Beer. A Love Story, a documentary made in Belgium and Austria, will show exclusively at Doc Club & Pub starting next Thursday (Apr 28), with four events [see below] throughout May, too.

The story explores six groups behind the magic of beer making, some comparing the craft of brewing to painting and architecture.

“It is art, like any other art, in my eyes,” says one of the story narrators in the official trailer. “I don’t know how to paint. I know how to brew, so I started brewing.”

This documentary shows a side to drinking culture that’s more than just getting drunk, as well as diving into the stories of what makes some international breweries so successful and how a small independent brewery can survive.

Meanwhile, in Thailand, the draconian Alcohol Beverage Control Act prevents drinkers from any number of social and promotional activities, including fines for posting a photo of alcoholic drinks on social media. There is also a right-wing contingent of prohibitionists treating booze like a sin and oligopolies behind prohibitive brewing and excise laws.


All starts with a 3pm documentary screening.

Apr 30: Talks on lager, including the history and discussions of lager beer.

May 8: Talks on "Asian Scene and Eastern Beer Culture" by Sandport.

May 14: Talks on "American Scene and Story of the Hoppy Lover" by Beervana.

May 21: A panel discussion on "Historic European Beer, and German and Belgian Beer Culture" by Captain Barrel.