Yes, it’s hot. Yes, people are about to start chucking water at you. But, you’ve got a little time off, so it’s a great opportunity to check out these brand new restaurants. 


Oh My Godmother (Marche)

Wait, we hear you say. Wasn’t this in last month’s list? Yes, it was, but that was for the shop in Emsphere. In short order, this spot has opened a new, larger sit-down space in Thonglor’s Marche mall. The Iberry group—known for successful restaurants such as Kub Kao Kub, Thong Smith, and Charoen Gang—launched its newest restaurant endeavor, Oh My Godmother as a fun and whimsical patisserie and restaurant decorated with booths, white tiled walls, and terrazzo tables, bringing together the talents of Vietnamese pastry chefs, Chalee Kader, Chef Narae Kim, and the Iberry Group. 



This restaurant opened yesterday and that’s not enough time—even for BK—to give you the lowdown on the food. But, we’ve got two words to get you interested: Samlor and smokehouse. Napol “Joe”Jantraget of Samlor of the Top Tables No.14 pick for 2024 Samlor and the top ranking Nawa is opening a new space for Thai smokehouse cuisine, so get ready to hear a lot more about this place. 

[Brought to you by KINKI]


KINKI reimagines Japanese cuisine with modern twists. Expect familiar flavors in dishes like unagi crispy skin on truffle sushi rice and nori, or oyako risotto with poached egg. Adventurous palates will enjoy the smoked F1 wagyu yukke, while seafood lovers can try the kaizen taco with uni caviar. End with the Nashi pear tart for a sweet finish. KINKI offers a vibrant ambiance with a stylish interior and outdoor terrace. Located in Ascott Thonglor, it's open daily for lunch and dinner. Reservations here, KINKI.


Pizza Street

After the launch of Gordon Ramsay’s Bread Street restaurant at Emsphere last year, fans have been waiting for his other projects to set up shop. Now, the hot-tempered celebrity chef’s Street Pizza finally arrived at Emsphere, serving up your classic comfort fare in a laid back venue. The open space and long table are ideal for a group sesh, and the semi-private cushy booths are a little more intimate. With a huge flat screen TV looming overhead, the restaurant is planning to screen some sporting events and they round out the pub vibes with a counter bar. No, it’s not a buffet, but it’s still worth it. 


Apostofi House (Naradhiwas)

Apostofi House mixes the Apostofi Group’s Bangkok brands into one building in Sathorn. Combining their multidisciplinary brands, customers can pick up art supplies from their stationary brand Medium, sip some coffee and tea from Bangkok-famous cafe Vela, dine out with fare from Gardens. Apostofi House, which was previously the brand’s headquarters, has fully integrated their projects into a singular four-storey building so visitors can get a one stop shop of the entire experience—and don’t forget the furry friends because it’s pet friendly.


Deng Deng

Supamas and Sattawat Suratuangchai, the siblings behind new specialty Deng Deng, want to put the spotlight on tea and shake up the Thai-Chinese community in Taladplu. The team behind the cafe have run a pre-ordering business for Chinese drinks and snacks since 2020, importing items that are not yet available or in stock. Pre-ordering takes longer than your average online shopping, so Deng Deng meaning, “wait a minute,” in Chinese just kind of stuck. The menu is 70% Chinese tea and 30% Taiwanese tea and focuses on uplifting the unique flavors in different kinds of tea leaves. The drinks can be divided into five categories: milk tea, herbal, fruity, non-caffeinated, and hot tea.



Qraft, known for its Peace Oriental Teahouses and croissant shop in Ari, has unveiled its latest venture on top of the 55th floor of the Empire Tower, their first all-day dining spot. Their offerings include the bakery and parfait, oriental brunch, and izakaya menu for the evenings. As they’re known for their teas, you have a tea pairing for every dish. Featuring a spacious but minimalistic interior, dark wood furnishings frame the main focus: the panoramic views. In the evenings, the izakaya menu focuses on its wood-fired grill, including vegetables, chicken, beef, and seafood. We recommend the A5 Wagyu, the Portobello Mushrooms with grated parmesan, and their wasabi fried chicken.


LV The Place Bangkok

Yes, this place has an actual name; it’s not just Gaggan. BK got a sneak preview of the food here, and it’s good news for fans of the eccentric celebrity chef because it’s a lot of innovation with a lot of that same style. Louis Vuitton has entered the realm of Bangkok haute cuisine with its new collab in Ratchaprasong which combines fine dining and high fashion. 



It seems like every month is bringing us a new high-end spot for Indian food. Jaraokha was followed by Baba, and now you can find Nila at the Amari Bangkok. There’s a Goan twist on this fare, as it’s combined with the Portuguese flavors found on India’s Malabar coast. In short, it’s a good time to love Indian food in Bangkok. 



Udom Suk needs more churros. Now fully open, Sun.ABSS is a trendy gem of a cafe that’s a quick seven-minute walk from the Udom Suk BTS. They claim to have some of the best churros in town. The venue is reminiscent of Korean cafes, keeping the general muted minimalistic tones and adding interesting texture with curved furniture, cute wall art, and orange colored glass walls. Taking advantage of the sunny weather, their all white exterior makes a perfect snapshot with natural lighting creating intriguing shapes and shadows.

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