Thongin Kamlanglert, 48
Security guard

If I got hungry I would sit in front of a noodle stall, looking for food and walking around. Maybe I would look for some place cool to stay, like under an expressway.

Sakraithong Orakul, 36
Personal consultant

I would walk around the smaller sois and look for nice area to stay. I’d probably look pretty terrible with no one to wash me.

Acharaphan Innimit, 20

I would want to be the top dog in the pack. But I wouldn’t bite people.

Monton Galassi, 39

I would probably be a big loner dog asking for food from people when hungry. I‘d like to walk around, explore new places and rest wherever I want.

Jeremy Sharman, 19

I think I would have dreadlocks, matted fur and would stay at Lumpini Park waiting for free food and biting tuk tuk drivers.

Saowaluk, 46

I would have to look for food and a place to live first, probably in the park for my own safety.

PLUS: Want to know what your pets are raving about these days? Our resident Dr. Doolittle, Alisara Chirapongse, delves into their world.


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Want to know what your pets are raving about these days? Our resident Dr. Doolittle, Alisara Chirapongse, delves into their world.

If your pet could talk, it would probably not have that much to say. What’s there to complain about? They’re fed, washed, cleaned up after and are probably pretty content with their lot. But sometimes they get sick, can’t follow you to the restaurant and pee all over the living room couch, or you get bored and decide they need a new haircut—and then you wish they could tell you what exactly they are digging. Well, you know us—BK knows Bangkok best—and that includes your critters, too.

Dolce the Diva

Breed: Toy Poodle
Age: 4
Sex: Female

Oh, my, gosh! Did I just like die and go to heaven? Seriously. Have you guys, like, ever tried out the Dog Spa at ZEN (6/F Zen Department Store, CentralWorld, Ratchadamri Rd., 02-100-9999. It was just soooooo fabulous!! I got a mani (B150-275). Or is it a pedi? Whatevs, my nails are now all pink! I’m sooo lovin’ it girls. Well my mom was there shopping but she didn’t, like, dare let me stay home alone. They’re fixing our wallpaper and she was scared those people might steal me or something as I’m, like, so precious and all. So she dropped me at the spa and I got myself an aroma bath in their Jacuzzi tub (B200-250). I wanted the massage (B400-700) but Mommy said we didn’t have time so I got an oil treatment for my hair instead (B150-300). Am I not looking PHAT? No, not FAT you twit, it’s Pretty-Hot-And-Tempting.

Last week Mommy and Daddy went to Paris and they couldn’t take me with them. Bummer. I could, like, totally see myself strolling down the Champs-Élysées. Instead, they booked me a room at Petropolitan Hotel (Ozono, 307 Sukhumvit Soi 39, 02-259-2788. and it was so awesome. Maybe not Paris-awesome, but Bangkok-awesome. They have a spa and a big comfy park (See J-Avenue for the Pooch and You) where you can take your beauty stroll. The best part is it’s a completely exclusive members spot so you can be guaranteed you don’t have to mingle with the riff raff.

Anyway girls, gotta run. Let’s hook up, maybe grab a Dogkery chicken liver brownie (B89, various locations, 02-564-6707. I gotta watch my line, though, these things are addictive.

Spike the Sporty

Breed: Bulldog
Age: 2
Sex: Male

One small pee on the couch and I get sent off to boot camp. SJ K9 (02-748-8494. isn’t all bad, though. They taught me some commands that make my owner so proud when he shows me off to his mates (B10,700 for a basic 120-day behavioral course). And the school is in Pattaya, so at least I got a chance to strut my stuff on the beach! There was an exam at the end but I made it and now I have a certificate to prove it.

I bumped into my friend Jumpy the Jack Russell the other day and she had just finished the training herself. She didn’t have it rough like I did though; she didn’t get sent away! She did her training in town at Doggie Doo (71 Soi Yenakart, Nanglinchee Rd., 02-286-6849. so she didn’t have to stay overnight and there were only 10 sessions (B15,000). It sounded more like a playground than a training center. I mean they have a swimming pool, spa and even nice hotel rooms for her to stay in. Lucky bitch.

Right, gotta run, I asked Jumpy to meet me later at Paradise Park (5/5 Moo 18, Borommarachachonnanee Rd., 02-448-1282. I plan on taking her for a walk down to their big lake or maybe going for a swim in the pool. If I play my cards right, it could lead to some serious butt sniffing.

E-Z the Exotic

Breed: Brookesia Chameleon
Age: 2
Sex: Female

Oh, joy, my owner just got another African lizard for this exotic petting zoo I’m forced to call home. I guess it’s not his fault for wanting something other than a poodle as a friend, but you’d think he’d realize that we might not really belong here.

I mean, I used to live on this beautiful island called Madagascar and spent my days basking under the equatorial sun while dining on a choice of tasty tropical insects. Then, I got rounded up with all my buddies and sent off to Chatuchak Market. They all died on the way; I was the only one left. I’d tell him he killed 20 of my family just to get me but I don’t talk. I’m a chameleon.

Neither do I have wifi in my little cage, otherwise I’d report my butchering traffickers to TRAFFIC (Wildlife Trade Monitoring Network, and stop this cruel practice.

I wonder how that African lizard tastes.

Cookie the Companion

Breed: Si Sawat
Age: 1
Sex: Male

I’m adopted. I don’t know my dad. Well, I might, but my mom having slept with the whole neighborhood, it’s hard to tell. Anyway, she got run over. Yeah, sad. But then the SCAD picked me up (See Second Chance) and they put my picture in the classifieds of BK Magazine and I got a new home.

Some of the animals I saw at SCAD were pretty rough, though. They were mean and dirty but the humans helped them anyway. They stay on the streets, though. You gotta be a good kid to be put up for adoption. One thing we have in common is we get our balls chopped off. Ouch.

