Zul Andra speaks to the legendary drum and bass DJ-producer ahead of his much-awaited set at Home Club.

You're pretty menacing with all that gold. What’s the real Goldie like away from the media’s eye?
Very spiritual and peaceful now. I practice Bikram Yoga wherever I can especially in London and on tour.

What is it about the underground scene that appeals to people?
It’s good to have escapism and be different; underground is a part of a movement that continues to excel in so many different fields of society.

You hung out with Noel Gallagher a lot back in the day, “tooting one for England” as they say. What was the experience like, and what has it taught you?
At some point in our lives we all live life in the fast lane. I’ve now been there and done that, bought the T-shirt and have settled down.

With technology influencing how you make and play music, do you think this empowers creativity or the opposite?
A good artist needs to engineer and control the technology. To produce and adapt a definitive cutting edge sound will come from the human heart.

We saw how you completely knocked the dance floor out in Home Club last time; what can we expect this time?
A REPEAT! I’m really focused at the moment and looking forward to the show.

Goldie says to all his fans out there…
See you down the front, the time is near!

Goldie lays down the law on Apr 9, 9pm. Home Club, #B1-01/06 The Riverwalk, 20 Upper Circular Rd., 6538-2928. $15-20 includes one drink.


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