From Sri Trat to Tonkin Annam, the restaurants we handed 1-4 stars last month. 


Food reviews remain one of the most-loved (and controversial) parts of BK Magazine. We run two restaurant reviews every week that are conducted completely anonymously. We pay for our food. We don’t listen to the spiel from the owners or PR. And we write bluntly about what we think. Sometimes they piss people off. Four stars is as high as we, the reviewers, can go. It’s for totally awesome places. We don't give that fourth star out lightly. (Five stars is only for the annual Top Tables’ top 10, which is voted on by a panel of foodies and industry experts.) For more on BK's review policy, click here. Here's this month's batch of reviews, from high to low.  

Tonkin Annam ★★★★

"While Bangkok has its serviceable Vietnamese restaurants—even very, very good ones—they’re still frustratingly light on the ground. None feel quite as complete a package as this reinvigorated shop-house in Tha Tien, the riverside neighborhood synonymous with 'slow-life.'"

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Eats Payao ★★★

"The food maintains its street cred with mostly-traditional recipes from Phayao province."

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Jamie's Burgers ★★★

"For the price (starting at a dirt-cheap B99 for a pork patty, B119 for beef), we dare you to name a more satisfying burger."

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Le Cabanon ★★★ 

"Le Cabanon has everything on paper to be one of the city’s elite-level restaurants, but it needs to push the envelope a little if it hopes to reach that lofty altitude."

Loulou Forks & Glasses ★★★

"Loulou has a lot of things going for it: an unbeatable setting for the area, quality produce and a wine cellar worthy of special occasions."

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Rico ★★★

"Open House at Central Embassy’s latest foodie player does tapas-portioned Spanish dishes with Moorish influence amid beautiful tiles and alfresco views."

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Sri Trat ★★★

"Its luxurious rooms of azure, button-backed leather sofas and louvered wooden panels welcome a buzzy, high-end crowd to dine on recipes drawn from Thailand’s eastern provinces."

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The Local Canteen ★★

"Here’s an upscale Thai canteen tucked among the many lunch options in Bangkok’s crowded Sathorn area."

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