My owner, I don’t think her mom slept with half the neighborhood. She seems to be more the hiso type. In fact, she’s taking me to Am Pet (48/42 Nawongpracha Patana Rd., Don Muang, 02-978-6451, 081-623-1562. tomorrow to take some studio pictures. Imagine that. Me, getting my picture taken.

Gummy the Goner

Breed: Daschund
Age: 8
Sex: Male

Yeah, I’m dead. Come on, you’ve been reading about talking animals, you can deal with dead talking animals.

I almost bit the dust two years ago, if my owners hadn’t rushed me to Kasetsart Veterinary Hospital (50 Phaholyothin Rd., 02-972-8756/-9. for a blood transfusion. I was walking down my soi minding my own business when this motorcycle taxi hit me in the stomach. Guess my fat tummy wasn’t big enough to protect me.

Then I became paralyzed, I could no longer walk and I started developing heart problems. So I was admitted to the Thonglor Pet Hospital (205/5-8 Thonglor Soi 9, 02-712-6301/-4). They had like four vets taking care of me. One took care of my heart, one helped me exercise, one was injecting me with insulin and one helped me calm down. Now, that’s service.

Well in the end, I didn’t make it. This white Chihuahua with wings came to me and said it was time for me to go. The next day, I saw my human masters putting my picture next to this urn they got at World Pet Angle (40/736 Moo 10, Khlong Lum Jiek Rd., Bung Kum, 02-509-2007.

Now, I have wings, too.

Foxtrot the Farm boy

Breed: Zebra
Age: 10
Sex: Male

I love people. You know they really are so entertaining, wandering around on their back legs all day. It’s really cool the way they let them in to see us at our place in Khao Kheow (235 Moo 7, Bang Phra, Sriracha, 038-298-270. The other Zebras and I just crack up looking at them and the way they make weird squeaking noises—it’s almost like they’re talking to each other. Because this is something called an open zoo we get a chance to get real close to the humans. It’s so funny. Some humans even come and stay overnight at the zoo (not with us of course).

Still it’s not all fun. There’s this one new guy I know, Kicks, who’s been a right pain in the rump since he moved here. He used to be at Dusit Zoo (71 Rama 5 Rd., 02-281-2000., in Bangkok, and he thinks we country zebs are all baan nok. What a jerk. I’ve met some of the Dusit Zoo folks before and they were pretty nice. Guess he did something bad to get exiled, perhaps got involved with the square jawed guy, there. He looks a bit like a horse.

I think I got it pretty good, though. My cousin Stripes, who’s hanging out at Safari World (99 Panyaindra Rd., Samwatawantok, 02-914-4100/-19., says the open zoo there is also pretty cool though the humans sound pretty darn lazy. Apparently they just drive around in their four wheeled metal boxes to see the animals up-close. Stripes did say the place is kinda old but he’s hoping more people come along so that way he’s got something to keep him entertained. Sorry gotta go look at this new batch coming through the gates. Man, you gotta see the size of that one’s head.

Gargoyle the Gigolo

Breed: Siamese
Age: 1
Sex: Male

Yo mah peepz, how’s it hangin’? Damn, where all de kittens be? Papa needs some love! I been meowing my balls off fo’ weeks already for the Boss to let me out but he thinks I up to no good. Well fo shizzle ma nizzle, yo crib ain’t got no honey for me!

I was jammin’ with mah crew de other day and mah man Puzz was all pimpin’ and I was like day-um! He got himself some blingin’ new collar (B450) and a serious bell to go with. Now that’s how you get the honies, baby. He sez he got them shiz when the Boss took him to Prima Dog (B1/F Central Chidlom (parking lot), Phloenchit Rd., 02-655-5645). Yeah he sez it ain’t for just dawgs yo, us cats can live it up there too. Best hair prods and get-ups (B240-550) in town for us pimps, ya’ll. They even got themselves some love seats (pet couch, B2,500) for the snuggling. That’s what Papa needs in his crib.

But then mah boy Clawz sez the joint at Zen (6/F Zen Department Store, CentralWorld, Ratchadamri Rd., 02-100-9999. is damn more trippin’. They got some serious pet wheels (pet carts, B5,000), too. You dun even haf ta drive man, can just be sittin’ takin’ in the cool breeze. They even got a beauty shop but it ain’t for us felines sez them Zen people. Damn dawgs, they take everythin’ from us cats. I could use some serious highlights (B550 per 8 square cm, for dogs only) for mah fur, Papa needs some attention.

Anywayz, enuff with da babblin’, I got meself some lickin’ to do. Ya’ll, hit me up at ma Catster at if ya wanna chill.

Pet-Friendly Places

BK Asks: "If you were a stray dog, what would you do?"


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Places to Dine With Your Pets

A Garden
64 Sukhumvit 51, 02-260-4992. Open daily 10am-2pm, 6-11pm.
Note: Dogs are allowed in the alfresco area only.

Amapola Bar and Steakhouse
72/1 Sukhumvit 51, 02-258-7077. Open daily 11:30am-2pm, 4pm-midnight.

Baan Klang Nam
3792/106 Rama 3 Soi 14, 02-292-0175. Open 11am-10:30pm.
Note: Only small dogs are welcome.

Chom Suan Restaurant
199/9 Sukhumvit Soi 16, 02-663-2169. Open Mon-Sat 9:30am-3:30pm.

3/1 Phaholyothin Soi 30 (Soi Aladin), 02-511-4201. Open daily 5pm-12:30am.
Note: Only small pets are welcome.

White Cottage
5/5 Moo 18, Borommarachachonnanee Rd., 02-448-1282. Open Tue-Fri 11am-9pm, Sat-Sun 10am-9pm.


Friends coming to town with their pitbull? Don’t panic.

Rabbit Resort
318/84 Moo 12, Soi Dongtan Police Station, Jomtien Beach, Pattaya, 038-303-303/-4.
- Rates are between B3,097-6,194.

Phi Phi Banyan Villa
129 Moo 7, Koh Phi Phi, Krabi, 081-894-0624
- Rates start from B1,440.

