6 Rd., 02-279-8185. Open Tues-Sun 5pm-midnight

Suan Thip

The scene: As the name suggests, it’s a heavenly garden setting.
The grub: Traditional Thai food served up for the discriminating Thai palate, ranging from somtam (B200) to plaa koong (B195). Bonus points for the attentive wait staff.
17/9 Sukhaprachasan 2 Rd, Pakkred, Nonthaburi, 02-583-3748. Open daily 11am-11pm

Tamarind Café

The scene: Dine inside surrounded by walls of photographic art or take your own pictures from their serene rooftop garden area.
The grub: Creative vegetarian dishes are healthy, trendy and delicious.
27 Sukhumvit Soi 20, 02-663-7421. Open Mon-Fri 3pm-midnight, Sat-Sun 10am-midnight

Kakao Café

The scene: Vintage décor makes tasting chocolate out on the porch much more posh.
The grub: For the love of chocolate, order yourself some mini treats or go full-blown with choco dessert for dinner.
99/361-8 Sukhumvit Soi 24, 02-661-1766/7. Open daily 10am-10pm


The scene: Jungle within the concrete jungle three stories up.
The grub: European and fusion dishes; food not always up to scratch, though.
3/F Metha Wattana Bld., 27 Sukhumvit Soi 19, 02-690-9999. Open daily 11am-11pm


The scene: The restaurant features a well-lit temple interior motif with contemporary, homey decoration; outdoors it’s a dimly-lit Bedouin tent.
The grub: Artfully prepared light(er) Indian cuisine.
71 Sukhumvit Soi 26, 02-258-4900. Open daily 11am-10:30pm

The Deck

The scene: Right on the Chao Praya with a spectacular view of Wat Arun—especially at night.
The grub: Traditional Thai cuisine and international dishes made with high quality ingredients. Try yam nuea, yam som o and roasted rack of lamb.
Arun Residence, 36-38 Soi Pratu Nokyung, Maharat Rd., 02-221-9158. Open Mon-Thu 11am-10pm, Fri-Sun 11am-11pm


The scene: Sip on a cup of Earl Gray like real ladies and gentlemen in their Olde English garden.
The grub: Fine teas from England and Sri Lanka. Get there early for their famous scones.
G/F, 20 Boonchiradorn Bld., Sukhumvit Soi 5, 02-662-5857 ext 111. Open Fri-Sun 10am-6pm

Le Vendome

The scene: In theory you can dine alfresco by the immaculate pool, but the outdoor tables are usually for after dinner drinks and smokes.
The grub: Exquisite (albeit pricey) French cuisine.
267/2 Sukhumvit Soi 31, 02-662-0530. Open daily 11:30am-2pm, 6:30-10pm


The scene: Poolside dining is “just” like the Mediterranean Sea—ogle swimmers and sunbathers during the day; nights are more romantic, with cool lighting and just the sound of your heavy breathing.
The grub: The menu covers all the food groups, but the seafood is especially nice. After a dozen oysters on the half shell, try the black ink spaghetti with sautéed squid (B580).
G/F, The Metropolitan, 27 South Sathorn Rd., 02-625-3333. Open Daily 6-10:30am, noon-2pm, and 6:30-10:30pm


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Imagine kicking around this little black and white ball at school with your friends one day, and the next thing you know you’re doing the same thing with Roberto Carlos in Brazil. What are the odds of that ever happening? Well it did for 18-year-old Wisoot Bunpeng, who scored a spot at the Pepsi World Challenge earlier this year. He was taken around the world with cameras following him as he kicked the ball about with the world’s best.

What was the Pepsi World Challenge like?
I was one of the two Thai footballers who got selected. In 10 days we had to compete in stages with other contestants. At the end, the one with the most points would get a chance at a penalty kick, and to take home four million baht. We didn’t win.

Who did you get to meet?
We went to Spain to practice with Ronaldino where he told us to treat football like a friend so that we could get familiar with it. We competed with other teams in Brazil and practiced with Roberto Carlos. We also got to coach children in Manchester with Gary Neville and helped Thierry Henry make campaign posters. We practiced with Beckham in Madrid and Nesta in Milan. It was so unreal.

Which stage was the most impressive for you?
Everything was impressive. It was overwhelming. I was really excited for the Madrid stage with Beckham because the winning prize was an Audi, but we didn’t get it. A chance to practice with Beckham was more that I could ever ask for.

What was the most difficult thing?
There was a lot of stress and pressure from both the challenges and from the other contestants. Other kids looked down on us because they thought that we couldn’t do it but we remained strong and proved them wrong. Our team came in second in the challenge so that said a lot about us. The whole experience was so lifelike. I just thought that if I got through it, then there would be no problem making it professionally.

What is football to you?
It’s something that makes you laugh, smile, sometimes even cry. It gives you friendship, opens up doors of opportunity for you, and basically teaches you about life in general.


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