From the array of lights on a raised LED DJ stage, to the colors of a mad Chinaman and even a "Black tour" from a rock chick, May gives us a certain shade of everything.

Deadmau5, the reigning king of elaborate DJ sets complete with lasers, strobe lights and a raised platform takes on SCAPE* "live" to bring his chart-topping hits like "Ghost n Stuff" and "Faxing Berlin" for an audio-visual spectacle like no other.

Broadway actor Bruce Kuhn will be giving an acclaimed theatrical rendtiion of the famed novelist, Leo Tolstoy works in Tales of Tolstoy.

Two techno legends in one club? Get out of town! Or alternatively you could head to Zouk to catch Kevin Saunderson and Derrick May playing side by side. Your move!

Don't miss soft rock duo Air Supply whom has continued to touch the hearts of generations with their classic ballads.

Be amazed as the classical Korean folklore Shim Chung is told through a modern ballet rendition in this performance of high calibre by the University Ballet of Korea.

Always wanted to do your bid for mankind like a superhero would? Now you can at Project Hammer's Superheroes & Villians Party with all proceeds going to children chairty in Cambodia.

London’s West End performer Billy Geraghty take on a compelling impersonation of Buddy Holly and Jerry Lee Lewis in this acclaimed production.

Catch the New York indie band The Drums as they rattle the dancefloor over at St James.

The rock chick Avril Lavigne returns to Singapore promising an all out assault on her tour.

Dick Lee makes a comeback to stage based on his autobiography, The Adventures of the Mad Chinaman.


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Italian DJ-producers Andrea "Phra" Fratangelo and Francesco "Bot" Barbaglia are Crookers. Combining loud tech noise and electro breaks, they've destroyed global dancefloors. I-S speaks to a seemingly drunk Phra prior to their set at Zouk.

Hello Bot and Phra, how have you guys been?
We're both great thanks!

Born and bred in Milan, how's the scene kicking these days?
We don't live in Italy no more. I hope it's all good though.

No more? You guys must be busy with projects. What's new?
We are finishing our new album/project called Dr.Gonzo (first EP out April 11) with a couple of amazing producers. And we've been touring a lot!

Both you and Francesco "Bot" Barbaglia have been at it for 8 years now as Crookers. How is the relationship like?
We are like an old couple... that means all good!

What’s the weirdest thing you guys have ever done together?
Nothing really weird, we are pretty normal guys.

Your debut album Tons of Friends released last year featured works with many A-list acts including Pitbull, Drop the Lime, Major Lazer and Kid Cudi and was a major success. How has that helped shape your career?
Its all about music. I think our career is helped more with not getting stuck into a  musical genre and always try to do new and excithing stuff.

Describe a typical Crookers set.
Bum, clap, bum, clap... break, bum, clap... pull it up!

Is that the same thing that's going to fire up the dancefloor on your upcoming gig at Zouk?
Bum, clap, Dr.gonzo, melody, bum, clap, weird break, dubecho...pull it up!

Bum, clap and then some at Readysetglo with the Crookers on Apr 23, 10pm. Zouk, 17 Jiak Kim St., 6738-2988. $25.00-30.00 includes two drinks.


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