Sunset Village
89/5 Soi Nachomtien 52, Sattahip, Chonburi, 038-237-940, 038-237-979, 038-237-980.
- Rates start from B2,600.

Natural Park Resort
412 Moo 12, Jomtien Beach, Pattaya, 038-231-561/-4.
- Rates are between B2,500-B22,000.

Holiday Inn Resort Regent Beach Cha-Am
849/21 Petchkasem Rd., Cha-Am Beach, Petchaburi, 032-451-240.
- Rates (for Pet Resort) start from B700.

Hotel Plaza Athenee
10 Wireless Rd., 02-650-8800.
- Rates are between B5,800-B7,800.

Conrad Hotel Bangkok
87 Wireless Rd., 02-690-9999.
- Rates start from B6,400.


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SCAD, which stands for Soi Cats and Dogs, is a group of volunteers who aim to help better the lives of Thailand’s strays. Though they organize adoptions for the animals, the group does not think of themselves as a shelter, but rather as a halfway house for these animals. We talked about his work and how much they need your help.

Could you tell us what SCAD does?
What we do here is to “re-home” these animals. We work with people in communities that need help with stray animals. We pick them up and bring them to our health center where we treat them and spay or neuter them before releasing them back in to their communities.

What about the adoption?
Sometimes we find orphans whose mothers were killed in accidents. We take them in and evaluate their health. If they are healthy and are suitable for domesticated life, we take them into the program. But we also have limited resources so we focus on the neutering campaign.

What should a person know about the adoption program?
First of all, you have to be sure that you can take care of them. You have to give them a good home and feed them and be certain you won’t just get bored of them. We will check if you have a suitable environment for them to live in.

Are there any costs?
We usually charge for the neutering and basic vaccinations which can cost you around B500-1,000. ­However, we don’t want to emphasize this as we don’t discriminate. Anyone from any walk of life with a love for animals can join the ­program.

Do you need volunteers?
We always need volunteers in many areas. If you’re not comfortable being so close to the animals, you can volunteer to help with our administrative work such as fund-raising. But if you want hands-on experience, you can help us with the basic obedience training. Or you could assist the surgeons at the health center. We will train you of course.

For more information on how you can help, check out their website at or call 02-713-3354. SCAD also runs ReTails (G/F, Lake Rajada Complex, Ratchadapisek Rd., 02-661-8874), a store whose proceeds fund their activities.

Here's a list of animals' welfare foundations.

Foundation for Stray Dogs (1200/174, 02-746-6498, 02-463-9283, and Soi Cats and Dogs ( both help four legged strays. They accept donations in the form of food and money.

Home for Handicapped Animals Foundation (15/1 Moo 1, Soi Pramaemahakarun, Tiwanon Rd., Banmai, Pakkred, Nonthaburi, 02-584-4896, 02-961-5625, accepts donations in the form of food, money, and anything that will help the animals. You can help by adopting a dog or donating your money towards medical expenses.

Animal Welfare Foundation (117 Moo 7, Nongbua Rd. Muang District, Kanchanaburi, 081-914-3444, ­financially supports an animal shelter where more than 2,500 animals, mainly stray dogs and cats, are being taken care of.

Mah-Hua-Nao Pet Donation Website ( aims to relieve animal hunger. Check out their website and you will find the long list of projects that you can donate your money to.

Friends of Asian Elephants (350 Moo 8, Ram-Indra Soi 61, 02-945-7124/-6, accepts monetary donations that will go directly to support its elephant hospital in Chiang Mai.

The Wild Animal Rescue Foundation of Thailand (65/1 Sukhumvit Soi 55, 02-712-9715, is seeking volunteers to work in their projects. You will help the animal keepers build and clean cages and raise awareness about wildlife protection.


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In the narrow soi of Phrom Phong lies Ozono, 3,200 square meters of pet-friendly urban greenery. We speak to Dhanesha Kittikanokkul, Project Consultant of Ozono.

So what is Ozono?
It’s a pet-friendly complex. There are two main areas. One is for pet-related businesses such as the pet hotel, the park, training school, cat and dog boutiques and spas. The second area is composed of restaurants, clothing stores, a salon and wine bar to cater to humans. And all these stores are accessible by the pets.

Why did you decide to build a park just for pets?
The problem for pet owners in Bangkok is that there is absolutely nowhere we can take our pets to—not even at the public parks. I am a pet owner myself and I knew there were other people with the same problem so I decided to set up the park just for pets. It’s also within the inner city, ideal for urban pet owners.

Is there a charge to enjoy the facility?
For the complex, no, you can walk your pets anywhere. But for the Petropolis Park, it’s an exclusive place for members only. The membership is B20,000 per year per pet for a weekday package, and B30,000 for weekends.

Are there any rules for the pets?
Of course, your pets have to ­behave and not be aggressive. Owners must also help keep the facility hygienic by cleaning up after their pooches.

Are there any more plans to expand your service?
If the economy gets better, we’re planning to build a resort just for pet lovers. There’s also a plan to build a hydrotherapy center for dogs. Humans keep themselves fit all the time by going to the gym and taking yoga classes, so why shouldn’t the dogs get the same quality of exercise?


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So is playing, surfing and even working with these super-affordable mobiles.

The Classics: Under B2,000

It can make calls, send SMS’s, tell time and it comes with a color screen. What more do you really need?

Samsung B110 (Left)

Design: Simple black exterior and fake brushed metal frame. It’s light and slips into your jean pockets.
Features: Color screen, polyphonic ring, multi-alarm, mobile tracker.
Price: B1,100. (At Jaymart, 4/F, MBK, Phayathai Rd., 02-611-8022.

LG KP105 (Right)

Design: Unlike other budget handsets, this slim red-on-white model isn’t too embarrassing when you use it in public.
Features: Color screen, polyphonic ringer, speakerphone, FM radio.
Price: B1,390. (At Jaymart, 4/F, MBK, Phayathai Rd., 02-611-8022.

The Entertainers: Under B4,000

OK, maybe a classic phone is just too basic. These media-capable options let you listen to music and some even take photos.

