A new Thai thriller vibing with burning buildings, smoldering looks, and crashing sports cars launched a trailer and Netflix release date today.
The crew behind new Thai original Bangkok Breaking announced that the thriller will launch September 23 on the streaming platform. 
The six-episode series chronicles Wanchai (Sukollawat “Weir” Kanarot), a new arrival in Bangkok who joins a road rescue service famous for collecting bodies and cleaning up carnage. He must unravel a citywide conspiracy with the help of a young journalist, Kat (Suchar “Aom” Manaying).
Image: Netflix Thailand
The show is directed by Kongkoat Komesiri (SliceMuay Thai FighterKhunpan). The showrunner and executive producer is well-known author Prabda Yoon (Last Life in the Universe, Invisible Waves).
“Netflix viewers across the world will witness the varied, contemporary state of Bangkok–from opulent skyscrapers to microcosmic communities strewn throughout its alleyways–through the journeys of Bangkok Breaking’s many characters,” Prabda said.
“Each element of their stories reflects the social reality in all the shades of white, black, and grey on the tapestry that is Bangkok.”
Image: Netflix Thailand
Bangkok Breaking, said to be a “fast-paced” and “gripping” action thriller, is Thailand’s second original Netflix series after teen supernatural drama The Stranded.