In the narrow soi of Phrom Phong lies Ozono, 3,200 square meters of pet-friendly urban greenery. We speak to Dhanesha Kittikanokkul, Project Consultant of Ozono.

So what is Ozono?
It’s a pet-friendly complex. There are two main areas. One is for pet-related businesses such as the pet hotel, the park, training school, cat and dog boutiques and spas. The second area is composed of restaurants, clothing stores, a salon and wine bar to cater to humans. And all these stores are accessible by the pets.

Why did you decide to build a park just for pets?
The problem for pet owners in Bangkok is that there is absolutely nowhere we can take our pets to—not even at the public parks. I am a pet owner myself and I knew there were other people with the same problem so I decided to set up the park just for pets. It’s also within the inner city, ideal for urban pet owners.

Is there a charge to enjoy the facility?
For the complex, no, you can walk your pets anywhere. But for the Petropolis Park, it’s an exclusive place for members only. The membership is B20,000 per year per pet for a weekday package, and B30,000 for weekends.

Are there any rules for the pets?
Of course, your pets have to ­behave and not be aggressive. Owners must also help keep the facility hygienic by cleaning up after their pooches.

Are there any more plans to expand your service?
If the economy gets better, we’re planning to build a resort just for pet lovers. There’s also a plan to build a hydrotherapy center for dogs. Humans keep themselves fit all the time by going to the gym and taking yoga classes, so why shouldn’t the dogs get the same quality of exercise?


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