The Dutch trance DJ-producer talks to Zul Andra about his latest compilation Rielism and his style of music.

Your recent release Rielism has been well received.
It's a new compilation series that we've started. The first one was released on May 9 and with this I wanted to show people where I stand at this point in my career. Of course I play a lot more than what's featured on the compilation. I didn't want to create a club mix. I wanted to create something that people can listen to at any time of the day … weather you're at work, heading home or are about to go to a club.

Do you have a special ritual during production?
Not really, no. I just sit down, think about certain stuff or just answering emails and then suddenly I just get in to a certain mood and I start. I could also be playing around with some sounds and then come up with a riff or idea and take it from there. I'm not superstitious when it comes to producing music though. The thing I never do is save any presets or settings. That way, each track sounds a bit different sound wise.

What’s trance to you and why do you think it's so popular?
Well I love trance, but not only trance. I play anything ranging from trance, house, progressive to "trouse" as they call it nowadays and the tech stuff as well. A good record is a good record, as long as it fits my style and taste I will play it. Trance almost seems to have become a way of life to a lot of people. Which I think is a cool thing, but I hope everyone will stay open minded and enjoy all there is to enjoy within the electronic dance music scene and beyond! So much good music out there.

Your return to Zouk has created a lot of buzz recently.
Do you know I'm really looking forward to returning to Zouk? No? Well I am and I cannot wait! If you all are okay with it I'd like to blow Zouk's roof off. I'll do my best to make it a night to remember!

Keep your heads up as Sied van Riel looks set to do as promised on May 27, 10pm. Zouk, 17 Jiak Kim St., 6738-2988. $25-30 includes two drinks.


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Ahead of Sir Norman Jay's epic set, I-S chats to the legendary British DJ-producer.

In 2002 you were awarded an MBE for "DJing and services to music." How has that impacted you as a person and your career in music?
I can’t really measure it. But it has afforded me a kind of respect from the government, establishments and royalty. Since then, I’ve been called Sir, Godfather, Your Highness, the works. It is a nice feeling to be respected for the thing that you love doing. Just last week, I got a call from The University of Hertfordshire and they will be honoring me with a Doctorate in music in October this year. It is truly an honor.

How has your year been?
It has been a fantastic year! I had my best start in three years with wonderful gigs in New Zealand, China and South Africa. Not to mention, the ones I had in UK and Europe. I am heading up to play in some of the biggest UK festivals like Glastonbury and V Festival and am expecting around 50,000 people for the party.

From helping set up KISS.FM in the 80s till now, how do you think music has evolved?
Radically. We are in the digital revolution and that explains everything. Live music is being recorded digitally in the studios and bedroom DJs and producers are manipulating sounds to create something new. I am comfortable in both areas. I never thought I would ever be reliant on technology but times have changed.

We can’t wait to be partying with you at Zouk Sir!
Come with an open mind, a big smile and a good attitude. You’ll be hearing house, some old classics, jazz, disco and even some dubstep if I feel like it.

Hail the music of Sir Norman Jay at SOUL:FUNK:DISCO:VERY, May 20, 10pm. Zouk, 17 Jiak Kim St., 6738-2988. $28-35 includes two drinks.


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