Left to Right

Motorola W230

Design: Coming in serious black and fiery orange, the body is a little thick but still retains Motorola’s signature simplicity.
Features: Color screen, MP3 player, FM radio, microSD card slot.
Price: B2,200. (At Motorola, 3/F, Siam Paragon, Rama 1 Rd.,

Sony Ericsson T250i

Design: Go Apple-style with the white one or opt for classic black. Its futuristic design helps disguise its true price.
Features: WAP browser, FM Radio, infrared technology and VGA camera.
Price: B2,990. (At PowerBuy, 5/F, Central Chidlom, Phloenchit Rd., 02-640-7000.

Nokia 5000

Design: With a selection of blinding green, pink and blue neon trims, this phone is funky enough to hide its price tag (though it is B40 out of our price range).
Features: Media player, Bluetooth, Opera browser, 1.3MP camera and FM radio.
Price: B4,040. (At Nokia, 3/F, Emporium, Sukhumvit Soi 24, 02-664-8565.)


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Be a star in cyberspace

Come on, admit it: sometimes you wish you were famous. In the old days, you had to be “discovered.” But now, thanks to the internet, you can become a star without even having to leave your comfy crib. Or maybe it’s not fame you’re after but friendship, companionship, recognition or just an outlet for your creativity. You can find these on the web, as well. So what are you waiting for, newbie? Here are the basics and some strategies for getting you noticed in cyberspace.


Do you have a lot to say but no one to listen? Maybe you need a blog. Derived from the word “weblog,” blogs have been around for “ages” (far longer than YouTube and MySpace, anyway—it’s all relative in cyberspace) and are the most basic means of self-promotion—sorry, “self-expression” on the internet. Basically they’re online diaries—although they’ve gone beyond “what I did today” to encompass news, opinion and analysis, satire, advice…you name it. There are niche bloggers who blog about anything and everything from technology to politics to tabloid gossip.

It’s All About Me

The first thing you’ll want to do is set up an account with one of the online blog hosts (see “Block of Blogs”). In a matter of minutes, you’re ready to blog! If you’re not sure how to begin, resist the temptation to start with your entire life history or, even worse, trying to explain who you are. Take it easy. Write a post about your day. The important thing is to get in the habit of doing it regularly. Write like you’re having a conversation with someone. If you write the way you speak, not only will it make your blog easy to understand but it also adds personality. People read blogs because they want to get to know the people behind them. (See “Blogging Do’s and Don’ts.”)

So, you’re writing—now it’s time to attract some readers. There are as many bloggers out there as there are stars, and a new blog is born every second. How do you get noticed? The first thing you should do is to list your blog in blog directories. Locally there is the farang-dominated (in English) or (in Thai). Internationally, tracks millions of blogs around the world, and it’s much more advanced than the others in that it allows users to not just scroll through the list of blogs but also three different ways to search for specific content: by blog name; in the text of blogs; or in the list of tags.

Another way to build traffic is through search engines (Yahoo, Google…duh). If you’re blogging about something that is current or of popular interest, chances are your blog will come up in search engines.

To help you understand what people are looking for, you’ll want to equip your blog with a site statistic counter (try These can tell you not only how many people visit your blog (or other site), but also give you profiles of visitors (what country they’re in, what browser they use, etc.) plus tell you how much time they’re spending reading your site, what parts of your site they’re clicking on, what they were searching for that brought them to your site and what site they came from (known as referrals).

Finally, just like in the real world, networking is key to generating traffic. Blogrolling, or trading links with other bloggers, can do wonders for your visitor count as well as your reputation. Aim high: Try to get yourself listed on popular blogs so you can ride their coattails.

Success Story

In 2003, a self-obsessed Singaporean girl with a knack for descriptive bitching started posting her stories of her daily life and self-obsessed images online. Four years later, Xiaxue ( is now one of the best-known bloggers in Asia, with over 20,000 hits daily. Loved (and hated) by many, she now has her own TV show and sponsorship deals.

There are many factors that contribute to the success of a blogger. The quality of writing is important, but don’t overlook the look. Design, color and the use of images matter, too. When you sign up for a blog, you usually get a plain default template, which means that, design-wise, your blog is not going to stand out. If you don’t know how to design a website, there are number of tutorials online (such as

BK blogs, you know. Read our musings at

Networking Sites

Networking sites are online “communities” of people who are known by their self-created profiles, which might contain things like interests, physical characteristics, marital status, education, profession and so on. On many sites, you can also upload photographs, music, videos, blogs and calendars. If this sounds more complicated than a humble blog, it is, but networking sites such as industry leader MySpace are easy to use—if you can send an email with an attachment, you should be able to use MySpace.

Ostensibly the goal is to make new friends with similar interests, but people also use them to find love, make business contacts or as a promotional tool for themselves or a product or service.


There are many networking sites out there (see “More Than MySpace”), but MySpace is by far the best if your goal is maximum exposure. No longer just a “place for friends,” MySpace has developed into a vehicle for self-expression full of budding artists, filmmakers, singers, actors and comedians.

Not only can they promote their work on the internet, but fans who add them to their “Friend lists” help expand their network—i.e., their fan base. Tools like messaging and chatting make are another way for fans to get in touch with their favorite musicians.

Success Story

Lily Allen’s ( chick angst hit “Smile” was originally posted on MySpace. Her link was passed from “friend” to “friend” until finally music magazines and record companies took notice. The world’s biggest entertainment companies now mine MySpace for talent; they are also posting content on MySpace to promote their films and bands. In addition to the arts, MySpace is being used to influence public opinion and to promote candidates for office—you can now befriend Hillary at, for example.

What (Net)works

Just like blogs, you will not get any attention if all you have are a bland description of yourself and boring photos taken with your mobile phone. You need to “pimp” your profile with colors, graphics and music. Don’t worry if you’re not a tech whiz: there are pre-made templates out there for you to just copy and paste into your profile (try

Once you have a profile worth viewing, you can help nudge things along by placing clever comments in profiles of people you think might be interested in you (or your talent or whatever it is that you’re selling). A “soft sell” approach works best—if you’re pushy or too commercial you’re liable to get the kind of attention you don’t want.

