Recently launched in January, Sun.ABSS is a trendy gem of a cafe that’s a quick seven-minute walk from the Udom Suk BTS. They claim to have some of the best churros in town. So what’s the verdict?
The latter half of the cafe’s name ABSS is an abbreviation which stands for “alone but still shine,” fitting for a standalone cafe far away from other cafe hopping haunts in the city. 
The venue is reminiscent of Korean cafes, keeping the general muted minimalistic tones and adding interesting texture with curved furniture, cute wall art, and orange colored glass walls. Taking advantage of the sunny weather, their all white exterior makes a perfect snapshot with natural lighting creating intriguing shapes and shadows. 
But we’re not here just for Insta, we’re here for churros. The churro selection is surprisingly simple. Each set comes with three pieces and one dipping sauce of your choice. The classic churros (B115) are the familiar sweet blend of cinnamon and sugar coating that we’ve all come to love.

The other option is savory: truffle churros (B135) speckled with dashes of sea salt. We ordered it along with the chocolate dipping sauce to balance out the flavors. But you can add on other dipping sauces such as whipped cream, cream cheese, and lemon curd.
The venue managed to curb the deep-fried cardinal sin: greasiness. Serving perfectly crunchy exteriors, and pillowy textures on the inside, none of the ingredients overpower and it has that melt in your mouth effect.
For drinks, your best bet to contrast the dessert is their Sun.ABSS signature coffee (B130) which is a blend of Thai medium roast and refreshing orange juice. 
If you’re still craving sweets, you can go for the Churro Latte (B160) which comes with a churro on top or the Choco Oreo (B120) for those who want to stay away from the caffeine. The store also carries their very own small selection of red and white wine from Australia and South Africa.
Their second floor is an open studio space, welcoming diners while hosting occasional events. Stay updated on their Instagram to find out more.
29/2, Sukhumvit Soi 66/1, 098-602-9560. Mon-Tues 9am-4pm; Thurs-Fri 9am-4pm; Sat-Sun 10am-5pm.