Be a DJ for a day and rock the dance floor at these joints.

A Curious Teepee
Aside from quirky lamps, a café bar, fashion accessories and giant snow globes, this onestop shop drops some groovy tunes courtesy of local stalwarts Has and KFC. And now you can join in on Friday and Saturday! Send your best digital mixtape, a little word on why you’re awesome and a picture of yourself to info@
#02-24 *SCAPE, 2 Orchard Link, 6820-1680.

Home Club
Known for its alternative take on music, this club is one of the mainstays in Singapore’s glamorous underground and has been at it for years. Guaranteed aural highs are delivered through drum and bass, techno, left-field, hip hop, experimental music, rock and metal. And if you’re itching to helm the same decks that big names like Calibre, Andy Rourke, Goldie and Peaches had, drop Ming an email at ming@homeclub. to book your slot on Tuesday nights.
20 Upper Circular Rd., 6538-2928.

Pimped with state-of-the-art lasers and lights and a sound system that’ll leave your body popping till the next morning, dblO is the club of choice for an unadulterated night of fun. If you’ve got urban flavors in your track bag ranging from hip hop to commercial dance music, pack your gear and book your place on the decks. Ollie Des is the man to go to, so drop him a line at
222 Queen St., 6735-2008.


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For almost two decades, the German DJ-producer pair have been changing the landscape of trance through their mesmerizing live sets and chart-topping releases. I-S speaks to the duo ahead of their set at Azzura.

How has your year been so far?
Ralph Kyau:
All good. Released two singles so far and a remix.

Busy much?
Steven Albert: We did a rework of our classic track "Kiksu" as part of the 15 years of Kyau & Albert releases in 2011.

Your tracks "Walk Down" and "Megashira" were used for a documentary film the U movie. How did that come about and what is your opinion of the film?
RK: When Alexander Reid contacted us to use our songs in the U movie, we became curious about the whole project. While looking into it and seeing a few trailers of that documentary, we decided to support the project.
SA: the U movie is a feature length documentary film about traveling the world and following your dreams. Check the website
RK: We were really inspired by the footage from the film, and decided to make the single "On The Way." Then we came up with the idea that Alexander should make a video-clip for "On The Way" with footage from the U movie. He also thought that it was a fantasic idea and could really make a good push for the movie. The response for the video-clip was massive.

Germany is known more for its techno than trance. How has this impacted your music?
When we started making music our biggest idol was Paul van Dyk. He is the most popular DJ in Germany. In the ealy 90's even Sven Väth was playing trance. We like listening to other styles too for inspiration.

You will be spinning at Azzura here. What can we expect?
People can expect a typical Kyau & Albert set with lots of energy behind the decks.

Catch Kyau & Albert on Apr 9, 10pm. Azzura, 46 Siloso Beach Walk, 6270-8003. $25-30 includes one drink.


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