Want to be our friend? Go on, head to and add us!

Digital Galleries

If you’re a decent photographer or visual artist, you have even more options for getting yourself noticed on the web. Starting a blog and posting your pictures on it may be easier, but these specialized sites cater to your specific, artistic needs and give you admission to communities of like-minded artists. While some are simply places to hang your work (online galleries), the best also offer the same kind of functionality as more general networking sites (user profiles, messaging, etc.) as well as added features such as forums and groups where members can interact with each other. (For more, see “Hang it Here.”)


The most widely used and accepted site is Flickr ( Though the, er, “focus” of Flickr is photography, you can pretty much upload any kind of picture file. However, most of the photos on Flickr are by professionals or near-professional quality—so the snapshots of your neighbor hosing down the dog won’t attract a lot of interest.

When it comes to maximizing your exposure, the first thing you want to do is sign up for as many groups as you’re interested in: black-and-white, travel photography, Lomography, models, whatever. In these groups you’ll be sharing your photos with people who give a damn, and you can learn a lot from other members. Another cool feature of Flickr is that other members can attach comments to your photos. In addition, blogging is as easy as clicking “Blog This” on your Flickr page.

With Flickr, you are forced to tag each photograph that you upload—while this may seem like a pain, this is something you would—you should—do anyway. Because the more descriptive you are with tags, the easier it is for people to find your photos; and the easier it is to find your photos, the greater the chances are that they will find you.

Success Story

Two years ago Hamad Darwish ( was a university student without any formal photographic training. Now, five of his pictures are featured as wallpaper in Microsoft’s new Vista operating system. How did this happen? He posted his newbie snaps on Flickr.

For photography that might not be chosen by Microsoft but but are still pretty neat, check out our Flickr album at

Cyber TV

Are you an aspiring director? Or an actress wannabe still waiting to be discovered at Center Point? Well, if you have a video camera, or even a phone camera, you can upload yourself onto the web with the help of online video services.

Web Movies

For better or worse, now everyone (who has access to a camera and computer, that is) can be a reality TV star and posting your home movies on sites like YouTube (for more, see “‘V’ is for Video”) is one of the best ways to get your face onto the world wide web.


The most successful online video website is, of course, YouTube ( Aside from giving a second life to movie clips and music videos, YouTube is also a tool for us commoners to get our 15 minutes of fame. All you need to get started is an account, a camera and an internet connection; also it helps if you have a thick skin and an active imagination, because it’s usually the most ridiculous, embarrassing and downright freaky videos that are the most popular, everything from how to fold a shirt Japanese-style to a clip of Saddam Hussein’s execution.

There you can create “channels” for your videos. Once you establish a fan base, your fans can “subscribe” to your channel to get updates whenever a new video is up. Another way to pull in viewers on YouTube is to leave “video response.” Instead of leaving wording comments you can post a similar video of your own to attract your potential audience.

Just like any other user-generated contents, you can integrate YouTube with your blogs and MySpace profiles by embedding your YouTube videos. This is useful if you have a blog related to your video project. And don’t forget to tag: your video is competing with millions of other videos out there.

Success Story

Internet celebrities have sprung up all over the place thanks to YouTube. One of the most famous is a teenage girl named Bree, a.k.a. lonelygirl15. Her “videoblog” attracted fans all over the world—that is until the public learned that she was an invention of a talent agency, and Bree was played by an actress.

So does that mean the lonelygirl15 project was a failure? Far from it: the New Zealand actress who played Bree is now a celebrity in her own right and she’s been receiving numerous offers, including starring in a feature with Lindsay Lohan.

Who needs YouTube when we have BK TV? Get your weekly dose of BK episodes at

Speak the Lingo

Just like any culture, cyber culture is equipped with its own language. It can be hard for commoners to engage with geeks at times, so study these terms and enter the third millennium—at last.

A blogroll is a list of links to the blogs you like that shows up on your blog. Blogrolling is the act of adding a blog to your blogroll.

To embed is to take the code (written in a language called HTML) to something you’d like to put up on your blog and include it so that the code will appear on your blog as a video, or a small music player, for example.

A host is a company that physically keeps your blog on a server somewhere. Some are free ( but if you want to have your own address (, you’ll have to pay up.

PageRank is like a web social status calculated by Google. It is calculated by looking at the number of links that are directed to your blog or website—and what their PageRank is. The higher the number of your PageRank, the more popular you are.

Each time you publish an entry in a blog, it will appear on your blog as a post. Old posts in a blog will usually get archived monthly so they won’t clutter the homepage.

RSS Feed
RSS is a way to “feed” or send updates of new posts of a blog into a specific feed reader program. It’s like a way to subscribe for regular updates of your favorite news sources or blogs, the only difference is that the updates get sent to a feed reader (such as Google Reader []) and not your email. So to be able to get updates, you have to also download a feed reader.

A tag is a word you attach to a post, image or video. These words are clickable, meaning that if you click on a tag, you’ll see every other item on that particular website that has that same tag. It allows for faster, more convenient browsing but, more importantly, it allows you to search things that contain no text, like videos, music or pictures.

Traffic is the number of visitors (or “hits”) you get on your blog. Some site traffic trackers also give information such as average hits per day and an average time people spend on your blog.

Blogging Do’s and Don’ts

Do post photos. It doesn’t have to be a photo of yourself, but it should be something related to you or what you are blogging about. Photos make blog posts look more appealing.

Don’t publish your personal information. You can go by your screen name or nickname but it’s best not to reveal your real full name. Same thing goes for phone numbers and street addresses—it’s no fun having a stalker.

Do post your email address. To protect yourself, you want a bit of anonymity (if your name is part of your current address, create a new one just for your blog), but you still want people to be able to contact you or comment on your blog.

