Ed Sheeran—guitar whiz, heart-on-sleeve lyricist and..."super foodie."

That final descriptor is the verdict of none other than Gaggan Anand, the man behind arguably Asia's most famous restaurant, Gaggan

While in Bangkok to play at Rajamangala National Stadium on Apr 28, the "Shape of You" and "Galway Girl" singer also made his presence known at some of the city's top restaurants. 

Sheeran's official Instagram account may have stuck to "boating and temples and beer in Bangkok," but it appears he also has more refined tastes. 

First there was a visit to Suhring, Top Tables 2019's #1-ranked restaurant where twins Thomas and Mathias Sühring serve up meticulously presented German tasting menus. The result was this heartwarming group shot.



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Then there was a selfie posted with chef Bee Satongun of Paste, the Asia's 50 Best-placing restaurant known for celebrating the authentic textures and flavors of Thai cuisine.


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But it was a trip to Gaggan, where Sheeran commandeered the chef's phone for a series of intimate shots, that perhaps gives us the best insight into Sheeran's passion for food (and pulling strange faces).

In the post to Instagram, chef Gaggan let slip six "facts" about his musical guest, including that he's a "super foodie;" "eats very fast as we serve;" "gets emotional with the food;" "his wife and his friends are amazing energy;" and he's the "most humble celebrity I came across in my life."


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Oh, and apparently Gaggan "will always get a free ticket to his concerts."


UPDATE: Sheeran was also spotted enjoying the high life at Above Eleven , Soi 11’s Peruvian Japanese rooftop spot. If you have any other Ed sightings, hit us up in the comments.


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