This year’s men’s underwear trend is all about vivid hues.


1. Scotch patterns never go out of style. B1,190 from Siam Paragon.
2. Show off your colorful side with this Calvin Klein piece. B1,190 from Siam Paragon.
3. Flowers that don’t look girly? This Shop For Men’s pulls it off. B550 from This Shop For Men.
4. Calvin Klein does red, too. B1,090 from Siam Paragon.
5. Purple is the new black. B1,090 from Siam Paragon.
6. The signature Paul Smith colored stripes. B2,900 from Siam Paragon.

Boxer Briefs

7. More unorthodox Calvin Klein undies. B1,190 from Siam Paragon
8. Brand-crazy? These Calvin Kleins say it loud. B1,290 from Siam Paragon.
9. Available in red and green, this Toot piece comes with a surprise at the back. B2,540 from This Shop For Men.
10. Keep it fresh down there. B1,250 from This Shop For Men.
11. 2ero sees la vie en rose. B825 from This Shop For Men.
12. Topman’s unique color play with a solid touch of black. B390 from Central World.
13. Calvin Klein goes for an understated look. B.1,090 from Siam Paragon.
14. Topman sends out an invitation to the “After party.” B390 from Central World.


15. Strip down to your Good Men Wear stripy pants. B1,730 from This Shop For Men.
16. This gay locker room fantasy from Good Men Wear breathes. B1,950 from This Shop For Men.
17. Aussiebum’s fire-red piece with a slight touch of black. B1,550 from This Shop For Men.
18. Another bold color for Calvin Klein. B1,190 from Siam Paragon.
19. This Good Men Wear brief carries a (get) lucky number seven. B1,900 from This Shop For Men.


Paul Smith: Try 1/F, Siam Paragon, 02-610-9770
Calvin Klein: Try 2/F, Siam Paragon, 02-690-1000
Topman: Try 2/F Beacon Zone, Central World, 02-613-1796
This Shop For Men, Good Men Wear, Toot, Aussiebum, 2ero: Try This Shop For Men, Silom C34 (Next to Yada Building and TMB Bank), 02-632-8383


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