Don’t use other people’s work without permission. It’s just like real journalism: copyrights matter. Never cut and paste without citing your source.

Do copyright your work. With the help of Creative Commons (, you can post a little notice on your blog letting other people know how they can use your material.

Don’t over blog. Unless you’re a niche blogger or a gossip blogger where you have to constantly report about certain things, you don’t have to post 5-6 times a day. This only leads to blogger’s burnout, and your readers will stop reading also.

Do post in-text links. If you’re talking about something of your personal interest, you should also link to other sites so readers can click for more details. You can also link to other blogs, and it’s a great way to make blog friends.

Don’t spam. Don’t go around writing nonsense comments on other people’s blogs to draw attention to your own. It never works. Also, with some blog services, spamming can get you blacklisted.

Block of Blogs

Here is a list of free blog providers to get you started on the path to shameless self-disclosure.

Blogger ( — The world’s most popular blogging program by Google, Inc. Super easy to use, and if you already have Gmail account, there’s no need to sign up. There are all sorts of pre-designed templates to choose from, so you won’t need to be able to edit in HTML (or even know what HTML is). But then, of course, you’ll be settling for the same ones used by millions of other people.

Windows Live Spaces ( — Formerly known as MSN Spaces, it’s the big blogspot for MSN users. Totally idiot-proof with colorful click-and-view functions. Only members can comment, though, so not the best choice if you want to blog for the world.

Yahoo! 360 ( — Same as Windows Live Spaces, but for Yahoo! users.

Wordpress ( — Sign up here if you’re ready for some serious blogging. Recommended for more advanced users who know what CSS, blogroll, RSS, trackbacks and categories mean.

Bloggang ( —Thailand’s most popular blogging service (thanks in part to it being bi-lingual), run by No space limit and you can even add other bloggers to your “friends” list.

More Than MySpace

MySpace is by far the biggest, but there are lots of networking sites out there. Here are a few of the most popular.
While the Americans are MySpacing, we give each other Hi5ives. Just like MySpace, you can customize your page and add music or videos. You can also give each other “5ives,” special badges for users who are “cool,” “swanky,” or “divas.”
Has all the basic features a networking site needs, but on Facebook, your profile can also be grouped into different sub-networks, making it ideal for, say, school friends or company employees to stay in touch.
Once extremely popular, this networking site has fallen from public favor. If you’re only going to choose one networking site, this is probably not the one you want.
Multiply has some features that other networking sites don’t have. You can upload videos and music onto your profiles, and you can group your friends into categories for easy browsing. If you’re a blogger, Multiply allows you to publish your blog to other blog sites such as Blogger or LiveJournal.

You 3.0

There are countless other ways to promote yourself online. Here is a sampling.
It’s a combination of blogging, social networking, and sms-ing. You set up a profile and all is left is to is just give quick “updates” about yourself—what you are doing, wearing, eating, whatever.
Well you know Friendster—only this one is for dogs. You can add dog friends, upload pics of your dog and even get your dog rated. (Yes, there’s also a Catster.)
Are you a girl, goth, and don’t mind a bit of nudity? Well sign yourself up to be a Suicide Girl. This social networking site is a little bit raunchy but if you want to see “hot punk rock girls naked” this is the place to be.
That’s right. Since this little online user-generated encyclopedia is free, why not add an entry about yourself? Finally your name shows up in Google.
Online classifieds is what Craigslist is all about. You can sell a house, find a job, find a date and of course market yourself online.
This site is like a chatroom but all are equipped with webcams. You log in, find the rooms you want and just connect your camera with the rest of the room. The idea seems dubious from the start, so it’s no surprise that people started broadcasting homemade porn on it.

Hang it Here

Gone are the days of performing on the street and drawing portraits of strangers. If you want your art appreciated, go online.
Hardcore artsy types can be found lurking here. If you love serious painting, drawing and illustrative art, get a profile here and get recognition.
Though the interface is on the drab side, this hasn’t stopped serious professional photographers from showing off their shots here.
The ultimate online gallery for Thai photographers and artists. Post photos of your work in the gallery, where people can vote on them. There’s also a forum where members can exchange tips as well as criticism.

“V” is for Video

Google Video (
The original Google production. With a Google account, you can upload, embed and download (some) videos.

iFilm (
This one is owned by MTV Networks, so you know what type of videos you can find here. Music videos, movie trailers and TV clips are the main attractions.

Imeem (
Not just a place for videos, but also for photos and audio clips. You can also create playlists and share with other members who have the same “meem” (area of interest).

Pornotube (
The name pretty much explains it. If they won’t let us use YouTube…

VideoEgg (
Online videos for professional use. Not only you can upload and share, but you can also edit your videos and add effects to them.

Yahoo! Video (
Yahoo!’s own online video service. Just like Google.

you tube proxy (
That creep who made and uploaded those films deserves a spanking, but we don’t agree with the government’s decision to block YouTube (voice your opinion here If you, too, need your daily fix of Mentos-and-Coke fountains, you can still access the site via a proxy server, such as this one.


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Ways to protect your beloved laptop and everything that’s in it.

There’s only one thing worse than your computer freezing while you’re working on a masterpiece: getting it stolen. No way you can restart it then. Laptop theft is actually more common than you think. According to Gartner Group, an IT-related consultancy company, one in ten laptops will be stolen or lost. So don’t add to the statistics: here’s a number of ways you can protect your portable office.

Data Protection

There’s plenty of software that you can install into your computer to protect the data from being lost or accessed by unwanted snoops. Programs like PGP Whole Disk Encryption ( and TrueCrypt ( help secure data by encrypting, or by protecting the files on your disk with a password. These programs are what they call “whole disk encryption,” meaning everything in the disk is protected, even the temporary files.

