Them Shop

Launched in 2012, Them Shop does clothing and accessories with an emphasis on light pastel tones with animal and sea creature motifs. The cut designs on shirts, rings and pins make for great gifts, and a portion of every sale is donated towards the protection of wild animals.


Dotlineplain stays very true to its name: doing men’s and women’s clothing printed with dots, lines and stripes on plain-colored pieces. With over 18,000 likes after only a few months, their basic designs like striped tops and polka dot dresses at affordable price tags are proving very popular.


Awarded 8GG Magazine’s most inspiring brand, Vinita does women’s tops and dresses that balance minimalism and boldness. What got our attention is their classic elegance, which is spiced up with lined patterns and alluring cuts.


Bagspace does exactly what its name suggests: men’s bags with a focus on practical use of space. Think messengers, totes and backpacks made from genuine leather with minimal designs and hidden compartments.


This online women’s jewelry shop stocks enigmatic designs bordering on sculpture: from moon-themed necklaces to ocean-inspired earrings and ballerina pendants. Most pieces are made from rhodium and clear crystal, with small details and natural tones like turquoise and emerald.

Wardrobe Ministry

Started out as an online blog catering to men with preppy predispositions, Wardrobe Ministry is now also a store selling imported men’s apparel from names like Alden, Brooks Brothers, Black Fleece, Florsheim and Ralph Lauren. For those wanting to pull of that Joseph Gordon-Levitt look, this blog and online shop are definitely worth a look.


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