How often do Bangkokians go to the gym?



Bangkok’s Favorite Gym: Virgin Active (13.4%) 


Virgin Active (Wireless)


Since landing in Bangkok back in 2014, Richard Branson’s high-end, high-tech fitness hub has clearly stolen your hearts, beating old timers like Fitness First (11.7%), who have been on the scene for over 10 years. Proving it’s not all about the commercial players, local boutique fitness centers like Absolute You (7.2%) and Base Bangkok (6.9%) also proved they’ve got your vote.


Bangkok’s Favorite Exercise class: HIIT (38.6%)


The statistics have spoken and it seems Bangkokians are suckers for punishment. HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) involves short, intense bursts of exercise structured in a way that is great for burning fat and building fitness—think high heart rates and a whole lot of sweat. Convinced? Check out the best places to try HIIT training here. Trailing close behind are those who prefer a slightly slower (yet no less strenuous) pace, the yogis (36.9%), followed by the heavy-lifting, cardio-mad followers of CrossFit (30.3%).


The fitness class we wish we had…


It seems Bangkok is longing for a bit of Barry—multiple responses demanded “Barry’s Bootcamp,” a nightclub like, high energy, high intensity workout (apparently). Get on over here, Barry. Many of you also called for water-based workouts like aqua aerobics, while apparently there’s also a gap in the market for spinning classes to the sounds of Celine Dion. Who knew?



How much we pay for the gym per month



Bangkokians’ fitness priorities, ranked


  1. Improve Strength

  2. Prolong Life Expectancy

  3. Lose Weight

  4. Look Good Naked

  5. Improve Agility

  6. Improve Sports Performance


Our Top 7 gym peeves


  1. It’s overcrowded before and after work

  2. They never update the equipment

  3. It’s dirty

  4. The changing rooms stink

  5. My membership’s limited to a single branch

  6. I don’t feel it’s value for money

  7. The trainers are inexperienced  


Bangkok’s favorite competitive sport is....



Though 58% said they don’t play competitive sports, of those who did, badminton came out on top with 21.1%—more than double it’s runner up, football, at 10%. The sport became a national pastime under His Majesty the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej, who was awarded the historic BWF President’s Medal in 2012 in recognition of his lifetime contribution to the sport. May his legacy live on!


Our favorite place to go running is…


The treadmill :(

While 51% of us keep fit with running, apparently we’re still too lazy to go outside. Over 60% of respondents said their favorite place to train was on the treadmill, easily beating the second most popular spot, Lumphini Park (43.7%).  


Our most popular diet technique is….


Counting calories.

While 38.8% of you said you’d tried crunching your calories, an impressive 31.7% found the technique effective. Meanwhile, a handful of you have braved hardcore diets like keto (14.2%), paleo (12.8%), detox (14.9%) and Atkins (3.1%), but was it worth it? Well, it’s 50/50—for each one of these methods, only around half of you sung their praises.


Our 3 favorite supplements are...


  1. Whey protein (39.1%)

  2. Caffeine (30%)

  3. Fish oil (30%)


These are our top 5 healthy restaurants


  1. FarmFactory

  2. Broccoli Revolution

  3. Dressed

  4. Acai Story

  5. Ohkajhu


If we want diet delivery, we go to…


  1. Polpa

  2. Paleo Robbie

  3. Absolute Fit Food


Our 3 best-loved sports brands are...


  1. Nike

  2. Adidas

  3. Under Armour 


And here’s our fave place to buy them...



With a whopping 16 stores across the city, it’s no wonder this multibrand sporting superstore has so many of you hooked.


We love these wearable tech brands...


With 56% of you using wearable tech, here are your top 4 brands:

  1. FitBit (27.6%)

  2. Garmin (25.3%)

  3. Apple (17.8%)

  4. Xiaomi (10.9%)


To keep fit, we call on these 4 apps


  1. MyFitnessPal

  2. Nike Run & Training

  3. Garmin

  4. FitBit


Here’s how much we smoke



Here’s how much we drink