Tracking and Recovery

This software is fascinating as it not only improves security by encrypting files, but can also track the stolen laptop once it’s connected to the internet. A report will be sent to a “center” and you’ll be able to find out where the laptop is being used. Try ComputracePlus (, CyberAngel (, and, for Mac fans, Undercover (


When all else fails, “back to basics” is the best guarantor of security. Laptops are portable objects, so the best way to eliminate the risk of theft is to lock it up. Try Kingston’s Laptop Combination Lock (B1,990, IT City), which fastens your laptop to a table so no one can just yank it away. If you have a bad memory, maybe the Retractable Lock (B1,670, IT City) is a better alternative, as it uses a key instead of a combination lock.

Keys and Cards

You can’t start a car without a key, and these neat tools act just that way. SecurityKey ( is like a USB “car key” to your laptop: once the software is installed, to unlock the data you must plug in the USB key. Another similar option is a Smart Card, which can be used with laptops that come with a Smart Card reader. For this one, think ATM card. You slide in the card and enter a PIN to unlock the files. HP NX8420 (B49,900, HP Thailand) is one of the laptops with a Smart Card reader.

Fingerprint Sensors

This option might sound like it comes right out of a sci-fi movie, but there are laptops with built-in fingerprint sensors that help secure access. Aside from the aforementioned HP NX8420, Sony offers the same function within its Vaio VGN-SZ35SP/C model (B79,900, SonyStyle) as a pricier alternative. This Vaio also has a Hard Disk Password for added security.

Idiot-Proof Methods

Well, sometimes you just overlook the most basic of all.

Engrave it

If you’re not planning to sell your laptop, you can permanently mark your property. Engrave your name, address, and contact info onto the damn thing. Then the thief won’t be able to resell it.

Register It

When buying gadgets like laptops, there’s always some kind of registration form in the package. Most people neglect to fill it out. Don’t be one of these people. And keep all the necessary information, like the serial number and date of purchase, in a safe place.

Disguise it

Nothing says “laptop Inside” like a laptop carrying case. So if you want to fool the thieves, just hide it in a less conspicuous bag instead, like a sling or messenger bag. But make sure it’s not branded with “LV.”

Don’t store it

Don’t treat your laptop as a data safe. If you’ve saved important or confidential information on your laptop, it’s wise to move it to a CD or a thumb drive to keep at home instead. Just make a habit of backing up your data every time you save something.

Don’t leave it

The best way to ensure that your laptop is not lost is simply to keep an eye on it at all times. If this is too hard for you, your laptop deserves to be stolen.


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Put down that watergun and check out these options by Wiwat Patcharinsak and Alisara Chirapongse.

Songkran is a uniquely Thai tradition with as many ways to celebrate it as there are colors in the rainbow. If you’re really anxious to get started, head to right away and start some cyber splashing. For some more exciting options, turn off your computer and read on while Saransri Prawatpattanakul has the know-how on essential equipment before leaving for the front.

Try Traditional

Traditionally, Songkran is the day you spend time with your family and pay respect to your elders, but if you really want to get into the holiness of the holiday, you might want to start at Sanam Luang. There will be a celebration co-organized by the TAT and BMA, Apr 8-15. On Apr 12, the Phra Buddha Sihing will be delivered to Sanam Luang and open for ritual bathing.

Though it’s better known for consumerism than culture, another option is the Suan Lum Night Bazaar Apr 12-16 for its International Songkran Festival 2007. It’s B250 per day ( and includes all the traditional Songkran happenings, like a holy bath for the Buddha image, building a sand pagoda, traditional dance shows and an OTOP sale.

Making merit at Wat Arun, a.k.a. Temple of the Dawn, (34 Arun Ammarin Rd., 02-465-7740, 02-462-3762) is a particularly auspicious way to greet the new dawn of the New Year. If you really need to rack up some good graces for 2550, join Chao Phaya Trip: Wai Phra Kao Wat (B199), a guided boat trip to nine wats throughout the city (details at

Playin’ Posh

This year, instead of celebrating by doing things that are bad for your body (getting drunk, staying out all night in wet clothes, dirty water, dirty people), pick a place where you’ll be pampered.

Wine isn’t just good for a buzz—it can also be therapeutic for your skin, too. At Flore Pleno (571, 2/F, Fenix Tower, Sukhumvit Soi 31, 02-662-2621. Open daily 11am-9pm. Book two days in advance), tell ‘em you want to try the Tropical Wine Spa Delight (B3,000): 120 minutes in a bathtub full of wine. (Remember: red with meat, white with fish.)

Prefer something non-alcoholic? You can dip your body in tea at Spa of Qinera (172/1 Soi Pipat 2, Narathiwat Ratchanakarin Rd., 02-636-8306/-8. Open daily 10am-10pm) with the Herbal Tea Bath (B500/45 minutes), which tightens and refreshes your skin. Alternatively, have a calming Chromotherapy Bath (B900/30 minutes) in Red Roselle juice at Devarana Spa (9/F, The Dusit Thani, 946 Rama 4 Rd., 02-636-3596. Open daily 9am-10pm).

For more general spa treatments, Spa Herbnara (117/8, 5/F Pranjit Tower, Thonglor, 02-712-9509. Open daily 9:30am-9:30pm) offers three tempting Songkran Festival Packages (B1,000-1,200), each with a soothing body scrub and/or massage.

Another way to get close to water without letting someone splash you is on a dinner cruise. (Getting to the pier is your problem.) The Manohra Special Songkran Dining Cruise (B1,900, 02-477-0770) takes you by Wat Arun and the Grand Palace and includes exotic drinks, an eight-course Thai seafood meal and a Thai silk souvenir for every couple.

Cleanse Your Body and Soul

Forget water for a second and do some cleaning on a more spiritual level. Choose from either overnight or day classes at the Sathira-Dhammasathan (B200, 24/5 Watcharaphol, Ram Indra Soi 55, 02-510-6697. Open daily 8-am-5pm) holistic center with Mae Chee Sansanee. Another option is a three-day, three-times-a-day deal at the International Buddhist Meditation Center (Dhamma Vicaya Hall, Wat Mahathat, Na Phara Lan Rd., 02-222-6011. Open daily 8am-6pm).

