With the 2012 Academy Awards taking place this week, fashionistas have glam dresses on their mind. These scream Hollywood glamor, but without the price tag.

7, 2nd Floor

Calling all city hipsters, this place will give you your Urban Outfitters or Anthropologie fix. Inspired by the owner’s passion for all things vintage, 7, 2nd Floor can completely kit you out from head to toe with products from clothing to accessories and shoes. The store itself is something straight out of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. All it’s missing is the indie pop band playing in the corner. Women’s tops and dresses are the focus and have an almost bag-lady-intentionally-mismatched appeal to them—like we said, very hipster. Women’s shirts start from B300 and dresses from B600. Our pick is the velvet, red-wine dress: simple and classic, B1,480.

Again & Again

You may have an urge to watch Titanic and conjure up your inner Kate Winslet after strolling through this store, because Again & Again’s clean, white décor, along with its high-neck lace dresses evoke a distinctly Victorian-vibe. Opened for two-and-a-half years, the store was inspired by the owner’s love of travelling and collecting antiques. The products’ origins are a global affair, coming from Japan, USA, France and the Czech Republic. Dresses vary from simple, everyday items to evening gowns. With its attention mostly on bright, warm colors, tops start from B480 and dresses from B1,480 to B8,900. Our favorite is the dark-chocolate nylon dress covered with gold flowers, B5,980.

Cocue Basics

Think Chatachuck gone posh. The disorganized, flea-market stall look of Cocue Basics, as well as its clothing and accessories, are really one-of-a-kind. The store’s large space, huge glass windows and off-beat décor is enough to draw attention. Carrying both men’s and women’s vintage products (tops, jeans, shoes, hats, and dresses), these unique pieces are from Thailand, Korea and Hong Kong. Dresses vary from light pastel colors to dark tones, especially the evening-wear selections. Tops, jeans and dresses range from B490 to B6,950. What’s eye-catching is the black lace dress balanced with touches of sparkling beads and colorful lines. Packed with sex appeal, you definitely don’t have to worry about bumping into someone wearing the same dress, B4,500.

Back Yard

This recent addition to the Bangkok vintage scene, open for just four months, has an old New York appeal. Its dimly-lit brick store looks like it could be speakeasy in the Prohibition era. And its retro-cut dresses span different decades and would have the likes of female greats from Zelda Fitzgerald to Audrey Hepburn swooning. Back Yard doesn’t only sell vintage clothing, but also decorative art, furniture, food and drinks. The store’s vibe will send you straight into a back alley of SoHo, New York, with most of its products—women’s dresses, men’s shirts and furniture—coming from the Big Apple. Men’s shirts take a lighter tone in color, whereas women’s dresses go for darker tones with touches of lace and vibrant beads. Men’s shirts and furniture pieces start from B1,000, and women’s dresses from B2,000. Most attention grabbing? The dark green minimal vintage velvet dress, B4,800.


7, 2nd Floor. 258/16 Siam Square Soi 3, Lido 2/F, Open daily from 12:30pm-8:30pm, 02-654-6253
Again & Again. Sukhumvit 55 Thonglor 4, Market Place Room B1A, Open Mon 11am-8pm Tue-Sun 11am-9pm, 089-486-5359
Back Yard. 77 Ekkamai Soi 21, Baan Ekkamai 2/F, Open 1pm-12pm Closed on Monday, 02-715-0846
Cocue Basic. 77 Ekkamai Soi 21, Baan Ekkamai 1/F, Open daily from 1pm-9pm, 02-711-4783


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