Leveraging the success of 2019’s “The Stranded,” Netflix, that little streaming service you may have heard of, is now gearing up to release its second original Thai series, “Bangkok Breaking.”
Debuting exclusively on Netflix, the six-episode series sees one of Thailand’s top authors and indie screenwriters in Prabda Yoon (“Motel Mist,” “Invisible Waves,” “Last Life in the Universe”) coming onboard as executive producer and Kongkiat Komesiri, known for action-thriller hits “Muay Thai Chaiya,” “Art of the Devil 2,” and “Slice,” joining as director.
“Bangkok Breaking” has been described as a fast-paced action-thriller drama centered on the wild world of Bangkok’s road rescue services. In the middle of that action is a lead named Wanchai, who sets out to unravel a city-wide conspiracy alongside an upstart journalist. That’s as much as we have to work with, though, as production is just underway. 
The series, which will hit your TV, phone, and computer screens sometime in 2021, will be aired in over 190 countries. 
Prabda Yoon and Kongkiat Komesiri; image credit Netflix Thailand; cover image credit quotecatalog.com