After the launch of Gordon Ramsay’s Bread Street restaurant at Emsphere last year, fans have been waiting for his other projects to set up shop. Yesterday, the hot-tempered celebrity chef’s Street Pizza finally arrived at Emsphere, serving up your classic comfort fare in a laid back venue. 
The open space and long table are ideal for a group sesh, and the semi-private cushy booths are a little more intimate. With a huge flat screen TV looming overhead, the restaurant is planning to screen some sporting events and they round out the pub vibes with a counter bar. 
Street Pizza is known for its all-you-can eat servings, but, bad news, the Bangkok branch is doing it a la carte style to prioritize quality over quantity; that said, it does ensure every slice is served hot from the oven—if nothing else it’s a blessing in disguise for the waistline.
Photo: Street Pizza’s pepperoni (B450) / BK Magazine
So far the menu features eight pizza toppings. If you’re a bit of a stickler for the classics, they’ve covered go-to orders like margherita (B350) and pepperoni (B450). The latter actually packs a little heat from the spicy Spanish salami, perfect for the Thai palate.
Photo: Street Pizza’s The Londoner (B590) / BK Magazine
Similarly, the Londoner (B590) will impress lovers of food on the savory and spicy side. With a mozzarella tomato base topped with fennel salami, burrata, and the spicy pork sausage Italian spread Nduja, it’s reminiscent of good ol’ Thai chili paste aka, nam prik pao.
Photo: Street Pizza’s tandoori paneer (B350) / BK Magazine
On the more adventurous side of the menu, they offer the tandoori paneer pizza (B350). It might seem a little unfamiliar at first, but the toppings include key ingredients in Indian dishes, including crowd pleasing minty buttermilk dressing, tiny cubes of paneer cheese, and some refreshing sweetness from pomegranate seeds.
Photo: Street Pizza’s chicken / BK Magazine
Though chicken isn’t on the restaurant’s sign, their crispy skin and generous coating of sauce is still worth a go. You can select between five flavors: sweet chili kimchi, signature sweet and savory GFC, chocolate barbeque, street hot sauce, and hotter than hell. There are three spice levels, but seasoned spice lovers won’t be fazed.
Photo: Homemade lemonade sparkling (B190) / BK Magazine
To go along with the meal, Street Pizza features wine, beer, milkshakes, cocktails, and mocktails. Check out the London Garden (B220), a gin-based tipple fragrant from elderflower and sweetened with peach, lemon, and orange bitters—it’s a bit like the Thai childhood favorite pepo fruit jelly snack.
GM Floor, Emsphere, Sukhumvit Road, 092 253 3456, Open daily 11am-10pm. (last order 9pm).