Zul Andra speaks to Asher Swissa and Assaf B-Bass from the highly acclaimed Israeli psy-trance group Skazi ahead of their debut at Zouk.

How’s it rocking boys?
It has been rocking hard on every side (laughs). We’re working and enjoying life to the max. We’ve been touring the world for the past 12 years and this will be the first time ever that we’ll be in Singapore. We are very excited!

Psy-trance: Some hate it, others love it. What does the sound mean to you?
Like all things in life, different people like different things. For us the genre represents total freedom; it has no borders of age, class or race and you’ll find all sides of society that really dig it. Psy-trance can be anything from rock to classic and everything in between. The genre is constantly evolving in the spirit of the times and has remained dynamic and fresh.

What’s new or in the pipeline for you guys?
We’ve been in the studio working on different local and international projects. We are also making some final tweaks to our new album that is going to be released in early June. The album is bold and different and it’ll definitely kick ass on the dance floor. We’ve also produced five killer music videos for the singles, and the first world premier of the music video “Warrior” will be showcased on our Singapore tour!

You got a name for the album?
The name of the album is going to be decided by you and all of our friends on www.facebook.com/skazimusic. “Like” the page and think of a name for the album. Who knows, we might pick your album title!

What do you think of your fellow Israelis, Infected Mushroom?
We’ve been very close friends with Infected Mushroom since 14 years ago. They are brilliant people and gifted musicians who have gathered big respect from the Israeli electronic scene and across the world. It’s always funny when we meet because we get really crazy and all hell will break loose.

You’ll be making your debut at Zouk. What can we expect?
Our music and everything about it is not planned by a trend or a wave of change. Our music has its own unique signature that is a mix of different styles and genres. We’ve played in the biggest rock festivals like Fuji Rock in Japan, to a jungle trance party in South Africa, to New York clubs like Webster Hall and Avalon. The Skazi experience, from the music to the total madness on stage, is different from what people used to expect.

Mosh to the duo at the Tel Aviv Party City presents Skazi “LIVE” on Apr 21, 10pm. Zouk, 17 Jiak Kim St., 6738-2988. $25-30 includes two drinks.


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Step into Bollywood through the pop artistic expression of acclaimed painter Rajul Mehta, says Zul Andra.

Born in India, Rajul moved to Israel when she was only 19-years-old, studied arts at the prestigious Midrashah in Ramat Hasharon and traded her cultural roots for a more westernized experience.

Ironically, it was her move away from her traditions that allowed her to see it from another perspective. In her first ever solo exhibition in Singapore, Bollywood represents her version of India. With inspirations from Bollywood films, she depicts the fate of mythic and tragic characters, relationships of love, betrayal, devotion and fidelity and the epic and impossible battles of the generation gap through her distinctive painting style. Rajul’s brush stroke comes from a hint of comforting memory, of a past she once knew—an India that mattered most to her heart. “My inspiration behind ‘Bollywood’ is the excitement Indians all around the world get when they see the glamor, happiness, and perfection in most of these movies,” says Rajul. “As an Indian woman, I feel it is one way I have stayed in touch with my culture.”

Rajul also feels that most Bollywood films portray a perfect love story and offer the audience a positive and optimistic idea of life. “I feel like this has impacted my belief of the future,” she added.

In her work "Breathless," an image of a woman’s face is painted with her golden locks glamorously flying over her face and capturing the audience with her intense gaze. “It's a picture which leaves you breathless ... a feeling of larger than life,” says Rajul. “What I love is the freedom of colors, the dripping of paint, the spontaneity, and capturing the moment right then and there. I would say a lot of woman in India dream about them.”

“Her paintings convey the rapture and enthusiasm of mass consumer culture,” says New York gallerist Paul Rodgers. “Ultimately, it is this blend of personal exoticism with the common currency of international contemporary art which endows Mehta’s paintings with particular poignancy.”

“Bollywood” is on Apr 21-24 at The Arts House, 1 Old Parliament Lane, 6336-3386. Free.


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Zouk has been a formidable force in introducing, promoting and sharing the best that electronic dance music has to offer. Ahead of their 20th Anniversary party, Zul Andra speaks to Timothy Chia, Zouk’s Head of Marketing & Events, about the club’s past, present and future.

What can we expect in Zouk’s 20th Anniversary celebration?
Expect not to sleep that week as the festivities start with the legendary Mambo Jambo on April 13, followed by the No. 1 DJ in the world, Armin van Buuren on April 14. April 15 will be the official 20th Anniversary celebration and we’ve got an amazing evening of activities planned that night so everybody should join us because it’s not everyday that we turn 20. We’ll also be launching a very special book and CD at the party! We’ll close the week in grand style with a long-awaited marathon set by the DJ’s DJ, Danny Tenaglia on April 16. We’re not confining our celebrations to just one week in April though. Stay tuned as we announce some exciting collaborations and projects to last the whole year!

Why Zouk 20/20?
It’s a celebration of 20 amazing years of existence and it’s about celebrating perfect vision. If not for one man’s vision 20 years ago (owner Lincoln Cheng), we wouldn’t even be doing this interview in the first place. 20/20 can also mean “top marks” and it’s not everyday that we pat ourselves on the back but reaching 20 years is a milestone for any business, let alone a nightspot, and we want to look back on the past with pride and look to the future with excitement too as we continue to contribute in our own small way towards making Singapore a world-class entertainment destination.

One world, one music, one tribe, one dance. What does Zouk's motto mean?
It’s the inspired feeling you get when you’re on the dance floor in Zouk and ZoukOut and you look around and realize that the music is perfect, the people around you are awesome, you’re dancing like no one’s watching and there’s no other place you’d rather be right now.

If you could do anything to change the landscape of dance music in Singapore, what would it be?
I would encourage everybody to be open-minded and try to embrace all kinds of dance music. I personally love techno and drum ‘n’ bass and I’d love to see more kids going crazy to these sounds without feeling like they have to dance a certain way. People, don’t be so self-conscious, just let yourself go and let the music move you!

Countdown at Zouk 20/20: 20th Anniversary Celebration Party on Apr 15, 10pm. Zouk, 17 Jiak Kim St., 6738-2988. $23-28 includes two drinks.


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Zul Andra speaks to the legendary drum and bass DJ-producer ahead of his much-awaited set at Home Club.

You're pretty menacing with all that gold. What’s the real Goldie like away from the media’s eye?
Very spiritual and peaceful now. I practice Bikram Yoga wherever I can especially in London and on tour.

What is it about the underground scene that appeals to people?
It’s good to have escapism and be different; underground is a part of a movement that continues to excel in so many different fields of society.

You hung out with Noel Gallagher a lot back in the day, “tooting one for England” as they say. What was the experience like, and what has it taught you?
At some point in our lives we all live life in the fast lane. I’ve now been there and done that, bought the T-shirt and have settled down.

With technology influencing how you make and play music, do you think this empowers creativity or the opposite?
A good artist needs to engineer and control the technology. To produce and adapt a definitive cutting edge sound will come from the human heart.

We saw how you completely knocked the dance floor out in Home Club last time; what can we expect this time?
A REPEAT! I’m really focused at the moment and looking forward to the show.

Goldie says to all his fans out there…
See you down the front, the time is near!

Goldie lays down the law on Apr 9, 9pm. Home Club, #B1-01/06 The Riverwalk, 20 Upper Circular Rd., 6538-2928. $15-20 includes one drink.


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