Usually it’s your skin that gets wet on Songkran, but what about what’s on the inside? Colonic Hydrotherapy (B3,300) by Hydrohealth (4/F Erawan Bangkok, Ploenchit Rd., 02-250-7800. Open daily 10am-9pm) will flush you out so you can start the New Year with a toxin-free body. Water can also be used for a very special massage (not the Ratchada kind): Aqua Acupressure Massage (B4,500/session) at S Medical Spa (2/2 Phakdi Bldg., Wireless Rd., 02-253-1010. Open daily 10am-10pm) will have you floating about for the ultimate in deep stretching and relaxation. For something a little bit more intense, sign up for a 7-Day Detoxification Program (B13,000-B18,000) at Absolute Wellness by Rasayana Retreat (4/F, Amarin Plaza, Ploenchit Rd., 02-252-4404. Open Mon-Thu 11am-8pm, Fri-Sun 11am-6pm), which includes three to five colonic hydrotherapy treatments to wash your body to new levels of energy and balance.

Spendy Songkran

Why do you need to fly off to Hong Kong or Europe for a shopping spree? (Besides, you’re way too late to book a seat.) Instead support your local department store chains by taking advantage of this year’s monthly “shocking” sales. But get some expert advice, will ya? In Bangkok we have the choice of personal shoppers (Central Chit Lom, Ratchadamri Rd., 02-793-7044), personal stylists (The Emporium, Sukhumvit 24, 02-269-1000 ext 1336. Thu and Sun 10am-6pm) and lifestyle consultants (Gaysorn Shopping Center, Ratchadamri Rd., 02-656-1177), who can help you change your look if that’s what you want. Mind you that they need to be booked in advance.

Wet Yourself

Be an Xtreme fiend and wet yourself (sweat, we mean) this New Year. Head to the PTT Speedway (RCA, 02-203-1205. for some serious indoor go-cart action.

Another cool way to escape the water is to get your grippy gear on and scale the heights at ProClimber (391/11 Soi Thanon Chan 42, Wat Phrayakrai, Bang Kor Laem, 02-211-5053. With a fake cliff adorned with handholds, this is a good place to get high with convenience, comfort and safety. Their climbing wall is a great place for beginners or curious climbers who are not ready for a free-falling death this Songkran.

If you want to stay cool but still get a thrill, here are two suggestions. One, dive with the sharks at Siam Ocean World (B5,300-6,300, B1-B2/F, 991 Siam Paragon, Rama 1 Rd., 02-687-2000. Open daily 9am-6pm) and see how exciting life can be breathing underwater. Or escape from the heat inside SubZero (4/F The Esplanade, 99 Ratchadapisek Rd., 02-354-2134. Open daily 11-1am), the recently opened ice skating park.

The In-Crowd

Don’t be afraid to go out. Come on: what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. How many chances do urbanites get to bond with complete strangers? OK, OK, you’ve made your mind up. Home it is. For you cats who are afraid of water but were too lazy or cheap to book a flight out of town, there is always the barricade-yourself-in-your-flat-and-order-in option. So you won’t die of starvation, order from Jae Kee (02-655-8489, 7am-9:30pm) for Thai, JJ Delivery (02-712-3000, 9:30am-9pm, for international dishes or from Pizzanotti (1344, 10:30am-9:30pm) for some edible pizza.

Bargain hunting for pirated movies on the street is too dangerous, so take a cab to Blockbuster (Sukhumvit 33/1, 02-662-1320. Open daily 10am-midnight), where you can rent new releases or buy old ones cheap. Membership is B300 but that’s the price you pay for dryness. At B199, the competition is a bit cheaper; visit Tsutaya (Try President Park, Sukhumvit 24, 02-661-1094. Open daily 10-1am) and rent Waterworld or The Waterboy.

Or how’ bout reading? You’ll need to plan ahead as books and water aren’t the best of friends. Ignore those idiots having fun, put on your thick glasses, and repeat after me, “I am a nerd, I hate fun, and I am proud.” Books Kinokuniya ( has just reduced the burden of human interaction with its online shop that offers the same selection as the physical stores. Unfortunately, they do not accept credit cards. If that’s a problem, you might want to try Asia Books ( instead. If you want Thai books, log on to the Chula Bookstore ( They deliver even faster than the big chains, and all you have to do is pay the delivery boy, just like Pizza Hut.

This Means War

OK, OK, all you really want to do is splash around like there’s no tomorrow. Well, if you’re going to go into battle, be prepared. Getting soaked all day long and hanging around in a damp shirt can lead to sickness, so having the right top is important. Get smart and wear a fast-drying T from Equinox Extreme Shop (B 590-1,250. 3/F, Siam Discovery Center, 02-258-0340. Open daily 10am-10pm).

At the same shop, you can get a waterproof bag for your mobile phone from Aquapac (B950 and B1,200). Other valuables can be kept dry in a waterproof sack from Pro Cam-Fis (B450, 3/F, Siam Discovery Center, 02-658-0314/5. Open daily 10am-10pm).

Now you’re ready to jump in, but you’ll need a weapon along with your defenses. Water guns will be everywhere, but for the best selection and prices, hit Yaowarat (see page 12). Where to go? The first stop is Khao San Road, where the fun runs from noon until midnight. This is the place to fight with backpackers, Thai teens and many tipsy people. Gropers are out in abundance here, so girls, beware of your boobs, and guys, mind your package.

Had too much of those kids and farang? Get yourself to RCA (Rama 9 Rd.) or Silom Soi 4 from 8pm onwards. On RCA you’ll get to meet many hotties with buckets cruising the strip. Fortunately you can escape just by going indoors: most bars and clubs on the strip have very tight rules outlawing water play once you cross the threshhold. If you want to experience armageddon, (attempt to) run the gauntlet of Silom Soi 4, a dead-end alley with the most interesting and diverse crowd in town. (Homophobes, stay home!)


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